UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desk Review: Take a Stand at Work

Uplift Desk Standing Desk Review: Take a Stand at Work

A Brief History of the Standing Desk

The first upright desks were created during the Industrial Revolution. They were used in factories to allow workers to sit down and work without having their backs or legs cramped up from sitting all day long. These early upright desks had adjustable arms so they could be adjusted for different heights. Later, these desks became popular among office workers who needed to stand all day long while working.

Today, there are many types of standing desks available today. Some have adjustable armrests; others do not. There are also various models with different features such as height adjustment, reclining seats, etc…

There are two main reasons why people prefer a standing desk over any other type of desk: comfort and productivity. People need to stand all day long for hours every day. Sitting down all day long causes back pain, neck pains, headaches, fatigue and other health problems. Also, people tend to get bored if they don’t move around much.

Standing desks are great because they provide a comfortable environment where you can concentrate on your work instead of moving around constantly. You will feel refreshed after using one!

Uplift Standing Desk Review

The Uplift Desk was created by two friends (David and Sam) in 2014. They wanted to create a desk that could be used for writing, eating, or anything else you might want to do at your desk. They also wanted their desk to be affordable and easy to use for everyone.

The Uplift is very similar to the Jarvis standing desk we reviewed in the past. It is basically a metal shelf (21 x 54 inches) that can be placed on top of your current desk. It has a flat surface with two vertical poles on the side (you can rest your arms against it). It can be raised or lowered to any height between 23 and 50 inches.

You can also adjust the angle of the desk using an easy crank system. This allows you to sit and work at the same time if you want to.

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In order to use the Uplift standing desk, you will also need a platform to put on top of it. This is required so you can have a flat working surface. There are adapters available which allow you to attach other types of surfaces to the Uplift desk. These adapters include surfaces for laptops, writing desks, drawing boards, regular desks and much more.

The Uplift desk comes in three different sizes: Medium (21″ x 54″), Large (30″ x 72″), and Extra Large (42″ x 78″).

Why You Should Try a Standing Desk

Standing desks aren’t just a modern invention. They were actually popular during the 1700s and 1800s because they allowed factory and office workers to move around instead of being cramped up in a small area all day long.

The first electric standing desks were invented during the 1920s but didn’t really catch on until the 1980s when more and more health problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle were being reported.

Today, the medical community is realizing that sitting all day long is very bad for your health. Just like how most people understand the dangers of smoking, many doctors and scientists are now warning their patients that spending too much time sitting can cause numerous health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

A Stand Up Desk Can Help You Avoid These Problems

There are many myths about sitting causing obesity. Although most doctors agree that too much sitting isn’t good for your health, the science isn’t quite there to prove that it is directly responsible for causing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Still, most doctors will tell you to take an active approach to your health and to get up from your desk every so often. Fortunately, using a standing desk is an easy (and fun!) way to accomplish this.

The following are some of the many benefits to using a standing desk:

1. Increase Your Energy Levels

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Everyone knows that sitting down all day drains you of your energy. This is especially true if you spend most of your time sitting at a desk job. Using a standing desk can help you avoid this crushing fatigue that most office workers suffer from.

2. Prevent Back Pain

If you have ever experienced lower back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Sitting down for extended periods of time puts strain on your lower back and can lead to pain. Using a standing desk allows you to move around and promotes good posture which helps to eliminate back pain.

3. More Productive

When you use a standing desk, you will feel more awake and alert.

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