Why Men Love Tools

Why Men Love Tools: The Curious Case Of The Tool Enthusiast

The first thing I noticed when I started my journey into the world of electronics was how many different types of electronic devices there are out there. There’s the classic TV remote control, the push button phone, the digital watch, even some kind of game console. All these devices have one thing in common: they’re all controlled by a small computer chip. And those chips are made up of thousands upon thousands of transistors, each of which controls just 1 or 2 electrons.

That means that if you want to make them do something else, you need to add hundreds or even thousands more transistors — and then there’s the cost involved in doing so!

And yet, somehow, despite their complexity and number, most of these devices still work perfectly well. They don’t break down or malfunction; they don’t catch fire or explode; they don’t require constant attention from their owners. Even the ones that do fail at some point usually do it gradually over time rather than suddenly exploding in your face. Indeed, most of them will work for decades without breaking down or giving you any trouble at all!

And even when they do break down, most can be repaired by someone without too much training or education.

Even I, a complete layman with no formal training in electronics at all, was able to repair my old DVD player and my old desktop computer, both of which were riddled with issues. Even the old TV in my guest room wasn’t entirely dead; it just needed a new capacitor, a simple enough repair that I was able to do myself.

That’s when it hit me: why were most of these devices so prone to issues and failure when they could just as easily be designed so that they wouldn’t break down or malfunction at all?

My theory is that the manufacturers don’t really care about quality. Computers, phones, TVs, appliances and many other devices break down all the time and have to be repaired or even just thrown out. Instead of just designing better products that don’t break down or malfunction, they prefer to just pump out cheap inferior electronics that break all the time so that they can continue to earn more profit.

It’s disgusting how much our society glorifies consumerism and the constant NEED to buy new things. We throw away perfectly good electronics just because they’re a few years old, or even brand-new ones if they break down or go out of style. That’s why companies keep churning out low-quality devices: people buy them anyway, even though they don’t last!

I’ve decided that I’m going to make a difference. Even though I’m just one person, I’m not going to buy any more of these inferior devices. Instead, I’m going to try to fix or re-build any broken ones that I own. If enough people did the same, companies would have to stop making cheap inferior devices that break all the time.

That’s why I want you to join me in this cause. Together, we can make a difference!

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This is a guide to help you repair or re-purpose any broken electronics in your home, as well as give ideas on how to make new devices out of old ones. For most of these projects you don’t need any specialized training, and I try to make everything as simple as possible for anyone to do. Even if you don’t need these instructions, perhaps someone else does! So share this booklet with your friends, family, or whoever else may find it useful.

Apologies for the terrible quality of this booklet, I’ll have to redo it when I have time. Perhaps I can even get it published so that people can buy it in real stores…

Good luck and happy repairing!

-Excerpt from the “Guide to Easy Repair and Construction for Beginners”

First and foremost you should join at least one social group. This can either be one that you create yourself or a pre-existing one that you like. Joining and actively participating in a social group is not only necessary for your own sanity but also beneficial to the group itself, as you’ll both get something out of it.

Chances are you’ll either already be in a social group or at least know of one, so I’ll go into a bit more detail about the specifics of each group and how they operate. Of course, you don’t have to join one, but it would be very difficult for you to survive on your own with nobody to help you.

The Alliance: This is the largest and most active social group on the ship. As the name suggests, it’s dedicated to preserving peace and order on the vessel. Many people join this group to fulfill their sense of justice as a cop or their desire for safety as a citizen. In theory, this group exists to protect everyone on board from enemy attacks, criminal activity and general anarchy (as well as other matters such as monster attacks or disasters).

In practice however, the group is an often inefficient and corrupt institution that places its own well-being over that of the citizens. As such, you’ll be placed in a division where you can best serve the organization.

The Black Market: As the name suggests, this group revolves around maintaining a black market for the ship. The market exists to make a profit from selling illegal or smuggled goods to people who want them. The group tends to be made up of types such as gangsters, mobsters, gun runners and the like. The market itself is not specific to any one type of item, so you’ll find a wide variety available for sale.

You can look at their wares either on your computer or in person through the black market’s headquarters.

The Church of the Algorithm: This group worships an ancient super-computer that once ran the ship. Some members of the group believe that said computer is a deity that should be revered and served. Others believe that the computer’s technology can be used to create amazing inventions that can allow people to better themselves or meditate deeper into their conscious. It’s a very new religion and as such it doesn’t have much presence on the ship, but it has a small yet dedicated group of followers.

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The Criminals: These are people who have chosen a life of crime. They specialize in activities such as drug dealing, robbery, burglary and other illegal activities. This organization isn’t very large and is only in it for the money. The group’s headquarters is a seedy, run-down area of the ship and they make their money selling drugs to any addict stupid enough to buy from them (which is most of them).

The C.E. Division: Short for the Citizen’s Enforcement Division, this group of lawmen is a more militant branch of the Alliance. They perform more aggressive tactics and are given more leeway in their methods of dealing with crime.

Some view them as a necessary evil to prevent total anarchy or collapse, others see them as power-hungry thugs who are just looking for an excuse to kill someone, and still others think they’re little better than the criminals they’ve pledged to stop. In any case, they do their best to bring justice to the lawless.

The Division of Torpedoes: Also known as the D.O.T, this group manufactures powerful explosives and sells them to other groups in order to fund their own cause. Most of these explosives are either too dangerous or unstable to be used for anything other than demolition, leading some to believe that the group manufactures their weapons far weaker than they could be and does it on purpose just to sell more products.

Whatever the reason, the group has a steady stream of income and the more destruction, the better as far as they’re concerned.

The Earthbound: Also known as ‘Terrists’, this is a militant group that attempts to overthrow the Alliance and all that it stands for. They believe that in time people will come to their senses and overthrow the oppressive caste system that has decimated society and drives people to kill each other for basic resources. So far the group has been unsuccessful in carrying out any major attacks against the Alliance, but they remain a constant thorn in their side and are one of the main reasons for why there is a high security level on the ship.

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