Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead

The cabmax is a new type of cabinetry which combines the advantages of both the traditional cab and the van cab. The combination of these two types of construction results in a lighter weight structure with greater strength than either one alone. This type of cabinetry was developed at Weatherford Cab Company, and it is now being used in many commercial vans sold around the world.

Cabmax Cabinetry

The cabmax consists of three main components: the floor, the ceiling and the walls. These are joined together using a special steel plate called a “cabinet”. The cabinet is then attached to the rest of the van body using bolts or screws. The cabinet itself is made from a strong, lightweight material such as aluminum or magnesium.

In addition to its lightness, cabmax cabinetry provides superior strength and durability over traditional van cab construction. This type of design allows for better ventilation due to the fact that there are no doors between the cab and the outside world. Additionally, because there are no windows in the cab, there is less risk of condensation forming on interior surfaces and making them moldy.

The first company to begin using the cabmax cabinetry was The Ford Transit, which used the system from its inception. Other companies are jumping on board with this construction style as well.

Cabmax Component Parts

The floor is made up of a sturdy plate made out of a thick material such as steel. This piece slides into a channel on the bottom side of the cabinet, and is held in place by a series of bolts. The bottom, or floor, of the cabinet can be made of a different material than the rest – in fact, it can even be replaced with a special type of composite material.

The exact name of this type of material changes from one manufacturer to the next, and some manufacturers even have more than one type. The most common types are:

Magnesium – This is a very light material that is sometimes used in place of steel. It is extremely strong for its weight.

Aluminum – This material is also light and extremely strong.

HPM or HPD – These materials are high-pressure plastic (HPM) or high-pressure laminate (HPL). They are extremely light and very strong.

These materials are very common in the construction of flooring for new vans.

The ceiling consists of another sturdy steel plate with channels on the top side to slide into the cabinet’s top. On one edge it has a lip, which is bolted to the cabinet’s top. The other edge is slotted so that the plate can be placed over the top of the cabinet and then dropped into the channels on the top side. This piece also serves as a ledge for the walls to sit on, so there are no screws or bolts going through into the cabin itself.

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The walls are made from a series of aluminum extrusions that come in a variety of lengths with holes along their length at precise intervals. These extrusions are held together using special brackets and secured to the cabinet using screws. The inside of the walls is lined with a thick, durable type of plastic sheeting. This lining acts as an insulator to keep the heat inside and prevent it from reflecting back, which can make the interior uncomfortably hot.

The doors are made from two extrusions that run the length of the van body. These pieces have holes along their length at precise intervals, and are also held together with brackets. They too are lined on the inside with a thick plastic sheet. The doors can be rectangular, square or arched on the outside and any shape on the inside.

This is one of the most exciting parts of van conversion – you can create any type of door that you want!

The window frames consist of a series of extrusions and the same type of plastic lining as the walls. They can be any height, width or length and any shape you choose. The top of the frame has a header bar across the top that fits into slots in the top corners of the cabinet. This allows it to sit just under the roof line.

The doors and windows can be made from clear or tinted materials, or even with graphics printed on them.

If you have chosen a van with tinted windows, you may want to replace the window frames with pieces that do not obscure your view. You can also replace the doors with ones made from clear panels of plastic or glass.

Our website has an online configurator where you can play around with different design ideas and see what your van might look like. See the diagram below and click on each component to find out more about it.

These are the basic components that make up a conversion van. You can personalize your design using these as a starting point and change or add to them to create the van of your dreams!

Once you have decided on the basic layout of your van, you can choose specific pieces to build it. Most of our conversions are based on one of our standard floor plans shown below. These plans can be adjusted in a variety of ways to suit your needs and budget.

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead on

The next step is to choose the walls, roof and ceiling of your van. The walls are made up of individual aluminum extrusions that are joined together using a special splice piece and secured in place with screws or bolts.

There are also a number of different roof and ceiling choices available, including standard and custom-fit linings as well as fold-down sides.

Once you have decided on your walls, roof and ceiling, they are joined together using strong industrial hinges. These allow the inside of your van to be as flexible as you like, giving you the freedom to create exactly the interior you want.

The final step is to add all of the small details that turn it from a space into your space, including handles, latch plates, vents and anything else you can think of.

The added extras section gives you the opportunity to choose things like exterior graphics, lighting, extra power sockets and much more. You can add anything you want to make your van unique.

The extras you choose are all fitted at a later date, once you van has been built, so you don’t have to worry about fitting them yourself. We will send out our installers to fit them for you just name the day!

The beauty of choosing your own design is that you can give your van all the features and fittings that you want. You can design the interior to be as luxurious or as spartan as you like, depending on how much you want to spend.

On the following pages, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each of the components that make up a Westfalia Van conversion. Use the pictures as inspiration and then make it your own.

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Exterior Graphics

Lining the outside of your van with a custom design can turn heads wherever you go. From family crests to movie posters, the choice is entirely yours.

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead at

Gas Prep Package

Make sure your van starts on time and every time with a professional gas prep package that gets your engine ready for the long haul.

Vanlight Solar System

Never worry about finding an outlet to charge your devices or staying warm at night with our integrated solar panels and lithium ion battery system.

Aluminum Interior Package

Give your van’s interior a sleek custom look with durable aluminum panelling.

Interior Furnishings Package

Upgrade your mattresses, seating and linings with a furniture package that is built to last.

Residential Package

Turn your van into a fully functioning living space with an array of furniture and storage options. Choose from a range of layouts that will meet your needs.

Exterior Decor Package

Decorate the outside of your van with your family’s crest, regal designs or whatever you can think of.

Future Options to Consider

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead at

When planning your Westfalia Van Conversion, there are many different upgrade options to choose from. These optional extras can be added at any time in the future to keep your van current and up to date.

Wrap Around Seating

Take the seating in your van to the next level with wrap around lounge seating that has room for 2-3 people per bench.

Screen Room

Stay protected from the elements with a stylish room that attaches to the back of your van.


Upgrade your shower area with a full toilet, sink and shower for enhanced comfort out on the road.

Solar Power Roof

Turn your roof into a huge solar panel to keep all of the lights and appliances running no matter where you go.

Entertainment Package

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead |

Keep the kids (and adults) entertained with a huge TV and DVD player that drops down from the ceiling.

If you have any questions about Westfalia Van Conversions or the build process, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-960-8089. Our technicians are available to answer any questions you may have.

Basic Westfalia Van Interior

We start with a durable insulated fiberglass body, that can support up to 8 feet of waist-high interior space. Upgrades can be made to increase the height of the space, or to build out the space further. The standard model comes with one bench seat and overhead cabinets. Combine this with our optional kitchen set up, and you have all the comforts of home on the road!

Exterior Graphics

Add some character to your van with a custom wrap. This is a great way to add your personality to the exterior of your new van while also protecting it from the elements.

Aluminum Interior Package

Upgrade the look and feel of your interior with an aluminum finish. This package includes trim around the windows and doors, aluminum framing for the beds, and an aluminum ceiling.

Laminate Flooring

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead on

Add a durable laminate floor to your van for easy cleaning and added protection. This can be added at any time in the build process, so you can choose the color that fits your style.

Roof Rack

Add a roof rack for extra carrying space and increased visibility with a cargo carrier or bike rack. This is a very useful feature when you need to take the long way to your destination!

Curtains and Blinds

Add curtains and blinds for privacy and light control. These can be added at any stage of the build process, in whatever design you prefer.

Exterior Decals

These decorative decals can be added at any time during the build process. Choose from a wide range of designs that can be mixed and matched for a unique look!

Interior Decals

These can be added at any stage in the build process. They can be placed on any of the walls, or even on the ceiling! Have your name and contact information available anywhere you go!

Sink Cover

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead |

Add a sink cover to one of your kitchen counters for extra functionality. This can be added at any time during the build process. Choose from a stainless steel or porcelain design.

Outdoor Entertainment System

Take your home theater experience outdoors with a large LED TV that attaches to the exterior of your van. This is a great way to enjoy movies or the game out in the wilderness!

Flat Screen TV

Upgrade to a larger flat screen TV at any point in the build process. Browse through our latest selection to find the TV that’s right for you!

We are committed to making sure that your Westfalia Conversion Van is as affordable as possible. That’s why we have created special financing plans for our customers. Get low monthly payments as well as flexible payment plans. Apply today and drive away in your new conversion van this weekend!

Gas – The Westfalias are equipped with a Gas Station Mode. They can run on fumes, but they prefer to never get to that point. If the gas runs out while you’re in the van, it is assumed that you or someone else will be back with more gas before the Van’s fuel line is breached.

Fumes – The Westfalia Conversion Van is equipped with a holding tank large enough to collect all of the noxious fumes emitted from the Van. When the Van is in Park or Being driven for an extended amount of time, it is assumed that the driver will get out and pop the back hatch to vent out the holding tank.

*These modifications should not be taken lightly. They are very dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death if not handled properly. These mods should only be made by trained professionals with the correct tools and safety equipment. Westfalia is not responsible for any injury or death that comes from attempting these modifications.

This conversion is an unofficial project and is in no way endorsed by Volkswagen AG or their subsidiaries. The Volkswagen Logo is a registered trademark of Volkswagen AG and is used here without permission. The use of the Volkswagen trademarks in no way indicates any endorsement by Volkswagen AG of this conversion project.

The Westfalia Factory Logo is used with Permission.

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead - Image

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