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Veto Pro Pac MC Review: What Is It?

The term “veto” or “veto pro” means to stop something from happening. For example, if you want to go out with your friends, but Mom won’t let you go out because she says it’s too dangerous outside. You could use the word “veto”, which means to prevent something from happening.

In the case of a video game console, there are two types of consoles; those that have a built-in screen and those that don’t. Those without a built-in screen cannot play games on them. If you want to play games on one, then you need to buy a separate game controller (which costs money).

So, what does this mean?

If you want to play games on a game console that doesn’t have a built-in screen, then you need to purchase a game controller. This means that the owner of the console needs to buy another piece of equipment, which costs money.

Now, how do they make money off these machines?

They sell their own products! These items are called “consoles”. Therefore, it makes sense for them to charge for their product.

A lot of people think that these machines should be free to play, but they don’t take into consideration that these machines cost money to make and purchase. If enough people paid for these consoles, the company that made them would have more money to make better consoles. This means that the gaming industry would have more money for research and development. With this extra money, they could create new, fun games that everyone could enjoy.

So then why are these machines so expensive?

Well, it takes a lot of time and money to research and create these consoles. If it didn’t cost anything to make them, the company would go out of business due to them not being profitable. These machines are very expensive to create, so the prices usually reflect the amount of money that went into their production.

Most new consoles nowadays cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 or more. There is an exception, though. The Nintendo Wii costs $250 to $300. Even the older Wii costs more than $200. The reason why these machines cost so much is due to how much money was spent for their development.

Now, why are some consoles so expensive?

Well, it’s due to two factors: rarity and desirability. Since they are rare, they also cost more money. The other reason why they cost more is because a lot of people wanted them when they first came out and didn’t get them, so they are willing to pay more for them now. The Nintendo Wii, for example, was very popular when it first came out. People who wanted one but couldn’t get one back then are willing to pay more for it now. The same can be said for the Sega Dreamcast.

Now, what happens if a video game console is too expensive? People won’t buy it, right?

Not necessarily. Even if a company sells their consoles at a loss, they will recoup that loss when people buy games for it. The catch is, you have to have games for it in order to keep people coming back to it. Companies make more money when people buy games for their consoles.

If a console doesn’t have any games, why would anyone want that console?

This is exactly what happened to a company called Atari. They had a console called the “Atari 2600”. It was so popular that they kept making games for it, and people kept buying them. The problem was, they were losing money on each game they made. This led to the company going out of business.

This brings us to a key point: The number of games that are available for a console. If you want a console that will always have games coming out for it, you need to buy one that has a lot of satisfied customers. These are the types of customers that will always buy the company’s games as long as they are made.

Also, some games consoles are just better than others. Even if a company is losing money on each console, they will make it up in game sales. This was the case with the Sony PlayStation 1 and 2, and the Nintendo DS. These consoles were so well designed, that people kept buying them, even though they cost more than their competitors. You might be wondering how they could afford to do this and stay in business.

The reason is that these consoles had something the others didn’t: A loyal fanbase. These fans bought anything and everything that came out for their consoles. They would have paid double for these consoles, just to get their hands on them.

So, which video game consoles should you buy?

Well, that depends on your needs. We have already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each console. You should look over all of them, and decide which ones are actually worth your time and money. I have made a list of all currently available game consoles.

Currently Available Game Consoles:

1) Microsoft Xbox One: This is Microsoft’s fourth attempt at a video game console.

Their first two attempts were dismal failures that came and went in just a few months. Their third attempt, the Xbox, was moderately successful. It even survived the dreaded “Red Ring of Death” fiasco, where the console would break just after the warranty expired. The Xbox One is currently the only eighth generation console on the market that’s still being sold. (The Wii U was stopped in preparation for their next console)

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It has a few unique features, such as the ability to play videos and watch live TV through its multimedia capabilities. It also has a special feature that allows you to play old Xbox 360 games on it. This is a good thing to have if you’re an Xbox 360 owner who hasn’t finished all of the games you have for that console.

The downsides are obvious. First, it’s very expensive in comparison to other consoles. Second, and most importantly, it’s not yours. The Xbox One isn’t even government owned; it’s a privately owned company. If the owner, Microsoft, decides to do something stupid, there’s no one you can complain to about it.

(As a matter of fact, Microsoft has been known to spy on you through the Xbox One’s built-in camera) This is government abuse at its finest.

2) Sony PlayStation 4: This is Sony’s fourth attempt at a video game console as well.

Their first attempt was the PSone, which was actually just a remodeled version of their second attempt, the PS2. Didn’t do too well due to poor marketing.

Their second attempt was also pretty poor. It was successful, but it was just a prettier Nintendo Wii. Their next attempt, the PS3, was a huge flop that is now only used to play anime games. (Anime games are only released on this console for some reason)

The PS4 is currently the only seventh generation console on the market. (The Xbox One is still part of the eighth generation) It’s also the cheapest next-gen console available. This is both a pro and a con. It’s a pro because it’s cheaper, but it’s a con because the next-gen consoles are quickly becoming outdated.

The PS4 has a wide selection of games available for it, but many of them are online only. (Which requires an active PSN account) The upside to this is that PSN is free, and you can do other things like chat and look at memes while you’re downloading the game.

There is also another downside. In the PlayStation Network’s privacy policy, it states that they may record any and all information provided through the PSN. This means that they have your IP address, your email, your chat history… Everything.

(Although it should be noted that they state that they don’t monitor private conversations)

All in all, the PS4 is a good choice if you don’t mind the potential government intrusion.

3) Nintendo Wii U: This is Nintendo’s first attempt at a “next-gen” console.

It’s an okay choice, I suppose. It has a mix of both next-gen and outdated features. For example, it has the cheapest price of any next-gen console, but it doesn’t have very many games available for it. Not to mention most of the games it does have are recycled from other consoles.

It has a few pluses though. For one, it has the best selection of games for families. Wii Sports, which comes bundled with the console, is probably the best sports game ever made. (It has the most balance between fun and realism) There’s also a wide selection of other games catered to the whole family.

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It also has some strong first-person shooters, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. They may be a little harder to control due to the weird game pad, but once you get used to it, there’s no going back.

It also has the best selection of anime games available for any video game console. If you like shows like Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, then the Wii U is definitely the choice for you.

Unfortunately, the Wii U has some drawbacks. The controllers are poorly designed and break easily. The screen on the game pad is barely visible if there’s any type of sunlight. The screen is also small and gets cramped during intense gaming sessions. The console itself also has a low resolution, even when compared to the PS3.

(Which is saying something, considering how ancient the PS3 is)

When it comes down to it, the Wii U has a few good games, but not enough to make up for the bad. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Moving on, there are also various types of PC games out there. These games are released on discs like console games, but you need to install a program in order to run them. This is called a “Client”. There are two types of PC games, online and offline.

Offline PC games work just like home consoles. You put the disc in the computer, install any necessary programs, and you’re good to go. There aren’t many downsides to offline PC games, but one major drawback is the cost. Offline PC games are typically several dollars more than their online counterparts.

The second type of PC game is an online PC game. These games are typically free to play, but you need to have a steady internet connection in order to play them. Many people frown upon these games due to their popularity with “Whales” and “Ninjas”. These are people that spend large amounts of money on the games in order to improve their chances of winning. Many online PC games have also been recently criticized for containing graphic sexual content and underaged nudity.

The decision is ultimately yours on which types of games you decide to play and which you decide to avoid. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re having fun!

-Warnings and Disclaimers-

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Here I will list several warnings and disclaimers for games that you should be aware of.

Pokemon: There have been several cases of epileptic seizures caused by the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow games. Due to this, all newer releases of these games now come with a warning about the possibility of such seizures.

Pokemon Stadium: There is a fatal bug in the game that can cause your N64 console to freeze. Always remember to save often.

Bubble Bobble: There is a point in the game where you have to blow into the cartridge in order to progress. Make sure the cartridge doesn’t slip out of position and get dirt inside of it when you do this.

Legend of Zelda: There are moments in the game where you have to enter your name. It is advised that you do not enter anything profane, as this could result in a lifetime ban from entering the Hall of Fame when you save your progress.

Any Pokemon game with a GBA cartridge: There is a rare, random glitch that can delete your save file if you turn the game off at a certain part of the game. The odds of this happening are extremely low, but still possible. Simply turn your game system off whenever you’re not playing anymore.

Which games should I get?”

This is a question that many people ask me, and it’s a tough one to answer. Everyone’s different and has different tastes, so there’s no way I could possibly list all the games that fit a certain criterion.

These are the types of games I’m looking for, though:

-Board Games: Pretty self-explanatory. Give me board games!

-Card Games: Any and all card games are welcome.

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-Concentration: A game where you flip over cards to create a matching pair.

-Dominoes: You probably know what these are.

-Memory: You match up images by turning over pairs of tiles. The tiles can only be turned over once.

-Roulette: You guess what color or number the ball will land on.

-Super Smash Brothers Brawl: A list of the characters, songs, stages, etc. with detailed info. I need to update my list.

-Word Searches: Find every instance of a given word in a large block of scrambled words.

-Pokemon Snap Sticker Album: A sticker album in which you can put the Pokemon stickers from the game inside.

-Rubik’s Cube: Still haven’t figured this one out yet…

-Slime Cubes: Little cubes that can be molded into different shapes. Each mold has its own slime color.

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-Uno: One of my favorite card games.

-Battleship: Try to guess where your opponent’s ships are without getting anything blown up.

-Dominoes: A block of bone with notches in it. Each notch has a number, and you try to match up notches with equal numbers on both sides.

-Checkers: A board game in which you jump over opponent pieces or turn them into your color.

-Chess: Usually a battle between two armies, but in this case it’s just you versus another player.

-Chinese Checkers: The goal is to get your opponent’s pieces off the board.

-Go Fish: Get sets of a certain number, or groups of a certain number of the same card.

-Hangman: Try to guess a word using only half of it. The less letters in your guess, the more wrong it is.

-Mancala: Move your pieces from hole to hole, until you have one last piece left. Then, count up all the points in your holes. The player with the most points wins.

-Master Mind: Try to guess a color combination that doesn’t appear in your opponent’s head.

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-Memory: Find every pair within a series of pictures.

-Operation: Carefully remove the pieces from underneath the tools without hitting the buzzer.

-Pick-Up Sticks: One player tries to pick up sticks with another stick, but if you pick up the wrong stick, you’ll trigger a trap that will spray paint all over you.

-Rummy: Get sets of cards.

-Scrabble: Spell words with letter tiles.

-Yahtzee: Roll five dice up to three times each, and try to get a combination that scores.

-Zingo: Try to find the kiosk with your number on it.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

Do you have any games that are for more than one person?”

Definitely. Here are some games that can be played by more than one person:

-Agar.Io: A 2D massively multiplayer online shooter game in which you and your team fight against another team.

-Battleship: The classic game of battleship with an MMO twist.

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-Beach Volley: Just like regular volleyball, except with more strategy involved.

-Chalk: A fun game in which you try to figure out the opponent’s color. If you guess wrong, you get shot and have to spectate. Last one standing wins.

-Crazy Maze: Try to find your way through a 3D maze without going in a dead end and getting stuck. Also try not to go in the way of the other players.

-Crossfire: Try to be the most accurate by shooting moving targets.

-Darwin21: Try to kill the most people after a 12 minute game. There are shotguns, machine guns, and other weapons to buy in between rounds.

-Duck Hunt: One of the classic games from back in the day, it’s just like you remember it. Except with a MMO twist.

-Gladiator: Enter a coliseum and fight to the death in an all out bloodbath. The longer you survive, the more money you’ll make.

-Hide N’ Seek: Just like it sounds. One player is it and tries to find the other players who are hiding. If they get found, they’re stuffed into a sack and taken to a dark place. If you escape the dark place, you’re back in the game. If you get caught though, you’re out.

Last one left wins.

-Home Run: Just like regular Home Run, except with an MMO twist.

-Kill Da Guy: Very similar to Duck Hunt, but with a twist. You have to kill all the guys before the time runs out. You can buy different crossbows that do more damage or have other effects, such as slowing down your opponents or granting you temporary invincibility.

-Maze: Try to find your way through a dark maze without getting eaten by the big bad wolf.

-Memory: Remember where all the cards are placed and reveal them to your opponent. Each pair revealed gives you a few coins, but if you make a mistake you lose.

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-Novel Writing: Write a story with your opponent, but whenever you make a mistake, your life bar drops. Last one to run out of life bar loses.

-Pinball: The classic game of pinball, MMO edition. Try to get a high score with a 3 minute time limit.

-Roulette: One of the oldest games in the book, try to predict where the little ball will land.

-Smiley Charades: Act out words using SMILES. First one to guess 5 correct words in a row wins.

-Spin the Bottle: Just like it sounds.

-Tag: You’re It. Last one tagged has to be It next time.

-Tic-Tac-Toe: Just like you remember it. Best of nine to win.

-War: Just like it sounds. You and your opponent take turns guessing random numbers until someone wins.

-Word Search: Find all the words in the list hidden in a jumble of letters.

Any games that don’t require other players?”

Here are some multiplayer games that don’t require other players:

-Agar.Io: A 2D massively online shooter game in which you fight against hordes of other players.

-Air Hockey: A game of air hockey against a friend.

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-Alchemy: Transmute metals of the same type into more valuable metals using different formulas and equations.

-Battleship: Fire your fleet of ships at your friends to try to hit their ships before they hit yours.

-BurgerTime: Try to build the perfect burger according to the recipe before your friends do.

-Checkers: A game of strategy in which you try to capture your opponent’s pieces.

-Dominoes: A game in which you match Domino pieces according to set.

-Double Fish: Collect pairs of identical fish cards before your friends do.

-Four Soldiers: Place the right soldier on the right spot of the crossbow to win.

-FreeCell: Clear all the cards in the fewest moves possible.

-Hangman: Guess the word before the gallows is finished.

-Igloo: Build an igloo out of blocks of ice before your friends do.

-Minesweeper: Navigate a minefield before you run out of lives.

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-Minesweeper (Hard): Same as Minesweeper, but more difficult.

-Minesweeper (Easy): Same as Minesweeper, but more simple.

-Morse Code: Decode messages sent through Morse Code before your friends do.

-Password: Guess the word according to the password.

-Picture Puzzle: Put down pieces of a puzzle together to reveal an image. Harder than it sounds.

-Roulette: A game of chance in which you try to predict where the little ball will land.

-Simon Says: First player to complete the sequence wins. But watch out! If you do what Simon says, you lose!

-Slalom: Try to maneuver your way through slalom poles without falling over.

-Spider Solitaire: Clear all the cards before the deck runs out to win.

-Tennis (Simple): Just like the real thing, only simplified.

-War: Same as the classic card game except you win when you capture 21 points.

-Yahtzee: Roll five dice up to three times in a hopes of getting different combinations.

“Hey, Draven! Why don’t we play a game of…”

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The airship starts to shake as if it is struck by lighting. The lights start to flicker on and off…

“What the..”

A rumbling sound is heard from above, like the engines are failing. The floor of the room you are in starts to vibrate as the walls seem to contract and expand. You are thrown off your feet as the floor seems to heave like the deck of a ship during a storm.


Suddenly, a wall of flames springs to life on one side of the room. A wave of heat washes over you as the fire races towards you.


The floor collapses from underneath you and you fall into a pit of fire!


Overcome by the intense heat, you are burned to a crisp in an instant…

Such a shame, you died so young.

Your quest has ended in failure.

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