Vaughan Super Bar B215 Pry Bar

Vaughan Super Bar B215 Pry Bar Reviews

The first thing you need to know about the Vaughan Super Bar is that it’s one of the best barbells available. It was designed with strength athletes in mind, but its design is easy enough for anyone to use. Its unique design makes it easier than other bars for beginners and experienced lifters alike.

The steel used in making this bar allows it to be stronger than most other bars while being lighter weight. This means that you’ll have less fatigue when using it.

The design of the bar is simple. There are two parallel plates that sit on top of each other. You then attach your own dumbbells or kettle bells to these plates, which will allow you to perform various exercises such as bench presses, rows, squats and more.

The bar itself measures 28 inches long, 10 1/2 inches wide and 8 3/4 inches tall.

Features Of The Vaughan Super Bar

The main feature of the Vaughan Super Bar is its design. It features a double cross piece at the bottom of the bar so that you don’t get injured if you drop it from time to time. Also, there are no sharp edges like some other bars because they’re made out of steel instead of plastic.

The bar allows for a much more comfortable grip because the double cross pieces act as a space in between them. This is especially beneficial for chin-ups and deadlifts.

This bar is perfect for those that are just getting started in the world of cross training or bodybuilding because you can easily attach your kettle bells or dumbbells and start lifting. Also, if you’re a little stronger you can always perform deadlifts and squats without any weights at all.

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The bar features a lifetime warranty on the welds. Any welds that break for any reason will be replaced at no cost to you. All you have to do is call up the manufacturer and let them know.

The bar is made out of 2 inches round solid steel, which allows it to handle up to 1500 pounds of pressure without breaking or warping. Other bars made out of plastic or other synthetic materials simply cannot handle this kind of pressure.

If you want to perform heavy squats and deadlifts you will need a bar that can take the pressure. Without this kind of strength the bar will snap in half or bend, neither of which is good for your training.

The Verdict

When it comes to bars for working out at home, there are very few that are as good as the Vaughan Super Bar. It can accommodate any kind of weight you want to add to it, it has a space between the cross pieces for an improved grip, and it’s made out of durable steel.

With a lifetime warranty on all welds and the ability to perform heavy duty exercises you can’t go wrong with this bar. If you want to start lifting at home then this is the bar that you should get.

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