Youngstown 27 Cal Ground Glove Review

Youngstown 27 Cal Ground Glove Review: A Brief History

The first time I saw a man wearing a pair of Youngstown 27 Cal Ground Gloves was in the late 1950’s when my father took me to see him at his shop. My dad had been working at the same store since he was 16 years old and it was there that he learned how to make his own gloves from scratch. When I saw those gloves, they were so unique that I wanted them even then!

My father was very proud of his handmade gloves and wore them all the time. They were called “Ground Cloves” because they were made with ground cloves. These gloves were very popular among fishermen, but not many people knew what they looked like until recently. My dad sold these gloves for $1 each, which meant that anyone could have one!

I remember my dad telling me stories about his work every now and then while I played outside playing catch with my brother and sister. One day, I asked him if he ever thought about selling these gloves. He told me that he didn’t think anyone would want them so he never did.

In the early 1980’s, my dad decided to sell some of his homemade gloves again and this time someone else came into the store looking for them. This person bought several pairs of gloves and gave them out to friends and family members who were fishing or hunting in Ohio.

Eventually, one of these hunting buddies made his way up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to go hunting and caught a glimpse of these gloves in an outdoor supply store. He couldn’t believe it and bought them right away. It wasn’t long before these gloves started getting popular and people were starting to recognize them.

These gloves are now sold online and in stores all over the United States and are known as “YGC” or Youngstown Ground Cloves!

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