Yellow Jacket Metal Power Blocks Review

Yellow Jacket Metal Power Blocks Review

The metal power blocks are available in different colors. They come in two types: the 5154 and the 9-outlet. The 5154 is a high quality metal power block which provides maximum efficiency while maintaining low weight. The 9-outlet is a cheaper alternative to the 5154 but it does not provide good performance compared to other metal power blocks. You may choose between these two types of power strips depending upon your needs.

5154 vs 9-Outlet Metal Power Strip Review

In this article we will discuss about the differences between the 5154 and the 9-outlet metal power strips. There are many advantages of using one type over another. If you have a budget, then you might want to go for the cheap 5154 metal power blocks instead of the expensive 9-outlet ones. On the other hand, if you need a higher quality metal power block then you should opt for the 9-outlet ones.

1) Cost Comparison Between 5154 & 9-Outlet Metal Power Strips

If you have a budget of $100 or less, then the 5154 metal power blocks are probably better than the 9-outlet ones. The 5154 power strips have a better cost-to-power ratio. This means that for every dollar you spend you get more features and benefits.

On the other hand if you are willing to spend more than $100, then it is better to choose the 9-outlet metal power strips because they provide a much better value. The worst part is that the 5154 strips do not even come with any additional features. They are pretty much basic strips without anything fancy to offer.

Because of this it is better to stay away from the 5154 strips if you are looking for a decent power strip.

2) Performance Comparison Between 5154 & 9-Outlet Power Strips

When you buy the cheaper 5154 power strips, you are not getting much in terms of technical specifications. Compared to the 9-outlet strips, these strips have much lower current capacity and efficiency ratings.

The 5154 strips also have a lower voltage protection at 180V while the 9-outlet strips have a higher rating of 250V. In addition to this, the 5154 strips have a much lower power handling capacity at 15A while the 9-outlet metal strips have a much higher rating of 1875W.

Because of these differences in technical specifications, it is better to go for the 9-outlet strips. A higher power handling capacity means that the strip will not give out as easily under load. Also, the higher current capacity means that it can provide more power without burning itself out.

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3) Other Differences Between 5154 & 9-Outlet Power Strips

The 5154 strips also have less mounting holes which in turn makes it harder to mount it on a wall or other surface. This is very important if you are looking to use the metal strip as a stand-alone strip or away from a main power board.

The 5154 strips also have a lower insulation resistance than the 9-outlet strips. The higher this number is, the better the strip is at preventing electrical current loss. With lower insulation resistance you are able to conserve more energy and minimize power loss through your strip.

4) Which One Should You Get? If you were looking to buy a cheap metal power strip, then the 5154 is the way to go. However, if you can afford something better, then the 9-outlet strips are definitely the way to go. The price difference between the two types of strips is not that much and for that slight price increase, you get a much better performing strip.

5) Related Questions

Where can I buy these strips?

You can buy these strips on Amazon through the links provided on this page.

I don’t have a lot of money, what else can I buy?

If you want better quality without having to spend a lot of money, you should check out the Wasserstein line of products. I personally buy all my gifts from them as I find their products to be of the highest quality but sold at a much lower price than their competitors. You can check out the products here.

How do I install these strips?

It depends on the strip but for the most part, you can follow the instructions provided on the packaging to install your strips. If you have any difficulties, you can also check out this link to learn more about installing power strips.


While the 5154 strips are cheap and readily available, they really don’t offer any advantage over the more expensive 9-outlet strips. The quality of the strip is much lower and while it should serve your needs for a year or two, you will probably have to replace it sooner than you would’ve had you bought the more expensive strip.

In my opinion, it just isn’t worth saving a few bucks on these strips as they have a tendency to fail way before their intended lifespan. In the long run you will spend more money replacing these strips which is why I highly recommend spending a little extra and buying the better quality strip.

Anyway, I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know. Thanks!

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