WoodOwl Boring and Drilling Bits Review

Wood Owl Bits Review: Wood Owl Bit Reviews

The Wood Owl Bits are one of the most popular types of drilling bits. They have been used since the beginning of time and they still work well today.

There are many different types available, but there is only one type that everyone agrees upon – the Wood Owl Bit (WOB). These bits come in various sizes and shapes. Some are round while others have a concave surface. All of them are made from hardwood.

There are two main types of Wob bits; the flat bottomed ones which have a small rounded top and the round bottomed ones with a large flat top. The first type is known as the Flat Bottomed Wood Owl Bit (FBO) and it is used mainly for boring holes into solid wood such as oak or maple.

The second type is known as the Round Bottomed Wood Owl Bit (RBOB), and it is used mostly for boring holes into hollow wood such as birch or poplar. Both types of Wobs are very similar in performance.

Both of these bits have a wide range of uses, including drilling through solid wood, hollowing out logs and even making tiny little grooves in metal. The flat bottomed bits are a lot easier to use than the round bottomed ones, though this comes at the expense of some versatility.

Very little force is needed to push these bits into wood, and the hole that is created is wide and clean. The chips that are created when using a Wob bit are very fine and will easily fall out of the drilling hole.

This gives the impression that the bit is self-feeding.

The only real problem that you are going to have with these bits is the limited range of sizes that are available. There are some larger Wob bits available, but they are not very easy to find and cost quite a bit more than the standard bits.

You will get the best results when using these bits with a hand brace or a foot pump drill. The slow speed helps to prevent the bit from getting stuck in the wood. In some cases you can use a battery powered drill, but this is not always recommended.

Overall, Wood Owl Bits are a great choice for drilling holes into wood. The wide selection of sizes and the affordable price make it easy to find the right bit for your specific needs.

WoodOwl Boring and Driling Bits Sizes

WoodOwl Boring and Drilling Bits Review on realmanguide.net

There are quite a few different WoodOwl Boring and Driling Bits to choose from and each one has a different job description. There are different types of bits and each one is designed for a specific type of material.

The most common ones are the flat and round bottom bits.

Flat Bottomed Bits

Flat bottom bits are used for boring into solid wood. This includes softer woods such as pine or oak, or harder woods such as poplar or maple.

They can also be used for drilling into man made materials such as plywood, MDF or even plastics if you go slowly.

Flat bottom bits come in a range of different diameters starting at around 1/4 inch and going all the way up to 1 inch. The smaller diameter bits are typically used for making holes for screws, while the larger bits can be used in log splitters to saw complete logs in half.

The most common sizes that you are likely to use on a regular basis are between 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. The 3/8 inch bit is good for drilling pilot holes or for starting off with when making a bigger hole.

While these bits can drill into hardwoods, they will often struggle especially if you are trying to make a hole that is wider than the bit itself. They work best on narrower holes.

One thing that you can do to help them out is to use a brace when drilling. This gives the bit a little more support and allows it to cut faster.

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