Truewerk G2 WerkPant Review: Industrial Athletes Only

Truewerk G2 WerkPant Review: Industrial Athletes Only

The Truewerk G2 WerkPant Review: Industrial Athletes Only is a pair of pants made by the German company Truewerk. They are designed with athletes in mind, but they have been used by everyone from truck drivers to construction workers. The pants were first introduced in 2013 and since then have become very popular among runners, cyclists, skiers and other sportspeople.

The pants are made out of a stretchy material called “Weltbahnen” (wool blend) which allows them to move with your body during exercise. The fabric is soft, breathable and elastic so it won’t restrict movement or cause chafing. They come in two different colors – black and grey.

You’ll need to wash these pants after every use because they don’t shrink much when washed.


They’re comfortable; you’ll never get tired wearing them.

They allow you to move freely without feeling restricted.

You can wear them while exercising outdoors or indoors.

They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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The fabric is stain resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty.

The fabric is anti-microbial so they don’t smell after a few uses.

These are good quality pants; you can use them for years.

They’re durable; you can wash them as much as you want and the color won’t fade.

They dry quickly so you can wash and wear in the same day.

They’re affordable.


The pants are a bit too long; some people have mentioned that they should come with an inseam of 32″ instead of 34″. This shouldn’t be a major problem if you get them tailored though.

The pockets are shallow; you won’t be able to carry anything big in them.

The material is thin and may be see-through when you bend over or squat down.

The material may be too warm for some people, especially in the summer.

They come in only two colors; some people may not like black or grey pants.

Some people have complained about the zippers being of poor quality.

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You may experience shipping issues, such as the wrong size being sent to you or your pants getting lost in transit. Truewerk’s customer service has a bad reputation and you may have to fend for yourself if anything goes wrong. If you’re not located in Europe then you’ll also have to pay extra customs charges.

Overall, the Truewerk G2 WerkPant are a good pair of work pants that you can wear while exercising or at your job. They’re durable and comfortable and allow you to move freely without any restrictions. Be sure to get them tailored and double check all zippers before wearing them out though.

You can buy your own pair of Truewerk G2 WerkPants through the official website.

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