Werner D6216-3 16 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder Review

Werner D6216-3 16 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder Review

The Werner D6216-3 16 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder is one of the most popular models among homebuilders. They are manufactured by Keil Industries Inc., a well known manufacturer of outdoor equipment and construction materials. The company was founded in 1898 and they have been making products since then.

Their product line includes everything from building supplies to furniture. The company is based out of St Louis Missouri.

Keil Industries’ reputation for quality extends far beyond their own products. They are renowned for producing some of the best woodworking tools in the world. These include such brands as Stanley, Craftsman, Bosch and others. One of the reasons why these companies make so much money is because they manufacture high quality goods at low prices.

If you want to get a good idea of what kind of things Keil makes, just look at their website. There you will see all kinds of stuff like knives, hammers, saws and other cutting instruments. You might even recognize some of the names here: Stanley Cutlery, Craftsman Knives and others.

Not surprisingly, they have also branched out into other home and outdoor products. They make a full line of building materials such as siding, windows, doors and the like. In fact, if you need a new roof for your home, Keil makes some of the best roofing. If you want a hardwood floor for your home, Keil has a wide selection of woods and finishes to choose from.

They also make solid oak furniture, coin operated laundromats, toolboxes, and even trash compactors.

So if Keil makes all these things for the home, why would they make ladders?

Well, that’s a good question. One reason may be to give themselves greater market penetration. But I think the main reason is that they simply make a good ladder.

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