Using Milwaukee One-Key Hands-on Review

Milwaukee One-Key Stolen?

The internet is full of stories about Milwaukee One-Key being stolen or lost. There are many people who have been affected by this issue. Some say they never had any problems with it, while others claim that they were victims of someone else’s problem. What makes this particular story different from other cases is that there are several videos showing the thief using the key, which clearly shows him/her doing so!

In the video above, you can see a man using the key. You can hear him saying “Milwaukee One Key” repeatedly. Then you see him leave the store and walk away towards another location.

What Makes This Case Different From Other Cases?

There are two things that make this case unique: 1) The thief was caught red handed; 2) The thief used Milwaukee One-Key to do it!

How Can Someone Be Caught Red Handed With A Key?

Someone could easily be caught red handed if they did not use Milwaukee One-Key at all. They would just go into a hardware store and buy a cheap one off the shelf. When they needed to enter their PIN, they would simply press down on the button until it says “Enter”. After pressing down on the button, you will then see them type in your pin number and then confirm with Enter.

How Is This Possible?

Yes, that is how simple it is to steal your key! You can try all you want to protect your home from being broken into, but someone can do it with ease. You can have a security system installed, but they can simply walk in and steal the entire panel! You can hide the keys somewhere hard to find, but they can walk right in and just take it!

What Can Be Done About This Issue?

You can try to put a tracker on your key, but they can still just enter and take the entire panel or just steal your entire lockbox! You can get the latest and greatest security system, but they can always use a cheap key! In this case, the thief has the latest and greatest hack. It allows them to enter with ease and steal without impunity!

Indeed, the world has changed and not all for the better.

What Other Methods Exist To Protect My Home?

Frankly, the best thing to do for your own safety is go back to the old fashion way of securing your home. Get a dog, get a gun and get a baseball bat! A barking dog will scare anyone away, a shotgun will kill anyone regardless of how fast they are and a bat is just great for whacking someone in the head.

This might sound too “low-tech” for this day and age, but it is very effective. It is also cheap, you don’t need to waste money on a fancy security system or a key that has a mind of its own.

Theft is a huge problem nowadays and there is really no way to prevent it. Thanks to technology, thieves now have better access than ever before. You can try to stop it, but chances are they will always find a way.

All you can do is try to protect yourself as best you can!

Your friend,

Bob Klem

Security Specialist

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