Zero Tolerance 0220: A Touch of Color and Class

Zero Tolerance 0220: A Touch of Color and Class

The concept of zero tolerance is not new. However, it was only recently that the idea gained popularity among knife enthusiasts. There are many reasons why the concept became popular. One reason could be because it is simple to understand; another reason might be due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Another factor may have been the fact that there were no other ideas being discussed at the time. The first known use of “zero tolerance” was in the United States Army during World War II. During the war, soldiers were required to kill all Germans they encountered without hesitation or question. They had to do so even if their own lives were in danger. After the war, some soldiers complained that they did not feel like killing anyone else after experiencing such brutality. This led to a change in policy and the term “zero tolerance” came into existence.

Another reason why the concept became popular is because it was easy to understand. People understood what it meant when someone said they would not hesitate to shoot a person who had broken into their home, stole something valuable, or committed any other crime. The problem with this approach is that it does not work well in real life situations. If you think about it, if everyone followed this rule then there wouldn’t be much crime in society and most criminals would go out of business.

Police officers, security guards, and even civilians would not need to arm themselves if everyone followed the rule. Of course this is not the case. Criminals are willing to take any risk in order to gain something for themselves. As a result of this, police officers, security guards, and even armed civilians need to protect themselves from those who do not follow the rule.

It can be seen that the idea of “zero tolerance” is not practical in real life situations. This does not mean that knife enthusiasts do not appreciate the idea though. In fact, we can learn from the concept. There are some things that need to be done regardless of the consequences.

It is important to be ready to face danger boldly and take action without hesitation. We can never back down or give up if we hope to survive in this harsh world.

A short time after the police department implemented the “zero tolerance” rule, they noticed an increase in crime rates. This may not be a surprise to some, but it was devastating for the city of Los Angeles at the time. In an attempt to fix the problem, the police department decided that they needed to take a different approach. They implemented a rule known as “reasonable suspicion.” This required police officers to have a valid reason before searching or interrogating someone.

After this change was made, crime rates decreased significantly. This shows how even minor changes in policy can have great effects on society.

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However, there were some problems with this rule too. Soon after the change was made, the crime rate began to rise again. It seemed that even though the police weren’t pulling people over without cause, they were still harassing the public in other ways. This lead to protests and a lack of cooperation between the police department and the citizens they were supposed to be protecting.

After another change in policy, a new rule was implemented. This one is known as “probable cause.” This gives police officers the power to stop and search anyone that they have reason to believe is a criminal. This is the rule that is still in effect today.

Although there are issues with it, such as racial profiling and other forms of misconduct, it has been effective in reducing crime rates once again.

As you can see, “zero tolerance,” “reasonable suspicion,” and “probable cause” are all effective methods of law enforcement, but only to a point. No matter what, there will always be issues that could lead to trouble in the future. Criminals are a crafty bunch and they will always find new ways to exploit the system.

“That’s enough studying for today.” says Mom as she turns off the lamp next to your desk.

“Aw mom! I was just starting to get into this!” you protest.

“Well you can finish up tomorrow night, now it’s time for bed.”

You groan as you exit your room and walk downstairs to the living room. On your way down you hear the news on in the background.

“The mayor of Los Angeles recently announced his resignation after an allegation of misuse of funds. This news has rocketed the current administration’s approval ratings, which were at an all-time low. The same cannot be said for the mayor himself however, who stated that he knew he was going to get in trouble for taking the money, but he felt it was necessary for the betterment of–“

You turn off the TV and plop down on the couch.

Why is it that all these politicians that get caught doing something wrong seem to think that it’s okay as long as they have good intentions?

It would seem that no matter what the rules are, there will always be people willing to break them.

No matter what the rules are, there will always be people willing to break them.

You think about this phrase for a moment.

Maybe you’ve been approaching this whole future dilemma from the wrong angle. Maybe the issue isn’t with the rules, maybe it’s with the people that the rules are intended to keep under control. Maybe you would be better off if you tried to find a way to deal with these people rather than finding loopholes in the system that only affect everyone else.

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You think about who you know that fits into this “criminal” category and one name pops into your head, David. He’s the one that got you into doing your first burglary in the first place.

You grab your cell phone and send him a text:

Hey, do you think I could come by later to talk about something?

It’s kind of important.

He replies quickly:

Come over now if you want. Dad’s working the late shift and won’t be back for at least 10 hours. 412 Oak Street.

You grab your coat and head out the door. Now that you’ve decided to go through with this, there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. You start thinking of the best way to go about all of this.

Should you be honest with him right away, or lie and say you stole the money and see how he responds?

“No, I need to be honest. Lying is only going to complicate things,” you say to yourself.

As you’re nearing David’s house, you start second guessing yourself: “Maybe I should just lie. It’s not like he needs to know that I broke into his house and found it under the couch.”

You decide to go with what your gut is telling you to do.

You arrive at David’s house and knock on the door.

“Just remember, be honest,” you remind yourself.

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The door opens and David greets you with a smile.

“Hey, come on in,” he says as he stands to the side to let you pass.

You walk into his living room and take a seat on the couch. He sits down in the La-Z-Boy opposite of you and asks,

So, what’s this all about?”

“I need your help with something,” you say.

David’s brow furrows as he asks,

What do you mean? Like with a homework assignment?”

You hesitate for a moment, then:

“No…I need your help with money.”

David’s eyes open wide before you even get halfway through your sentence.

Are you talking about stealing?”

he asks.

“Well…yeah,” you respond.

His face gets red and he stands up as he shouts,

Zero Tolerance 0220: A Touch of Color and Class - Picture

“Way to ruin a friendship! Just leaving like that!”

He starts pacing back and forth with his hands on his head. You weren’t expecting this type of reaction.

“David, calm down. We’ve been friends for a long time. I know we can count on each other. Look, I need your help with this.

I can’t do it alone.”

You’re obviously not getting through to him. He goes back to his La-Z-Boy and sits down before speaking.

“No…I get it. You don’t need my help.

I’m just some stupid kid that plays games all day. I know all of the things you’ve helped me with in the past and this was just a one-way street.”

You’re getting angry at being misunderstood: “I’m not saying that! This is important to me.”

David stands up and walks over to you and gets in your face.

“Well if it’s so important to you, then you go do it! I’m not stopping you,” he says in a raised voice.

You want to say something mean, but you know that’s what set him off last time. Instead, you stand up and walk out the door. You look back at him one more time before heading to your vehicle. He’s watching you with a blank stare like he doesn’t care anymore.

You hop in the car and drive off.

Later that night, you flip through TV channels and can’t find anything to keep your attention. You think back on what happened with David and wonder if you could’ve handled it better. You go over all the possible scenarios in your head, but they all end up in a fight. You fall asleep still thinking about it.

The next day at school, you don’t see David anywhere. He’s not in any of your classes. After school, you walk over to his house, but his family’s RV is gone. You go to his backyard and look for clues as to where they went, but can’t find any.

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By the time you walk back home, it’s starting to get dark outside. You look around hoping that nobody saw you wandering around in someone else’s backyard.

Your mom has dinner waiting for you when you get home. You pick at it, still preoccupied with David. After you’ve had your fill, you go back up to your room and check your phone. No calls or texts from him.

You send him a couple messages, but he never responds. You fall asleep on the off chance that he replies in the middle of the night, but that doesn’t happen.

The next morning arrives and you still don’t have any word from David. You decide to get on with your day since it’s not like he’s going to call. After getting ready, you go to David’s house again to look for clues and this time you’re not leaving until you find something.

When you get there, the RV is already gone. You try calling him again just to make sure, but it goes straight to voicemail. Knowing David, he’s probably at school and forgot that he told you they were leaving early in the morning.

You get in your car and drive off. When you arrive, you notice that his truck is parked in the student parking lot. You see him standing outside his normal first period class with some of his buddies so you go over to him.

“Hey David, about yesterday, I’m sorry again for what happened.”

He looks at you without any enthusiasm.

“Yeah don’t worry about it.” He replies half-heartily.

“No, I mean it. I want to try again. I think we can find a way.

Do you still have the shovel in your backyard?”

He answers, but he’s looking past you at someone else and is about to walk away: “Uh huh, see ya later…”

You grab his arm to hold him in place: “No, David! I need to know if you still have the shovel.”

“I can’t talk now, I’ll see you later.” He says as he pulls his arm back and walks away.

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You feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn around. It’s Mr. Reynold’s, one of the school’s security guards. He’s a middle-aged man with a slick, balding forehead, and light brown hair.

He’s slightly shorter than you and he has a belly that he keeps trying to cover up by pulling his uniform shirt to the side. His voice is always stern and serious.

“Jacob, I’ve told you before that you can’t just go up to other students and restrain them like that. It’s interfering with their education.”

“But I was just…”

“I don’t want to hear it! Come with me.”

He takes you by the arm and leads you to his security office located in the basement of the school. You’ve never been inside it before, and it’s very bland and boring looking. Just a desk, chair, filing cabinet and a few security monitors. He sits you down in a chair in front of his desk and says: “Now we wait.”

Wait for what?”

“For your parents to come pick you up of course. They’ll be here soon.”

He leans against the filing cabinet and stares at you from across the desk. You shift in your seat a bit and try to think of something to say.


I’m guessing you don’t have kids?”

He pauses for a moment and looks at you funny. Then he answers: “No, I don’t.”


Well can you at least tell me what I did? I mean, is it really that bad?

I just grabbed his arm…”

“Our school policy states that any physical contact between students can not be tolerated. That includes anything from a punch to a high-five.”

A high five?”

You think. “

What the hell kind of rules are these?”

Mr. Reynold continues: “It also states that any student who interferes with another student’s education will be punished accordingly. What you did could be interpreted as kidnapping since you kept a student from going to class.”

“But it’s not like I dragged him…” You start to say, but Mr. Reynold cuts you off.

Zero Tolerance 0220: A Touch of Color and Class |

“I don’t want to hear anymore. I’ve heard your story and that’s final.”

You sit in silence for a moment, then your mom walks through the door. She rushes over to you and gives you a big hug.

“Jacob! I got a call from the school saying you ran away again.

What’s going on?”

You try to explain but she keeps interrupting you with questions. Eventually, Mr. Reynold tells her that he has called the police and they should be here any minute. This gets her attention and she asks him to leave so she can talk to you in private. He nods and heads back to his desk, giving you a dirty look as he passes you.

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