Vacmaster Beast 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Review

VacMaster Beast 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Review: Best Shop Vacs?

The following are some of the most popular types of shop vacs used today. These include vacuum cleaners, dusters, mops, dustpans and other cleaning tools. They all have their pros and cons.


They are commonly referred to as “dust pans” because they consist of two flat panels with a mesh screen. They allow the user to easily sweep up dirt and debris without having to clean every part of the surface.

Dustpan models come in various sizes and shapes. Some are made from plastic while others are made out of metal or even wood. There are several different brands available such as Dyson, Kenmore, iRobot and many more.

Shop vacs are typically designed to work well on hard surfaces like concrete floors or tile floors. However, they do not perform as well when working on softer materials like carpeting or carpets.

They tend to pick up dust particles that may be present in soft materials and then leave them behind in the same spot where they were picked up. If you have a lot of carpeting in your home, then it might be a good idea to use a broom instead. In fact, some people prefer using a broom rather than a shop vac because they do not like the noise that shop vacs tend to make. Carpeting also builds up static electricity which can be shocking when touched by the bristles of a vacuum. As you can see, dustpans are designed with two flat panels with a mesh screen. The user sweeps the dirt and debris into the pan with a brush and then empties the contents out when it gets full. Dustpans are particularly good at collecting sawdust because they have such a fine mesh screen.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner uses suction in order to pick up dirt, debris and other materials from hard surfaces like wood or tile floors. These types of shop vacs are corded and most of the time they do not come with a hose or any additional tools like mops or dustpans.

They typically consist of a cylindrical container which holds the dirt, debris and other materials. It also consists of a long handle in order to help the user carry it around. In order to start, stop and adjust the suction power, you will need to use your hands.

These types of shop vacs are great at picking up dirt, debris and other materials from hard surfaces. They are designed to make this process easier.

There are many different brands and models of vacuum cleaners available for you to choose from. You just need to decide which one will work best for your specific needs. Of course, some of them are better than others so you will need to take some time to compare the features of each one before making your final selection.

These types of shop vacs are typically used to clean up large messes. They come with wheels so you can easily move them from one spot to another.

Some of them even have long handles so you can pull them around instead of pushing them. Large shop vacs are great for cleaning up sawdust, but they aren’t as practical for everyday use. That is why you don’t see many people using them on a daily basis in their homes. However, if you have a job that produces a lot of sawdust or some other kind of mess, then it might be a good investment for you.

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These types of shop vacs are designed for your vehicle. They are very handy to have on hand when you need to clean up messes in your car, truck or camper.

For example, if you ever get a flat tire on the road, it is probably going to leave some marks on your car’s interior. If you are ever in that situation, all you have to do is grab your shop vac from your vehicle and suck up all of the glass and nails that are on the floor. It helps save you a lot of time and hassle.

These types of shop vacs are used for smaller jobs around the home. They are very easy to carry from one place to another because most of them have handles.

Handheld shop vacs are perfect for cleaning out your car or truck. Many people also like to use them for cleaning up spills in the kitchen. These types of shop vacs are very versatile and useful, but they don’t produce as much suction as their larger counterparts.

Handheld shop vacs are great for small messes that you might encounter around the home or garage. However, they are not very powerful so they won’t work very well on hard surfaces like tile or linoleum.

These types of shop vacs are best used for picking up sawdust and other fine materials. If you want something that will pick up larger debris, then you are going to need to look at some of the other options in our guide.

These types of shop vacs are designed for automotive work and other types of heavy-duty jobs. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all produce a powerful suction.

Most of them have a long hose or some other type of extension for reaching difficult places. You can use these types of shop vacs to clean up large messes around the house, but they aren’t as practical for everyday use because they tend to be clunky and hard to move around. However, if you are doing a lot of automotive work or you need to clean up after messy kids or pets, then one of these might be right for you.

These types of shop vacs are easy to transport from one location to another. They are designed to help you get the job done in different settings.

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For example, some of these models have an extension so that you can clean high ceilings more easily. If you want to clean the walls or ceiling, all you have to do is attach the extension and reach as high as you can. If you need to clean stairs or some other hard to reach area, then you can detach the extension and use it for that instead.

There are so many different types of shop vacs to choose from. If you don’t know what you are looking for, then the sheer number of choices can be a bit overwhelming.

This is why we have created a guide to walk you through all of your different options. From the size of the tank to the different types of nozzles, we will cover it all. Keep reading to learn more.

What Size Tank Do You Need?

There are several different sizes of shop vac tanks. You can choose from small, medium and large. The size that you need really depends on how much you intend to use it. If you just need something to clean your car with every once in a while, then the small or medium tank will probably be fine. If you are planning to use it for cleaning your home on a regular basis, then you are going to need a larger tank.

The size of the tank usually correlates with the size and weight of the shop vac itself. Larger tanks mean bigger and heavier vacs.

This can be a problem if you need to move your vac around a lot or use it in different locations. It can also be a problem if you have difficulty lifting heavy objects.

Hoses And Nozzles

All of the vacs that we have featured in our guide come with different types of hoses and nozzles. The design of the hose is important because it can add unnecessary weight to the vacuum if it is too long or made of heavy duty materials.

The nozzles come in different shapes and sizes for different kinds of messes.

If you intend to use your shop vac for home use only, then you probably don’t need to worry too much about the type of hose or nozzle that comes with it. However, if you are using it for a business or other professional setting, then the hose and nozzles really matter.

The longer and more heavy duty they are, the more functionality you will have with your machine.

Will A Wet/Dry Vacuum Work For You?

Wet/Dry vacuums are designed to handle both wet and dry materials. This is a great feature if you find that you need to clean up both dry and wet messes on a regular basis. If this isn’t something that you anticipate ever having to do, then you can save some money by getting a standard shop vac instead.

Wet/Dry vacs can be used for things like cleaning up dust, sand, sawdust, and other light materials. They can also be used for liquids like water, mop water, and even some light chemical solutions.

This makes them very versatile.

Just keep in mind that wet/dry vacuums are usually a bit heavier and bulkier than normal shop vacs because of their extra functionality. If you don’t think you will ever need to use it for wet materials, then you should get a normal shop vac instead.

It’s always good to have an idea of how you intend to use your shop vacuum before you make your final choice. It will make the decision making process much easier for you.

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Noise Reduction

One of the biggest complaints about shop vacs is the noise level. Some vacs are much louder than others.

If you need to use it in your garage while you are working on a car, then a loud noise could be very irritating. You also run the risk of going deaf if you are using it for an extended period of time.

Most vacuums come with some sort of noise reduction technology. This can take many forms, but the most common ones are integrated ear muffs and special designed inner tubing.

It’s a good feature to look for if noise is something that would be a major annoyance for you.


As we discussed earlier, shop vacs come with a wide variety of accessories. These accessories allow you to handle a wider range of messes and clean them more efficiently.

If the vacuum you choose doesn’t come with the right accessories or enough of them for your needs, then you will have to buy them separately.

Most shop vacs come with some combination of the following accessories.


These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same basic function. Brushes are designed to get deep down into carpets and rugs to remove dirt, mud, sand, and other types of debris that has become embedded in the fibers.

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These are especially useful for things like cleaning up pet hair and dander that seem to get everywhere.


Nozzles come in many different shapes and sizes. The two most common types are the cone nozzle and the flat nozzle.

The cone nozzle is designed for a single powerful stream of air. It is good for cleaning up sticky substances like glue and removing particles from hard to reach places. The flat nozzle emits a constant stream of air that is good for drying and sweeping larger areas dry.


You may want to invest in different length hoses for your shop vacuum. It just makes reaching those hard to get places much easier.

You will be surprised at how much you use your hose. You can buy them in 10′, 15′, and 20′ lengths or even longer if you need them.

Other Accessories

There are other accessories out there like cup brushes, polishing nozzles, paint spray guns, and many more. As you can see, there is a practically endless supply of different shop vacuum accessories.

The only limit is your imagination. If you think it will make your life easier or you think it will help you with a particular project, then go ahead and buy it. Who knows, you may just discover a brand new attachment that will help revolutionize your whole business.

What are the best brands of shop vacuums available today?

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