Vacmaster 8-Gallon HEPA Wet/Dry Vac Review

VacMaster 8 Gallon HEPA Wet/Dry Vac Review: Pros & Cons


1) Very Good Quality Vacuum!

(The Best!)

2) Easy To Use!

(Easy to Clean!)


1) No Filter Option Available For The Vac?

(No HEPA Filters Included)

2) No Heater Option Available For The Vac?

(No HEPA Filters Included)

3) No Compatible With All Types Of Dusting Pads?

(Not Compatible With Most Dusting Pads)

VacMaster 8-Gallon HEPA Wet/Dry Vac Review: How Does It Work?

Before we start talking about how does it work, let’s first look at some of the features of vacuum. There are two types of vacuum available for home use. One type is a dust collector which collects dust particles from your floor while the other type is a vacuum cleaner which sucks up dirt and debris from around your house. If you have ever used either one of these types of vacuum, then you will probably recognize both of them as they do not provide any sort of filtering system. They simply suck up all the dirt and debris into their filters. While this may seem like a good idea in theory, there are several problems with such systems. First of all, the filters clog up easily, meaning that you are going to need to clean them out every few minutes. You also need to clean out the dust bin after every use because otherwise dirt is going to just get moved around with no way to collect it. That is why these types of vacuums are not really suitable for cleaning your whole house!

Luckily there is a third type of vacuum cleaner that does have a filtration system. The problem with these types of vacuums is that they either use disposable vacuum bags or reusable vacuum bags. The first option is not really that bad as all you have to do is buy the vacuum bags on a regular basis. The second option is not as good as you have to wash out the bag after every use and let it dry before putting it back in the vacuum cleaner. But regardless of whether you have a bagged or bagless vacuum, you are going to need to clean the filter before every use as well.

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There is however one major benefit that these types of vacuum cleaners have and that is they do an excellent job at filtering out microscopic dust and debris. If you want the best filtration system for your house, then you should seriously consider getting one of these models.

As you may have guessed, the middle vacuum cleaner that we just described is the wet/dry variety. These are specially designed for those messy jobs around your house such as cleaning up water damage or cleaning your garage. While these do an excellent job at sucking up all the water on the floor, they also come with a filtration system so you never have to worry about sucking up dust and debris into the motor. With this model, you also have the option to turn the collection tank into a draining system so that you can easily dispose of the dirty water. Just be careful when turning it over as there is still some liquid in the tank!

So now that you now what this vacuum cleaner is all about, let’s look at how it works. Upon turning the vacuum on you will notice that the power button also acts as a suction level selector. There are five different suction levels so you can easily adjust the power of your vacuum depending on what type of surface you are cleaning. As for the tank, it is made out of a durable plastic and has a locking mechanism for when you need to empty out the dirty water. The filter is easily accessed so you can quickly clean it or replace it if needed.

Overall, this wet/dry vacuum cleaner provides all the tools you need to get your housework done in a quick and easy manner. The different suction levels let you adjust the power depending on what type of surface you are cleaning, and it also comes with several useful add-ons such as a tool caddy and hose. Don’t get stuck with a cheap imitation, get the best and get a McCullough!

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