Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpener Review

Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpener Review:

The Tormek brand was founded in 1989 and they are one of the most popular brands among outdoor enthusiasts. They have been making quality products since then. Their knives, camping gear, backpacks, tents and other outdoor equipment are all very well made.

These days their focus seems to be on knives rather than tents or backpacks but it doesn’t mean that their work isn’t top notch!

In fact, their knives are so good that many knife manufacturers try to copy them. However, Tormek’s blades are not just any blades; they’re made from high carbon stainless steel which is known for its durability and edge retention.

They make some of the best knives available today. One of these is the T-4 Bushcrafter. It’s a folding knife with a blade length of 7 inches (18 cm).

The handle is made out of black G10 and features a full tang design. A great looking knife at an affordable price!

The T-4 comes with a leather sheath and several accessories such as a sharpening stone, a controlled cutting angle guides, and a knife safety cap. The T-4 is an excellent knife for those who love to go outdoors and spend time in nature. It’s very easy to use and extremely reliable.

Unlike other knives, it has been designed with the user in mind. It’s made to be fully functional even in the most demanding conditions. Whether you’re an expert or you’re just learning how to use a knife properly, the T-4 is definitely a great choice.

Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpener Review:

The Tormek T-4 is a water cooled sharpening machine that’s designed for professional use and for people who sharpen knives for a living. It’s also used by people who want to restore the original edge to their knives.

The device itself is fully covered and features a transparent plastic top that allows you to see the sharpening process. In other words, you can watch as your blade is being sharpened. This transparency is a great safety feature because if any accidents occur they can be spotted immediately.

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This sharpener has an excellent clamp design that securely holds the knife or the tool that you want to sharpen.

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