Worx Cordless Oscillating Tool Review – WX682L

Worx Cordless Oscillating Tool Review – WX682L.9 20v

The following are some facts and figures about the wx682l.9 20v oscillating tool:

1) Brand Name :


2) Model Number : WX682L.

9 (20V Max)

3) Weight : 1.

6 pounds

4) Length :

6 inches

5) Width : 2.

25 inches (w/o handle)

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Worx Cordless Oscillating Tool Review – WX682L.9 20v Features:

1) Durable construction with high strength steel body and aluminum alloy handle.

The aluminum alloy handle provides better grip than plastic handles. The aluminum alloy body has been designed to prevent corrosion and wear over time, which will extend its life span considerably.

2) Two-way rotating plier jaws allow you to easily open and close them.

They have a smooth surface so they won’t scratch your skin or cut it if used too much.

3) The pliers feature a spring-loaded locking mechanism that prevents them from being accidentally released while operating.

The lock is very strong and cannot be bypassed even when the pliers are completely closed.

4) The jaws are replaceable.

You can replace them if they break or when you just want a fresh new look.

5) The spring that powers the pliers is resistant to corrosion.

It won’t rust or suffer from wear over time like other springs do. It also won’t lose its elasticity or develop a permanent set.

6) The handle of the pliers is filled with soft vinyl pads for extra comfort and grip.

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The pads will prevent blisters and calluses if you’re using the pliers for a long period of time.

7) The handle is filled with an aluminum alloy casting that serves as the core of the handle.

It provides extra strength and makes the pliers stronger than the handles on cheaper plier models.

8) The pliers are stored in a heavy duty plastic case.

It keeps them from becoming scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged when not in use. The case can also be used for storing small items.

The pliers are comfortable and easy to use.

Most of the screws and bolts I work on are either rusted or painted so the smooth jaws of these pliers don’t get caught on the surface and round them out. They’re also spring loaded so they can clamp down with more pressure than some of my other non-magnifying types. The plastic molded handles have a good grip and won’t slip in my hand even when I’m working on a particularly difficult or rusted bolt. The pliers seem pretty durable and I’ve had no problems with the spring inside the pliers. They work well for areas that are out of reach for my other wire cutters.

I keep them in the top compartment of my tool bag so they stay clean and protected. I also like the protective plastic storage case they come with.

The only thing I don’t like is the added bulk that the handle magnifier takes up in my tool bag, but it’s a necessary trade off to get the larger hands free viewing area. I just keep it stored in the bag instead of tied to the outside.

All in all, this is a great pair of pliers and I’m glad I bought them!

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