Toro Battery Hedge Trimmer Review | 60V Brushless

Toro Battery Hedge Trimmer Review | 60V Brushless

The Toro Battery Hedge Trimmer Review | 60V Brushless is a new battery powered hedge trimmer from Toro which has been introduced in the market recently. It comes with a powerful motor and a powerful battery pack. This hedge trimmer can cut through up to 20 feet of grass at one time.

The blade is made out of aluminum alloy and it weighs only 2 pounds. The blade is capable of cutting through up to 1/4 inch thick material. This hedge trimmer has a maximum speed of 4 mph and can reach speeds of 6 mph when fully charged. It runs on standard alkaline batteries or lithium ion batteries.

The battery pack weighs approximately 8 ounces and it holds 3 hours worth of energy. The battery pack can provide enough electricity for two days use depending upon how much work you do each day.

The battery pack is located under the front seat and it’s secured with a carabiner. The battery pack is protected by a hard plastic case. There are no wires coming out of the top of the case.

The charger unit weighs approximately 0.6 pounds and it sits on top of the hedge trimmer body where you would normally find your cigarette lighter socket. A small plug connects to this plug so you don’t have to go digging around for one while working on your vehicle. The plug is a standard size for all 12 volt batteries.

The hedge trimmer is capable of cutting up to 1/2 inch thick branches and it’s capable of cutting through 4 inch diameter branches. If you’re using this hedge trimmer on tall hedges, you can use the pole attachment that comes with this trimmer to extend your reach for tall hedges or to extend your reach in hard to reach places.

Included with the 60v hedge trimmer is a pair of safety googles, an instruction manual, and a tool belt.

The instruction manual: The instruction manual is one page and it’s very straight forward. It basically tells you how to turn on the machine, the maximum speed of the hedge trimmer, and how to take care of the battery. It also tells you that you shouldn’t use the hedge trimmer on live electrical wires or wet surfaces.

The googles are welders goggles with one lens being blue and one lens being green. They’re pretty useful and they will protect your eyes from flying debris.

The belt is a simple canvas belt with pockets on it which can hold small objects such as screws or bolts. The belt is adjustable to any size and it’s very handy.

This hedge trimmer cuts well enough, but I wouldn’t try to cut through anything wider than a few inches. The battery doesn’t last very long and it takes about 3 hours to charge which will only get you through a few hedges. The instructions do say that the hedge trimmer has to be fully charged before using it and it has to be stored in a cool dry place.

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The hedge trimmer is very heavy and it gets tiresome to use after a while, especially when you’re reaching high or low.

Overall, it’s not a bad tool to have in certain circumstances. It does it’s job and it gets the job done.

Happy hedging!

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