Zero Tolerance 0022 Knife Review

Zero Tolerance 0022 Review

The name “zero tolerance” is used in the industry because it means no exceptions. It does not matter if you are a child or adult, man or woman, rich or poor; all must abide by these rules. There are some things that cannot be tolerated: drugs, alcohol, violence against women and children, theft and other criminal activity.

You may think that there will always be exceptions to any rule but unfortunately they do exist. For example, there have been cases where a person was found with a gun in their pocket and were charged with possessing a weapon.

In the United States, it is illegal to manufacture, sell or possess any item that has been modified so that it can be used to commit a crime. This includes guns and knives. Some examples include:

A .38 caliber revolver with a barrel longer than five inches. (See our article on the Colt Python)

A switchblade knife with a blade over two inches long. (See our article on the Bowie Knife)

An air pistol that shoots plastic pellets. (See our article on the Airsoft Gun)

A machine gun that fires bullets. (See our article on the M16)

A meat cleaver with a blade over two inches long.

Knives are not supposed to be carried in public unless they are needed for a specific purpose, such as fishing, hunting, camping or cooking. (See our article on the Switchblade) Law enforcement officers, security guards and members of the military are exceptions to this rule. They may carry knives provided that they have proper identification and authorization.

A knife is a cutting tool that has a handle and a sharp edge. Knives are used for many purposes, such as cooking, religion, self-defense, committing crimes and warfare.

Some examples of knives are listed below:

An Eye Tooth Knife is made by the Ojibwe people of North America. It has a long wooden pole and a small sharp blade.

A Vegetable Peeler has a handle and a small blade that is used for peeling the skin off vegetables.

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A Bowie Knife has a long blade and a cross guard to protect the user’s hands. It was invented by James Black and popularized by Jim Bowie.

A Push Dagger has a short, dull blade that can be quickly pushed into an enemy during close combat.

A Throwing Knife is designed to be thrown accurately. It is smaller and lighter than a throwing axe.

A Fillet Knife has a flexible blade that is used for removing the bones from fish.

Can you think of any other examples?

Jian is the term used in Chinese martial arts for a broad, thin-bladed knife. The most well-known jian is the jian straight sword (jiàn dāo). Other examples of jian are the jian dagger (jiàn biāo) and the jian hook knife (jiàn háo).

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