Wood Boring: Spade Bits, Hole Saws, and Self Feed Bits

Wood Boring Bit Set

The Wood Boring Bit Set consists of three different bits: a spade bit, a hole saw and a self feeding bit. These are all used to bore into hardwood or softwood. The spade bit is used for drilling through small pieces of wood while the hole saw is used for cutting through larger pieces of wood.

The self feeding bit is used to cut through softwoods like pine and cedar.

Spade Bit

The spade bit is one of the most common types of woodworking tools. They are commonly found in home centers, hardware stores and even some craft shops. A spade bit is a simple tool consisting of two blades attached to each other with a handle.

The blade is sharpened so it cuts through wood much easier than a regular knife. There are many different kinds of spades available but they usually consist of a flat blade and a serrated edge.

The spade bit comes in various sizes depending on what kind of work you want to do. Smaller ones are often used for cutting through smaller pieces of wood while bigger ones are good for cutting through larger pieces of wood. Spade bits are capable of cutting all the way through a piece of wood in one pass.

Hole Saw

A hole saw is another popular woodworking tool. It is primarily used for cutting neat holes into large pieces of wood. They are easy to use and can be used with a drill to make the job easier.

Wood Boring: Spade Bits, Hole Saws, and Self Feed Bits - realmanguide.net

They come with various sized holes for different sized holes. Much like spade bits, they also come in various sizes from small to large. They can cut through wood fairly quickly and some even come with guide rings so the hole is cut in a more precise manner.

Self-Feeding Bit

The self-feeding bit is very similar to a spade bit. It consists of two blades like a spade bit, but the blades are set further apart. The blades are also dull so they can grip the wood as it is being cut.

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