Zero Tolerance 0900 Knife by Les George

Les George is a knife collector from Australia. He owns over 100 knives including many rare models such as the ZT Les Gegeorge. Les George’s collection includes some of the most interesting and unique collectible knives ever made. His collection consists mainly of European designs with a few American designs thrown in for good measure.

Zero Tolerance 0920 Knife (ZT) is one of his best known knives, but it was not always so popular among collectors or enthusiasts alike. Les George first saw the knife at an auction in England. He had heard about it through friends, but when he arrived at the auction house he found that there were only two copies left! One was owned by a friend of his and the other was owned by a gentleman named John Browning.

When Les asked if they could both have them, John Browning declined, saying “I don’t want to part with my knife.”

At the time Les thought this was odd since he knew John Browning personally and would never turn down a chance to own one of his knives. So, Les went back home and spent hours researching how to get hold of a copy of the knife. Eventually he learned that John Browning had sold several thousand of these knives to various customers all over Europe during World War II. These customers included members of the Royal Air Force, Navy Seals, Special Forces units, government officials and others.

The knife was known as the R.A.F Special, and were delivered in plain brown boxes.

Les George purchased one copy of the knife from England and had a friend contact John Browning to ask if they could buy a second one. This time he agreed since he had decided that he didn’t want to keep it after all. John Browning’s widow, Barbara, explained that her husband had died and went on to say “I hope you know what you are doing, those knives caused a lot of problems during World War II.”

John Browning was an engineer who became interested in knives during his free time while working in a machine shop. The knife was a tribute to him. Other knives made by him are displayed at the Smithsonian.

As a tribute to John Browning, the Zero Tolerance ZT 0920 was designed by his son, John David Browning. The knife is made from three main parts: stainless steel handle, black finished clip point and satin finished blade. It also features a safety lock and pocket clip. The blade is 3.5 inches long and has a half-stop.

The Zero Tolerance ZT is a compact knife that is easy to open with one hand. The handle is also large enough to give a secure grip. The clip point blade shape offers strong piercing and stabbing capabilities while the thin blade offers good cutting abilities.

The Zero Tolerance ZT 0920 can be used for an array of everyday tasks such as cutting open boxes, packages and other items. It is also useful for self-defense. The blade is easy to clean and maintain, and the stainless steel doesn’t rust easily.

Les George says that he is very happy with all of the Zero Tolerance knives that he has acquired over the years. The best thing about all of them is that they are comfortable and easy to handle. When put side by side with other knives, they can hold their own against other competing knives in terms of quality and price.

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