Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots!

The Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots are made with high quality materials and have a great design. They offer a comfortable fit, but they do not feel like you’re wearing any kind of rubber soles. They have a good amount of support, which means that it will take some time before your feet start hurting from them.

They come in two colors: black or brown.

The sole is made out of a synthetic material that provides excellent traction. You won’t get tired even if you walk around for hours. There are no laces to tie up, so you’ll be able to wear these boots without worrying about getting them caught on something. The heel part of the shoe has a raised area where the toes rest on the ground, making it easier for your foot to stay planted when walking on uneven surfaces.

You can easily adjust the height of the heel depending on how tall you want your shoes to be. If you don’t want them too high, just leave them at their default setting. If you want them higher than what they come with, then there’s nothing wrong with buying a pair of extra-tall boots. The Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots are available in sizes XS through XXL.

Once you’ve tried these boots on, you won’t ever want to wear anything else. You’ll also feel more confident when you have to work in challenging terrain or conditions. You’ll be able to move from one location to another without worrying that your feet will get tired or sore. With the right pair of boots, you can do anything and go anywhere.

You can wear these boots whenever you’re doing physical work around the house or office. They’ll also protect your feet if you have to walk on rough terrain or stones. They look good even when worn with jeans or pants, so you can use them for more casual outfits. If you plan on going out for a night on the town, then you might want to wear something else.

The price of these boots may seem a bit high when compared to other similar pairs, but when you consider everything that you get, then they’re actually quite affordable. You won’t ever have to shop for a new pair of boots ever again since these are guaranteed to last for many years.

If you want hiking boots that will allow you to enjoy your time outdoors without any worries, then these are the ones to get. Just make sure to measure your feet before ordering to be sure that you get the correct size. Once you wear them for the first time, you probably won’t ever want to take them off.

I give the Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots five out of five stars.

Vasque Men’s Talus Trekking Shoe,Black,12 M US

These are like the boots version of the shoes above. They have a very similar design and contain high-quality materials. These are popular among hikers all over the world, so make sure to get yourself a pair while they’re still in stock!

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots |

The main difference between these boots and the hiking shoes is that these come up over your ankles for more ankle support when walking on uneven terrain. If you plan on taking long hikes in extreme weather conditions, then you’ll definitely want to get yourself a pair of these.

Just like their brother shoes, the boots come in different colors. You can get them in black, brown, or tan. They all have outsoles made out of synthetic material with excellent traction. There’s really nothing more you could ask for in a shoe or boot.

I give the Vasque Talus Trek GTX Boots five out of five stars.

New Balance Men’s MW724v1 Trail-Running Shoe,Black/Green,12 D US

If you’re not used to doing a lot of walking or hiking, then you might feel a bit of pain when you wear either of the pairs of boots above for the first time. If you want a pair of shoes that you can wear on a daily basis and still get the same support as the boots, then these are what you need.

The soles on these shoes are made out of rubber, so they’re much more flexible than the boots. This makes them much more comfortable for running or doing other types of exercise. You’d be surprised at how much you can do with these shoes on.

These shoes look great with a pair of jeans or lightweight pants. If it’s hot out, then you can even wear them with a pair of shorts without looking out of place. These are definitely the most versatile shoes on this list.

I give the New Balance Men’s MW724v1 Trail-Running Shoe five out of five stars.

Call Before You Dig!

Always remember to call 811 before you start your project so that they can tell you where all the underground cables and wires are located. It’s not just a simple matter of digging a hole and putting in your post, you could cause some serious damage by not doing this.

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway because people forget or don’t know. Make sure that the area where you’re digging is not actually someone’s property. It might be a long shot, but it happens more often than you think.

If your backyard borders someone else’s, then make sure that you talk to them about your plans and make sure that they’re okay with it. If there is a dispute over the land later on, you will most likely be held responsible for harming their grass (and possibly their flowers).

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots on

It never hurts to have a conversation with your neighbors and get to know them. If you need help with anything in the future, you now have someone to call. Also, your neighbors will most likely appreciate the fact that you cared enough to speak with them.

Always try to respect other people’s property, even if you don’t agree with the way they do things. Be sure to put everything that you brought to the job back where you found it when you’re all done. It’s good habit to get into for the future.

Finally, I put together a list of some of the terms you might hear when dealing with hardware and building materials. If you’re not sure what something means, then simply look it up and make sure you understand it before buying anything.

Acrylic: A synthetic plastic material that’s used for a variety of things, such as pipes, shower curtains, and even bathtub enclosures.

Adapter: A pipe connector that allows two pipes of different sizes to be merged together.

Aisle: The walkway that runs between all the shelves in a store.

Branch Pipe: A pipe that splits off from a main water pipe to deliver water to another part of the house.

Caulk: A putty like sealant that’s used to fill in cracks and crevices in order to create a better seal.

Crosses: The pipes that carry water under your house (also known as the cold water supply).

Deduct: The amount of money that you get back from tax returns.

Dek: Slang for deck. It can also be short for dehumidifier.

Egress Window: A window that meets roughin’ in codes and can be easily opened from the inside. It’s also big enough to climb through.

Fitting: A connector that’s used to merge two pipes of the same size together.

Flanges: Extra metal that wraps around the outside of a pipe opening to strengthen it.

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots |

GFI: Abbreviation for Ground Fault Interruptor, an electrical device that shuts off power to an appliance if it detects a drop in current (if you touch a pipe while drying your hair, for example).

Gutter: A trough that collects rainwater from a roof and directs it to a location away from the house.

Manifold: A device used to divide the flow of water into smaller amounts that each go to a different faucet.

Nipples: Pipe fittings that have holes drilled through them so that you can attach pipes without the use of joining devices.

Ply: The number of layers in a sheet of plywood. The more layers, the stronger the plywood.

Sill: A horizontal board that supports the foundation of a window or door.

Sweep: A thin wood strip that’s nailed to the bottom rail and tongue of a door to protect the door edge from wear.

Tongue and Groove: A method of fitting two pieces of wood together so that they interlock with one another.

Trench: A narrow ditch that’s been dug into the ground.

Zipper: A metal plate with sharp teeth that’s inserted between the siding and foundation to keep the siding from moving.

Chapter 2B: Drywall Guy

A few days after your big trip to the lumberyard, you get a knock on the door one morning. When you answer it, you find a short, bearded man in a ball cap holding a large toolbox. “Hey there,” he says with a smile. “You must be the drywall guy.”

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots at

Umm, I need drywall?”

you ask, confused.

“Yeah! Your brother said you got a big job going on here and you needed drywall hung.”

“Oh! Right. Yeah, come on in.” You tell him, embarrassed that you’d mistaken him for someone else. When you open the door, Grady walks by with his head down.

“Grady, this is the drywall guy.”

“Great,” Grady mutters, barely giving the man a glance. The drywall guy gets a bit of a offended look on his face, but otherwise ignores Grady’s rudeness and turns back to you.

So how much drywall do you need hung, sweetheart?”

he asks.

Wait, don’t you need tools to hang drywall?”

you say. “I thought you needed a drill or something.”

The drywall guy laughs. “I have a hammer and a screwdriver in this toolkit. I can hang drywall with my eyes closed.

Where you guys just go buy four or five sheets and try to hang it yourselves and get frustrated and give up?”

You nod.

“Thought so.

You went to Home Depot, right?

I know that it’s a common misconception that you need all these specialized tools and equipment, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s not that hard.”

He takes off his ball cap and scratches his head. A large section of his hair sticks up from his head, making him look a little like a light bulb. “Alright, show me where you want this stuff hung.”

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots - Image

You show him the basic layout of your house. You just got your garage and part of your basement finished, but other than that, all you have is your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

“It’s nice and all,” he says, “But it’s really small.

How are you gonna live there?”

You explain that you don’t need a lot of space, to which he just laughs.

“I’m Matt, by the way.”

“I’m Hazel.”

Matt walks around your house with you, and marks where he’ll be putting up the sheets of drywall. After that, he takes out his huge toolbox and gets to work. He’s fast, but effective. You watch him for a bit, before heading upstairs to your room.

You grab your laptop and start browsing Reddit again. This time you decide to head onto /r/compsci. A lot of people there talk about some pretty interesting stuff that you don’t quite understand, but it’s fun trying to figure out what they’re talking about.

A few hours pass, and you get another visitor. “Hey, Hazel. It’s me, Grady.”

You leave your room and walk downstairs. You see a tall man with light brown hair and a thin beard standing at the base of the staircase. He smiles when he sees you, and his smile reminds you of when your grandfather died, because it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “I just wanted to see how you were holding up. I know we haven’t spoken much, but you’re going through a lot, and I’ve gone through something similar, so I thought I’d check up on you.”

“It sucks,” you say bluntly.

“Yeah, it does,” Grady responds.

The two of you sit in silence for a bit. Then, as if something has clicked in his mind, Grady says “You should come with me to my church group. I go every Tuesday.”

“No, thank you,” you respond.

Why not?”

Grady asks.

“Because I’m not Christian, for one.”

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots - Image

“Hazel, Jesus loves all people.”

Grady gives you a look that beseeches you to go with him. You sigh. “I’ll think about it.


“Great!” Grady responds, smiling once again. “I’ll come pick you up tomorrow at 1pm.”

That Tuesday, Grady comes and picks you up in his old, beat up pick-up truck. He drives for about twenty minutes before pulling into the parking lot of an old, brick church building.

“Come on,” Grady says, as he gets out of the car. “It’ll be good. I promise.”

You get out of the truck and follow him into the church. Inside, you see a bunch of elderly people sitting in folding chairs set up in the middle of the church. They turn to look at you when you enter.

“It’s a little different than what you’re used to, but I think you’ll find that the people here are very friendly,” Grady says. You nod your head politely and take a seat in the back, while Grady hurries up to the stage. He grabs a microphone that is set up there and taps it. The tapping echoes throughout the silent church, and all heads turn toward him.

“Hello, everyone.

How are we doing today?”

“We are doing just fine, Grady,” a kindly old lady says, as she turns back to face him.

“I have a visitor with me today. Her name is Hazel, and she’s going through a rough time right now. If everyone could please be extra nice to her, I’d really appreciate it.”

Grady steps down, and the people swivel their heads toward you. A few of them wave, so you wave back shyly. Then, the kindly old lady who had spoken stands up.

“Let’s sing our song.”

Everyone stands and begins to sing. The songs are in English, but the lyrics are different than the ones you know. You watch the people in front of you carefully, trying to memorize the words as they sing. The songs are far longer than any you’ve ever heard in church, and the people sing them with so much joy that you’re not sure when it ends. After about thirty minutes, Grady walks back up on stage and taps the microphone.

The tapping reverberates through the church again, and the singing stops.

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots on

“Well done, everyone. We have lunch prepared today, so we’ll eat before our scheduled sermon. If Hazel doesn’t mind joining us, she can sit with me.”

The group turns to you expectantly. You realize that you’ll have to sit with them, if only for the meal. You nod your head. “That sounds lovely,” you say, hoping that it’s the proper response.

“Great. Come on up here and grab a seat.” Grady walks off the stage, and you follow him up. He leads you over to where his wife, Ruth, is sitting in the front row. The two of you sit down, and the people begin to filter out of the building.

After about ten minutes, everyone is seated and the room goes quiet.

“Thank you, everyone, for that lovely welcome to our new member, Hazel. I’d like to start by reading a passage from the Bible,” Ruth says, pulling a thick book down in front of her. Her fingers race down the page as she searches for her desired verse. “Ah, here it is. 1 Corinthians 15:33.

“Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character.’ Get rid of anyone who is continuously and willfully sinning.

Why would you want to be around someone like that?”

She looks down at the two of you, frowning slightly. “I’m sure you’ll both understand what this means, especially considering your background, Hazel.”

Ruth looks back over to the group and continues. “Now, we have a lot to cover today, so I’ll get right to it. Please turn to chapter 6 in the book of Matthew.” Ruth looks down at her book again and begins to read. “Matthew 6:5-13.

‘Whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites who try to look sad, like they are praying because they are full of sorrow. They try to look like they are begging God for mercy. I assure you: They already have the thing they are begging for. They look sad in order to be praised by people, because they know they are seen. But I assure you, God has no pleasure at all in the nonsense they do.

You must never be like them. Your Father, who knows everything, can see inside you. When you are praying, do not go rubbing your hands together, looking up at the sky, and sighing to show how sad you are. Your Father knows what you need before you even ask him. This, you see, is what the pagans do.

So don’t copy their behavior. As soon as you pray, give thanks to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees everything, will himself give thanks to you by giving you what you need. So never be like the pagans who think they are going to fool God by their act. Your Father already knows what you need.

“When you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees everything will repay you.”

Ruth looks up from her book and smiles. “That’s it for today, everyone. I hope you can take something useful away from this.”

The people begin to rise from their chairs, and you quickly stand up as well, not wanting to be caught sitting while they’re all standing. You turn to leave, but Ruth grabs your hand. “Hazel, I need to speak with you in private,” she says, not unkindly. “Now, please.”

You look over to Grady, who only nods. “Go ahead, love. I’ll see you at home.” He smiles gently at you, but Ruth is already turning away and heading towards the door to the pastor’s office. You follow her, awkwardly tripping up the steps to the office.

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots - Picture

She sits down in the chair in front of his desk, but you remain standing. She doesn’t look angry so much as… resigned. “I need to know something,” she says quietly.

“And I need you to be completely honest.

Are you a believer?”

“Yes,” you say without hesitating, as you know the importance of the question. If she decides that you’re not really a believer, then your stay with Grady will be short-lived.

Ruth sighs, running her hands through her hair. “I hoped as much. You’re too sweet to pretend otherwise.” She pauses, looking you in the eye. “Hazel, I’m going to help you and Grady out in any way that I can.

This isn’t just a favor for him; your devotion to God is obvious, and if that’s what you and he want, then who am I to stand in the way of religion?

It’s what’s missing in this town, really.”

Relief rushes through you. “Oh, thank you, Ruth!” You embrace her, and she pats your back awkwardly.

“I’m not finished,” she says. “Now listen, because here’s where the condition comes in.

I want you to listen to me, okay?

Religion is great. I’m happy you’re getting something out of it. But I need you to keep an open mind.

Do you think you can do that?”

“I…” You pause, not sure how to respond. “

I’ll try?”

“Good girl.”

“Ruth, I love religion!” you protest. “

Why would I not want to be open to it?”

She rolls her eyes. “Because some things are different, but some things are the same. There’s a chance that you could be right about your beliefs, but there’s also a chance that something else is going on.

You need to keep an open mind, understand?”

“I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t understand why you’re saying it.

What else could be going on?”

“I’m saying that there’s a chance what you’re experiencing isn’t religion. It’s something… different.”

How could it be different? Is this some sort of test?”

“No, Hazel. It’s something I need you to consider. In fact…” She pauses, as if trying to find the right words. “I’m not entirely certain of it myself. Which is why I need you to look past what you’re feeling and observe your surroundings. See if anything feels… off.”


You frown. “

What do you mean?”

“I don’t know! That’s why I’m saying you need to look for it. Maybe things will start to seem strange, or unfamiliar. Or maybe they’ll start to make less sense than they did before. Just… keep an eye out, okay?”

You nod slowly. “I will. But, um… why?”

She looks away from you, and you see a sort of tiredness in her eyes that you’ve never seen before. “Because I’m afraid that if you don’t, then things are going to get much worse.”

Ruth,” you say slowly, “what’s going on?”

She shakes her head. “I wish I knew, Hazel. I wish I knew. But I have to go. Just remember: keep an open mind, and look out for anything strange.”

She stands up from the chair, and you do likewise. You offer her your hand, which she shakes quickly. Then, without another word, she heads for the door.

“Ruth!” you call after her. “Please stay! We can talk about this some more! I want to help if I can!

I really do!”

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots at

She turns to face you, smiling weakly. “I know you do, Hazel. But it’s all gonna work out. It has to. I’ll see you around soon.

Don’t worry.”

With that, she opens the door and leaves. You stand there for a moment, staring at the empty doorway in front of you. Eventually, you head back into the main room of the chapel, thinking hard. You don’t quite understand what’s going on, but you can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong.

Suddenly, you notice a figure standing outside the window of the chapel. It’s probably about your height, and it has pale skin and dark hair. As soon as it realizes you’ve seen it, it ducks out of sight.


you say, walking over to the window.

When you reach it, you see nobody outside. You look around the yard and the nearby trees, but there is no sign of the figure. After a moment, you return to the belief that it was just a trick of the light. With a shrug, you return to your seat, and spend the next few hours thinking about what Ruth said. Eventually, night falls and you lay down on one of the benches to sleep.

In the morning, you awake to a bright Sunday morning.

Well, it’s as bright as it usually is. Now that you think about it, you spend most of your days in here fairly oblivious to the world around you. Once you’re done with the mornings service, you don’t have that much else to do except sit around and read the bible for a bit. You usually don’t get many visitors apart from Ruth. You suppose it makes sense; after all, not many people can comfortably speak with someone who’s halfway through their own personal religious journey.

You shake your head. You’re getting off topic. You need to focus on the situation at hand. You know something is off about last night, and you need to figure out what it is. Maybe the best way to do that is to go back to the scene of the crime, so to speak.

You get up, and head outside for morning prayers. Once those are over, you wander the camp, trying to look as casual as possible. After about an hour, you realize that nobody’s really paying any attention to you. There are too many important people here for anyone to care about what you’re doing. It makes you a bit sad, because it’s like the community has become so divided in recent times that you don’t even exist to most of them anymore.

You walk outside the camp’s fence, and head towards the trees. Once you’re sure nobody’s watching, you break into a run, heading straight for the spot where you saw the figure.

As soon as you get into the woods, you realize just how out of shape you are. You’ve been spending all your time in the chapel, or otherwise confined indoors. Within a few minutes, you’re already struggling to catch your breath. I bet Ruth could run around the woods all day and not get tired, you think.

Eventually, you reach the place where you saw the figure. You look around, but see no sign of them. You call out, but there is no response. Maybe they left already.

Then again, they could just be hiding. You’ve tried to be a good person, but you know that people can’t always be trusted. This could all be some sort of trap set by Cara and the rest of the community. If that’s the case, you’ll just have to be prepared.

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots at

You pretend to look around for a moment, before putting on your best creepy face and jumping out at whatever’s behind the nearest tree.


“Ah! Jesus Christ, Lawrence, you scared the hell out of me.”

“You should be more careful. What if I was a…

I don’t know, a killer or something?”

“Well you’re not. Hahahahaha!”

The man standing in front of you seems familiar. He has long blond hair and is wearing a sleeveless shirt, and carries a crossbow over his shoulder. You know you’ve seen him before, but you just can’t remember where. Then it hits you.


The man smiles and nods. “


“Well, I…

Wait, what the hell are you doing here? Are you following me? You followed me, didn’t you?”

“Now, now, don’t get so upset. I’m not following you, I’m her to rescue you!”

Rescue me? What the hell is this all about?”

“It’s a long story. Do you want to walk and talk, or…”

“No, I don’t want to walk and talk. I want to know why the hell you’re here.”

The man nods. “Fair enough.

But can we sit?”

I don’t know, can we?”

“Fine, have it your way. But I’m sitting.”

You watch as the man sits down on a nearby rock. After a moment’s hesitation, you follow suit.

So, where do I begin?”

the man says. “Well, I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name’s Eric Tallman.

Ring any bells?’


“Well, I used to live in this very town. I’d say eight years ago, back when you were about ten or eleven, you and I were friends. Best friends, even. We did everything together. Then, one day, I disappear.

Well, actually, I get taken away. You see, I was a sacrifice.”

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots on

Wait, you were what now?’

“A sacrifice. You know, to the greater good and all that.”

You were murdered?”

“Well, it’s not like the people here put a gun to your head and pulled the trigger or anything. I mean… they did in some cases, but not always. Anyway, I was brought here as a sacrifice. To keep the town safe from outside forces.”

How the hell do you keep the town safe by murdering people?

That just seems like it would make the town less safe.”

“Well, think about it. Every couple of years, someone new gets brought in here to be a sacrifice. Someone like you or me, that is. Young and strong, full of life. The perfect people to become…

whatever it is that keeps this place safe.”

“Goddammit Lawrence! I told you they didn’t put a gun to my head and make me do it! I wanted to be a sacrifice! I thought I was doing something good!”

Yeah? Well it didn’t work, did it?

If I’d died, then this place would be safe! Instead, it’s not, and Cara’s dead!”

“It’s ’cause you two were together that she died.”

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review | Throw Away Your Work Boots on


“She died because she fell in love with you. The guys who come here and get sacrificed, they don’t form bonds. They don’t get married. They don’t have kids. Cara did all that, and it’s what got her killed.”

You stare at the man in disbelief. “I don’t believe you.”

“That’s because you’re too young to understand these things. Listen… when I was brought here, I didn’t know what to think. I was scared and confused, just like you are.

But eventually, a man came to me and filled me in on what was going on. He told me that this place was safe, but in order for it to be truly safe, certain people had to be sacrificed from time to time in order to keep the darkness at bay. He also said that people who got married and had children were more likely to form connections with others and thus become vulnerable. That’s why married people and parents are never taken.”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not. Anyway, that’s when I formed a plan to escape this place. Which I did. I came back here with Cara and we got married. I figured if I got married here, then they’d have to take her instead of me.

It worked, for a while at least. But then she fell in love with me. That’s why she died.”

“I still don’t believe you.”

“It’s true. Then, when I came back here with another woman to try and save her, she died as well. Every time I’ve tried to break the cycle, someone has died. This place doesn’t want to be saved. It never has.”

“Why are you telling me this?

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