Wolverine Jetstream CarbonMax Safety Toe Shoe

Wolverine Jetstream 2 Review

The Wolverine Jetstream 2 is a high performance running shoe made with a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar® material. It features a full grain leather upper, which provides comfort and durability. The heel counter is padded with Vibram® rubber, while the forefoot is covered with a soft EVA foam. The tongue and collar are lined with breathable mesh fabric to keep your feet cool during extended wear time. The sole is made from a special blend of materials that includes a synthetic polyurethane, a nylon/spandex mix, and Kevlar®.

The Jetstream 2 is available in two styles: the standard model (pictured above) and the “Safety Toe” model (pictured below). Both models feature a flexible outsole designed to provide traction on wet surfaces. These shoes have been tested under various conditions including rain, snow, mud and ice. They are also resistant to abrasion due to their high strength and flexibility.

As far as design goes, the Jetstream 2 looks like a cross between a traditional sneaker and a running shoe. The upper is made of leather with carbon fiber accents, while the outsole is made of Kevlar®. The footbed is lined with a dual compound of soft foam and viscoelastic rubber. These shoes look good and are suitable for both casual wear and in the workplace (as required by OSHA standards).

The bottom line: the new Wolverine Jetstream 2 is a comfortable pair of safety toe shoes that offer superior performance on wet surfaces. They are available in both standard and “Safety Toe” models.

Wolverine makes safety toe shoes designed for a variety of work environments. The company also manufactures other types of footwear, including sturdy boots, minimalist running shoes, and steel-toed dress shoes.

Wolverine has a long history of making quality shoes, boots, and other types of footwear. The company is dedicated to providing hardworking people with durable products that allow them to perform their jobs safely and more efficiently. There is a long tradition of quality craftsmanship in every pair of shoes that they make.

Wolverine even offers a lifetime warranty on all of their safety toe shoes. If the shoe fails for any reason, they will replace it at no charge.

Wolverine is a proud sponsor of the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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Wolverine also offers a free subscription to their e-newsletter for individuals who register on their website. Check out the Wolverine website to learn more about the latest products from this trusted manufacturer.

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by Frank Klegon

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