Weather Guard Lighted Truck Box with PowerSync

The Weather Guard Tool Box with PowerSync is a great addition to your truck’s interior. The best part about it is its price tag of $99.95 which makes it one of the most affordable tools for your truck bed. You will not have any problems when installing or removing the toolbox from your vehicle because the weatherguard tool box comes with all necessary hardware included in the package.

The weatherguard tool box features two large tool compartments, one small compartment and a removable top cover. The weatherguard tool box includes four latches that allow you to secure the toolbox to your vehicle. Also, there are three padded handles at each corner of the box so you do not have any discomfort while using it. The lid of the box is made out of sturdy plastic and has a rubberized finish to prevent scratches during use.

WeatherGuard Tool Box with PowerSync Features:

Padded top and side handles for easy carrying

Two large pockets to store tools

One small compartment to store personal items

Removable top cover

Four latches to secure your belongings

The WeatherGuard Tool Box with PowerSync is the best choice if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a tool box. This tool box is very convenient and easy on your pocket.

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I had three criteria for my selection. The first was that it had to be the right size to carry a cordless drill, a charger, extra batteries or battery packs, an impact driver and an oscillating tool. It also had to be small enough to be carried around easily. Second, I wanted something that would protect my tools from rain, sleet, snow and random falls from the back of the truck or out of the back of another vehicle.

Finally, it had to be under $100.

Weather Guard Lighted Truck Box with PowerSync at

After looking around a bit, I found the Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liner 35703 for $76.99 at a nearby auto parts supplier and that seemed to meet all three of my requirements. It’s also pretty nice looking and cleans up well. There is a drain system in it so I can empty any water that gets inside, and it has molded handles on each side that make it easy to pull out.

The only negative is that it isn’t quite big enough for the larger impact driver or the oscillating tool, but they can go behind them. That’s not really a problem since those are the two heaviest tools and they can sit on the bottom if I need to store them at a slant.

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