What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology

What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology?

DeWalt FlexVolt technology was introduced in 2012. It is a new type of rechargeable lithium ion battery developed by DeWalt Corporation. The battery uses two types of batteries: one for power and another for energy storage. These are called “Flex” and “Volts”. They have different chemistry but they work together to provide a higher capacity than other rechargeables available today (such as NiMH). The battery is designed to last up to 10 years.

The battery is made with a special polymer which allows it to hold more charge than other batteries. However, because of this, the battery does not perform well in cold temperatures.

To solve this problem, the company added a layer of nickel and cobalt compounds over the polymer to prevent them from becoming oxidized or corroded. The battery is rated at 5 volts DC and is capable of delivering 2 amps continuous.

There are several advantages to using a lithium ion battery:

It lasts longer than any other rechargeable battery. This means less time charging and recharging your device.

You will get more use out of your phone, tablet, laptop, camera etc… When you need to charge it again, it takes only minutes rather than hours.

It is safe to use. It does not overheat or catch fire like other batteries.

If it starts to get too hot, it will shut down to prevent damage to the battery or your device.

It can be recharged more than 2000 times which means the battery should last at least as long as your device.

They are smaller and weigh less than other comparable batteries which means you can have a spare for those long trips or an extra power boost for those long nights.

The company has released several line of flexvolt devices. They are compatible with all flexvolt batteries (past, present, and future).

The devices are:

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Job Site Radio: it is a powerful radio with AM/FM capabilities and a USB port. You can charge your phone or other devices with the USB port or listen to music while you work.

It also has a built-in tool box which holds four of your most commonly used tools.

FlexVolt Flashlight: it is a powerful flashlight which runs off a single battery. It has three different settings (high, low, strobe) and is waterproof.

It is perfect for camping or working in dark places where no light is available.

FlexVolt Job Site Table: it is a small table which can be used for working on small projects like electronics, crafts or wood working. You can also use it to hold items while you work on them.

It has a built-in FlexVolt Battery for power and you can charge your phone or other devices using the USB port.

FlexVolt Heating Tool: it is a tool which uses heat to fix plastic, wood, metal, and other materials. It comes with several attachments for precision work.

You can also use it to warm yourself in the winter by placing it near your body or on a nearby object (avoid flammable objects).

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Volume I – Issue 3

What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology - Picture

You are reading this news on your cell phone on the way to work. People are staring at you in awe; some even take pictures.

You are the first person in the world to own a cell phone. This is a big deal, and you can’t wait to share this news with everyone else.

Unlocking your phone, you dial Jane’s number and hold the device up to your ear. It rings, and you smile when you hear her voice on the line.


“Hey Jane, it’s Daniel.”


Is something wrong?

You don’t usually call me at work.”

“I know. But I have some news that I want to share with everyone, and you’re the first person I wanted to tell.”

What is it?”

Jane’s voice sounds a little strained. Maybe she’s busy.

“I just got a cell phone! It’s the latest technology, and I’m the only person in the city with one!”

“That’s nice, Daniel. I have to get back to work now.” The line goes dead.

You furrow your eyebrows and redial Jane’s number, but you only reach her voicemail. You try several more times over the next few hours, but Jane never answers.

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After work, you drive to Jane’s apartment, but she refuses to answer her door. When you try others in the building, they claim that she hasn’t been home all day.

Returning home, you try calling Jane again with no answer. You go to bed and try her one more time before sleep takes you, still to no avail.

The next morning, you drive to Jane’s house again. This time, there are police cars in the driveway.

Your heart leaps to your throat as a chill runs through you. This is not good.

Pulling into the driveway behind a police car, you kill the engine and step out of your truck. You approach the house cautiously, but with purpose.

A police officer stands at the front door. He turns when he hears your footsteps with a slight frown on his face. “

May I help you?

Are you here to see Ms.


You swallow nervously before answering. “I’m Daniel, her boyfriend.

Is she okay? What’s going on?”

The officer’s frown deepens as he purses his lips. He grabs your shoulder and leads you around the corner, out of earshot of the house. “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, son. I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just going to be direct. Our records show that the Jane Crayton, also known as Jane Daniel, was killed in a car accident yesterday.”

You feel light-headed as your knees begin to buckle. The world around you seems to spin at a sickening rate.

You hold out a hand and place it on the side of the house to steady yourself. “What…what happened? How…did it happen?”

The officer avoids your gaze and takes a deep breath. “I was hoping you could tell me.

According to the accident report, you were the one driving the car when it happened.

Do you remember anything?”

You stare at the man without answering. Your mind goes completely blank for several minutes. It isn’t until the officer takes your elbow and guides you around to the front of the house that you remember where you are. The porch light is on, but Jane’s car isn’t in the driveway. You search the cul-de-sac with your eyes, but there’s no sign of it anywhere.

Where is her car? Where did the accident happen?”

The officer exhales slowly and runs a hand over this shiny scalp. His face twists into a grimace that you can only interpret as pity. “There was no accident, son. There wasn’t another car involved. It was just your girlfriend.”

You furrow your eyebrows. “

Then what are you talking about? Where is she? Where is Jane?”

“I dunno, son. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. The report says that you two were coming back from the grocery store when she just drove straight into the river. By the time anyone heard her screams and called the police, she had already drowned. You were found floating downriver, unconscious and clinging to a log. You said you remember seeing a woman in the car with her eyes gouged out and her hands cut off…”

“That’s not what happened!” you snap.

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“That’s not what happened at all.”

The officer sighs and pulls a notebook from his pocket. “Look, I really hope you’re telling the truth because right now you’re the only one who can tell me what did happen.

I need to take you down to the station so we can get your statement on record.

I’m going to have to insist that you come with me without fighting, alright?

This isn’t a game. This is a very real and serious situation.”

You cross your arms and pout while the officer calls for backup. The more he talks, the angrier you get.

How can he possibly think you’d hurt Jane? Doesn’t he know you love her?

The police car that pulls up isn’t Jane’s, but you don’t mind since it means you get to leave. You climb into the back seat and squirm around until you find a position you like, then cross your arms and close your eyes. It’s all part of your master plan. If you pretend to be asleep, maybe they’ll leave you alone.

“Come on, get in,” the officer that brought you in says. “We have to take you down to the station.

If you’re trying to fool me, it’s not going to work.”

When he opens the door, you can see that it’s dark outside. The streetlights are on and there aren’t any stars in the sky.

It must be night-time, but it feels like you’ve been here for days. You must have slept for a really long time.

“I don’t want to,” you say, making your voice sound as childish as possible. “I want to go home…”

The officer sighs and grabs your arm, pulling you from the car. “You’re not going home tonight.

Come on. I’ll carry you if I have to.”

You kick your legs as he drags you towards the police station. It’s silly since you’re wearing flip-flops and he has sneakers on, so you don’t stand a chance of winning, but it makes you feel a little better.

By the time he gets you through the front door and into an interrogation room, you’re crying. You haven’t eaten anything all day and you’ve had nothing to drink but two bottles of water, yet your nose is running and your eyes are red and itchy.

“I’m not a baby!” you blurt out, even though you know it will make things worse.

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The officer sighs and shakes his head. “I understand you’re going through a difficult time right now.

I’m going to leave you in here and if you get yourself under control before I get back, we can do this quick and easy.


He doesn’t wait for an answer before he walks out the door, leaving you alone in the room. You hear a voice crackle through his shoulder radio and he answers, but you can’t make out the words. Then, there’s silence.

You wipe your eyes with your hands and take a deep breath. You have to calm yourself down so the officer will take you home to Jane.

She’ll be worried about you if she wakes up and finds you’re gone. The more you think about it, the more upset you get. You can’t help it. You want to see her so badly and you can’t bear the thought of being away from her for one more minute.

The door opens and the officer pokes his head inside. “

You ready to give me your statement?”

he asks.

You wipe your nose, but don’t say anything. He pulls his head out and closes the door.

You hear a bolt slide across the door, locking you in. The sound of his footsteps gets quieter as he walks away.

You’re scared. You don’t want to be left here all by yourself.

You’d much rather talk to the scary police officer than sit here in the quiet room all by yourself.

There isn’t anything to look at, so you examine your surroundings. There’s a camera in the corner of the ceiling, but you don’t think anyone is watching you.

They wouldn’t leave it unlocked and unattended like this. You don’t know where Jane is or when you’ll see her again. You don’t even know if she’s still here or if they took her home already.

Your chest starts to feel tight and your breathing quickens. You pull your knees up to your chest and rock back and forth to try and make the bad feelings go away.

What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology at realmanguide.net

You can’t cry though. If you start crying, you might not be able to stop.

“It’s okay. It’s okay,” you repeat to yourself as tears run down your face.

“Everything is going to be okay.”

Your grunts of encouragement turn into sobs and soon you’re holding your knees as tight as you can and rocking as fast as you can. Your foot knocks against the chair and you almost lose your balance.

You put out a hand to stop yourself from falling and hear a loud bang!

You look over at the door. No one has come in.

You wiped your eyes only a second ago and there’s no way they could’ve heard you. You lean over and look under the door. The bolt is still locked into place.

“Everything is going to be okay,” you repeat one last time before you stand up and walk over to the door.

You put your ear up to the crack where the door met the wall and listen. Nothing.

What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology on realmanguide.net

No one is going to help you. You are all alone. The thought makes you burst into tears again and you slide down the door onto the floor. You don’t know how long you sit there crying, but eventually, your breathing slows and the tightness in your chest loosens.

It’s time to be brave like Mom told you to be.

You take a deep breath and blow it out. Then you stand up, wipe your face, and take a closer look at the door.

It’s made of metal and has a tiny window near the top and a handle on the outside of it. The bolt slides into place from this side, which means someone on the other side can lock it without coming in. You push down on the handle and the door swings open. You don’t know what to do next.

Should you go back inside and wait for someone to come back? Or, should you look for another way out of here?

part 3: choices

You could go back inside and wait for someone to come back.

Or, you could try to find another way out of here.

choice #1: Waiting

You go back inside and sit down on the chair again. The waiting is torture.

Every little sound makes you jump and you keep expecting someone to walk through the door to comfort you or take you to Jane. No one does, though.

Finally, you hear voices outside the door. It opens and Jane walks in.

She’s smiling and doesn’t see you at first.

“We’ve decided to give you one more chance to tell us the truth,” she says, still smiling. “If you tell us where your secret place is, we’ll let you go play in there instead of staying here with us.”

What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology - realmanguide.net

You know better than to tell her, but she scares you.

“If not, we’re going to have to be…unpleasant,” she finishes, flashing a grin that displays all of her teeth.

This is no longer a game. They’re going to hurt you.

You’ve been nice and tried to do what they say, but you can’t stay here forever. Jane takes a step toward you and the smile is gone from her face. It’s cold and cruel now and her eyes are full of rage.

“Last chance, Aves. Tell us where your secret place is or things are going to get ugly.”

You back away from her, but the chair is behind you now. You have nowhere left to go.

You try to think of a way out of this, but nothing comes to mind. Jane moves forward again. She’s close enough now that you can reach out and touch her. You take a deep breath and…

…raise your knee as hard as you can and fire it into Jane’s groin.

She looks down at her abused private parts and then back up at you with a mixture of shock and pain in her face. You don’t give her time to process it, though. You turn and run past the front desk. The woman who was talking to you earlier is standing there now, watching everything. You could call for help, but you don’t have time.

“Help! Help!” Jane screams from behind you as she staggers out of the room.

You reach the front door and pull on the handle with all your might. It’s locked!

What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology | realmanguide.net

You try to jiggle the handle and then turn the lock, but it won’t open. Behind you, Jane is coming back down the hallway. You panic for a second, unsure of what to do. Then, you have an idea.

You move over to the large window near the door and take a deep breath. The woman watching from the desk rushes over and tries to hold you back, but you wriggle out of her grasp.

You throw your elbow back hard and feel it make contact with her face. She goes sprawling into the desk and you turn back to the door.

Jane is almost back to you and there’s no time left. You place your hands on the window and vault yourself toward the door, hoping it’ll open.

The lock gives way just as you reach it and you stumble into the hallway outside. You feel a hand try to grab your shirt as you go through, but you’re already through.

You get up and run until you find another elevator. You push the button to call it and wait, panting.

After a few moments, it arrives and you get in. You push the button for the first floor and the doors slide shut.

You hear Jane calling for help and announcing that you’re escaping just before the doors close all the way. Your heart is pounding and you can hardly believe you got out of there.

The elevator slows to a stop and the doors open. You look out at a large foyer.

There’s a set of double doors to your left, but they don’t have any buttons next to them, so you can’t go out that way. To the right, though, there’s another set of stairs and a button to call the elevator.

Where could you go?

You could try to go out the double doors to the left. (Change to Section 11B1)

You could go down the stairs to the right and try to get out that way. (Change to Section 11B2)

You could go back into the elevator and go back to the floor where Jane attacked you. (Change to Section 11A)

What is DeWalt FlexVolt Technology - Image

You could try to find a place to hide or somewhere to escape from. (Change to Section 11E)

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