Worx Jawhorse: A More Affordable Jawhorse

Worx Jawhorse: A More Affordable Jawhorse

The Woban tribe is one of the most isolated tribes in New Zealand. They are known for their fierce resistance against outsiders, but they have been cooperating with humans since time immemorial. Their culture is very different from other Maori tribes, which makes them difficult to understand at times. The Wobans are not considered “primitive” or “backward”, because they do not live like other tribes. They prefer to make their own decisions and follow their own traditions.

For example, when it comes to food preparation, they use stone tools instead of metal ones. However, the Wobans still eat meat occasionally (they call it “jawhine”), although they don’t usually consume large amounts of it; they just enjoy eating a few pieces every now and then.

One of the main reasons why the Wobans were so successful during the last Ice Age was due to their ability to adapt. They adapted well to new environments and technologies, which allowed them to survive. Unfortunately, there are some problems with adaptation, such as overpopulation. The Wobans have always had a problem with population growth, but they seem unable to stop it completely. The Wobans’ natural resources are limited, especially water.

In some ways the Wobans have become too successful at survival.

The Wobans’ defense is their isolation, but this has its disadvantages as well. They only way to get into their territory is by crossing harsh mountains, which makes it difficult for even other tribes to enter. In addition, many of the other tribes have allied with each other and have formed a loose confederation that monitors the mountains in case of a potential invasion. The Wobans are currently in a state of war with almost every other tribe around them, some of which have formed an alliance to fight the Wobans.

The Wobans do not currently have any allies and they do not trade with other tribes. The only time they leave their territory is to raid other tribes (or sometimes, in rare cases, to avoid conflict). When they engage in battle, they are ruthless and terrible. Their reputation has spread to other tribes, giving them a fearsome name. In fact, it is common knowledge that the Wobans do not take prisoners and are willing to kill even women and children.

The Wobans have some knowledge of technology beyond that of the stone age. They make their own bows and arrows, as well as simple tools for hunting and gathering. Their territory is rich in resources, so they do not need to trade for anything.

Woban Tribals

The Wobans are currently in a state of war with several tribes. Their territory is large, but they are outnumbered by their enemies. They have fought countless battles and won most of them. However, the other tribes are slowly organizing and becoming more technologically advanced. The Wobans know this and are preparing for the worst, but for now they have the advantage.

You are a Woban Tribal, one of the proud warriors of the Woban nation. As a tribal, you have a lot of responsibility and are trusted by your tribe. You serve as part of the Woban defense force and provide for your people in whatever way you can.

The Wobans respect their warriors and provide for them. However, only the best can become tribals. Every Woban must go through grueling training that will test their skills in battle and their perseverance. Only those who survive can become a tribal. Tribals are the best of the best.

They defend the villages from hostile invaders, bring back food, help with hunting, and provide security for the villages as a whole.

The other part of the Woban military are the Eyes. These soldiers are chosen on traits of keen sight and accuracy. They are the best shots and are often sent to scout and pick off enemies from a distance.

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It is an honor to serve as a tribal or an Eye. You must be dedicated to protecting your people and serving them to the best of your abilities. You must be fearless in battle and undaunted by the enemy.

Can you serve your people with Honor and Courage?

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Woban Tribals

Tribal Names: Arus, Ator, Beo, Cezar, Decena, Eldolith, Fuji, Gashi, Holgard, Horvak, Hidius, Isabella, Ivo, Klemto, Lars, Maren, Merek, Narino, Nattick, Nocturnal Warrior, Percy, Reza, Rolomag, Scipio, Sesisek, Stanton, Thraka, Tusk, Ulivik, Ulivia, Valek

Tribal weapons: War-axe (battle-axe), longsword (broadsword), great-sword (bastard sword), war-hammer (war hammer), wakizashi (short sword), tetsubo (large polearm), club (mace), nunchaku (flail), katana (long sword), kukri (sharp angled knife), tanto (small knife), katar (short sword), yari (spear), taiaha (long wooden spear), Blowgun

Tribal Armor: Hide, studded leather, ring mail, chain mail

Tribal Qualities: Night Vision, Endurance, Hunter

Tribal Weakness: Cannot learn the following skills; Arcane Black Magic, Alchemy, All Elemental magic (Air, Water, Fire, Earth), Chanting, Performance, and Instrument.

Tribal Benefits: People will always have a certain fear of you and will be less likely to attack you unless in great numbers. You get a 10% discount at all shops. Some non-Woban shops may not accept this discount, but most of the time you will still receive some sort of discount.


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Time to choose one of the following tribal types;

The Gashi Tribals are composed mainly of Orcs, but also contain a few lesser breeds. They can be recognized by their green skin and the fact they tend to wear less clothing than other tribes.

The Horvak Tribals are mainly composed of Men, but are known for raising any boy or girl with exceptional fighting skills and ability to become stronger than their parents. They can be recognized by their tall stature and muscled bodies.

The Eldolith Tribals are known for attacking anyone and everyone regardless of race or gender. They can be recognized by their dark tan skin, shaved heads, and eagerness to kill.

The Holgard Tribals are mainly composed of Humans, but are known for lifting all restrictions on what does and doesn’t constitute an enemy. They can be recognized by their swarthy complexions and shabbily dressed frames.

The Nalin Tribals are mainly composed of Humans, but are known for their strict discipline and military like precision in combat. They can be recognized by their shaved heads and clean uniforms.

The Nocturnal Tribe are known as the shadow tribe, due to them favoring stealth over direct combat. They have the tendency to wear darker clothing than others. They also tend to be nocturnal, hence the name.

The Raskian Tribals are known as the barbarian tribe due to their wild and reckless fighting style. They tend to be larger than normal humans and wear little clothing.


Now that you’ve chosen a tribe, you can customize your character’s backstory as well as various other factors. Check the list below and choose what you want for your character.


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15-18: Youth. People will not take you seriously no matter how hard you try to prove yourself. (Will usually be targeted by the AI of non-player characters in towns to get harassed)

19-29: Adult. You’re an adult, but a bit of a loner due to your misconceptions. (Will sometimes be targeted by the AI of non-player characters in towns to get harassed)

30-50: Mature Adult. You’re grown up and able-bodied. People don’t tend to give you a hard time, but you also don’t stand out too much.

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