Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag Review

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag Review

The veto pro pac tech mct tool bag is one of the most popular items among all the tools. Its popularity has been increasing due to its high quality, low price tag and easy availability. However, there are some drawbacks associated with it which have not been mentioned in many reviews or even by those who have reviewed it.

So let’s review these issues first before getting into our main topic.

1) The MCT Tool Bag Is Not For Everyone

I am sure you are aware that this item is only available through the purchase of a membership from the propac website. You need to pay $50/year if you want to get it. If you don’t have any money left over after paying your yearly fee, then you will not be able to buy this item at all.

I personally think that this is a bad idea since it would make the product less accessible to everyone. It would be better if they just made it available without having to pay anything.

2) The MCT Tool Bag Is Not A Good Choice For Those Who Do Not Have Any Money To Pay For It

If you do not have enough money to spend on something like this, then you should probably reconsider buying other things instead of spending your hard earned cash on something like this. It can only be useful for the people who have a good amount of money to spend on equipment. What I am saying is, this item should only be purchased by people who actually have money and are willing to pay for it.

3) The MCT Bag Is Only Useful For A Year

After the first year, you will no longer be able to make any more purchases. These are known as future releases and not all of them will be useful for you. There is no guarantee that you will find anything else that is worth buying.

I have seen many people complain about this and they all feel cheated since they paid a lot of money for this one year membership but didn’t get much out of it. This could be due to the fact that they were just gambling and spent too much money on this without any actual plan or idea on what to buy.

4) You Should Only Buy The MCT Bag If You Are A Cautious And Smart Shopper

The ones who are complaining about this product are people who did not really do any research before buying the product. Everyone makes mistakes, but it just so happens that all of them made the mistake of paying a lot of money for something they did not really need in the first place. They all thought this was something revolutionary when in actuality it was not really that special and not worth the price they paid for it.

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The only way you will find anything useful in this product is if you are very smart about your purchase and buy things that are worth it.

Now that we have gone over the possible drawbacks of this product, let’s get into our main topic which is….

How Does The MCT Bag Help You As A Handyman?

As a handyman, your job can be both easy and hard at the same time. It is easy in the sense that your job description is to repair and maintain various items around the house. However, this can also be hard when your customer is asking you to fix something that is not really your area of expertise.

This is where the Handyman’s secret weapon comes into play. The MCT Tool Bag contains a wide assortment of equipment that will make your life much easier when it comes to completing tasks for your customer. It really does contain an assortment of useful tools that every handyman should have in their arsenal.

This product can be your “go to” tool box when you don’t know what the problem is or what tool you need to make the repair.

Here Are Some Of The Tools That You Can Find In The MCT Bag:


This is a very useful device for measuring current, voltage, and resistance in electrical devices. There are different types of multimeters such as Analog, Digital, and LCD. The analog and digital ones are much more common.

You can tell them apart due to the fact that the analog one has a moving needle and the digital one has numerical numbers that change. They both work in different ways, but they both provide the same information such as voltage, current, and resistance when you are testing a device.


The oscilloscope is an instrument that graphically displays waves of changing electric voltage over time. You can adjust the instrument to determine large amounts of information about an electric wave such as amplitude, frequency, and period. If you ever need to see what an electric current is doing inside a device, this is the tool you would use to help you see it.

Power Supply

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This useful gizmo is used to provide an appropriate supply of power to an instrument or device. For example, if you were using a multimeter to test an old battery and the battery didn’t have much power left, the power supply would kick in and provide an appropriate amount of power to the multimeter so that you could test the battery. This could also be used in other situations where you need to provide a specific amount of power to a device.

Crimpers And Cutters

These are used to cut and strip wires. These can be very handy when it comes to electrical work. If you know how to use these properly then you can save yourself a lot of time when installing a electrical device or fixing an older one.


You probably won’t use this too much as a handyman, but a flashlight always comes in handy in various situations! Whether you are working in a dark crawlspace or trying to find something underneath your car seats, a flashlight can provide a useful amount of light to make the task easier. This is especially true if you end up losing power in your house and have to search the basement for the cause of the lack of power!

Light Timer

This tool is pretty handy when it comes to installing new lighting fixtures.

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