Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Review

Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Review

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “troy-bilt” is high pressure washing machines. And while there are some high pressure washing machines available on the market, they’re not cheap.

So how much would it cost to buy one?

Well, that’s what we want to find out!

What Is A High Pressure Washing Machine?

A high pressure washing machine (HPW) is a type of machine designed to wash clothes at higher pressures than conventional machines. These machines use pressurized water rather than traditional soap or detergent to clean your clothes. They come in different sizes and power requirements, but most HPWs have a maximum capacity of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). The largest models can even handle up to 4 gpm.

How Does A High Pressure Washing Machine Work?

When using a high pressure washing machine, the water is heated to between 150°F and 180°F. When the water reaches these temperatures, it expands dramatically. This expansion causes steam to be released from the hot water, which then evaporates into a spray nozzle attached to the top of the machine. The result: instant laundry! You can read more about high pressure washing here.

How Much Are They?

The average price of a high pressure washing machine is around $400 – $700. The average price for an industrial-sized, walk-in model is around $4,000. Which One Do You Recommend? Well, if you want an entry-level, affordable high pressure washer that’s still plenty powerful enough to get the job done then I’d go with the AR Blue Clean AR118. It’s a good balance of affordability, quality, and power, and it’s exactly what I started off with when I began using high pressure washing machines. It’s got a 2.0 GPM capacity, which means it should be able to handle most residential tasks easily.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bigger or more powerful, I’d go with the AR Blue Clean AR232. It’s still affordable and has a 2.3 GPM capacity, so it should definitely be able to handle most jobs.

If you’re looking for an industrial-sized, walk-in model that can handle literally ANYTHING you throw at it then I’d go with the AR Blue Clean AR390SS. It’s pretty much industry standard when it comes to high pressure washing machines because it’s incredibly powerful and durable. It’s also commonly used in car washes because of how easy it is to use and its reliability.

The AR Blue Clean AR118, AR Blue Clean AR232, and the AR Blue Clean AR390SS are all built by AR, which is known for their high quality machines. If you decide to go with another brand, just be sure that the machine you’re looking at is of good quality and has good reviews.

Do You Have Any Other Recommendations?

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