Zero Tolerance 0095BW Knife Review

Zero Tolerance 0095BW Knife Review: What Is Zero Tolerance?

The word “zero” is not used in the name of this knife. However, it is actually a reference to the fact that this knife has no tolerances at all. There are no sharpening stones or other tools included with this knife. The blade will never dull and it will always remain razor sharp. The only way to sharpen this knife is by using a diamond stone.

What Does Zero Tolerance Mean?

A zero tolerance means that there will be no exceptions made in any circumstance. If something does not meet the requirements of this rule, then it cannot happen. A zero tolerance is usually applied when a product fails its intended purpose due to some flaw or fault within the manufacturing process. For example, if a product fails to perform its function properly, then it would not be allowed to pass through the factory’s quality control system.

Why Use Zero Tolerance?

There are many reasons why one might want to use zero tolerance. One reason could be because of safety concerns. Another reason could be that a manufacturer wants their products to work perfectly even if they have flaws. Still another reason may simply be because they do not wish for any sort of defects in their product. These are all good reasons, but they are also reasons that can be difficult to enforce.

Does Zero Tolerance Work?

These are all good questions. The answers to those questions will differ since it is entirely up to the company in question. All of these reasons have merit and can be effective when used correctly. However, some companies may over abuse the system or enforce them in a way that seems less than reasonable.

What Are Zero Tolerance’s Weaknesses?

Zero tolerance is an all or nothing way of thinking. If something can go wrong, then it eventually will. This can lead to problems if a company decides that every single mistake made will result in immediate termination. No worker wants to work in an environment where they feel like they are going to lose their job at any moment. Not only does this lead to low moral, but productivity will plummet as well.

The Best Zero Tolerance Knives

Knife shoppers should keep an eye out for the best zt knives. The best zero tolerance knives are often full-tang knives with three dimensional blades that lock into place. They are also easy to use and can be opened quickly with just a push of a button on the handle.

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