Titan Rx-Apex Aluminum Airless Spray Gun

Titan Rx-Apex Aluminum Airless Spray Gun Review: Pros & Cons


1) Low Price (about $200) – The price of titan airless spray gun is very low compared with other brands.

You can buy it at Amazon for around $150. However, there are some drawbacks such as poor quality and not enough accessories. But if you want to save money then titan airless spray gun is good option for you.

2) Easy Installation (Easy installation) – The installation of titan airless spray gun is easy.

You just need to take out the old nozzle and put new one. There are no tools required for this job.

3) Powerful Pressure (Pressure is powerful) – The pressure of titan airless spray gun is strong enough to blow away dust particles from your vehicle’s interior without any problem.

You can use it even when there are some obstructions like windows or doors.

4) No Need For Paint Stripper (No need for paint stripper) – If you have a car that does not require any paint stripping, then titan airless spray gun will be better choice for you.

5) Easy To Use (Easy to use) – You don’t need to learn how to operate titan airless spray gun.

Titan Rx-Apex Aluminum Airless Spray Gun - Image

Just follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and enjoy spraying your favorite color on your vehicle.

6) Lightweight (Lightweight) – The weight of this product is only 2.

2 pounds which make it easy to carry in your toolbox.

7) Dustproof (Dust-proof) – It has a sealing cover on the tip so you can even prevent dust and other stuff from settling inside.

8) Better Consistency (Better consistency) – The consistency of paint spraying is better when you use titan airless spray gun.

These guns also don’t require any thinning.

9) Use With Any Paint Type (Use with any paint type) – You can use it with any type of paint, be it water or oil-based.

The output will remain perfect.

10) Better Handling (Better handling) – It is very easy to handle this product and doesn’t give a slippery feeling even when you are working in hot conditions.


Titan Rx-Apex Aluminum Airless Spray Gun - Picture

1) Not Durable (Not durable) – This product is not durable enough.

It may stop working after a few months of usage if you are not careful.

2) Poor Construction (Poor construction) – Even if it works for some time, the body is not that strong and will be broken in some places.

3) Filling Issue (Filling issue) – It is very difficult to fill the paint in the gun due to valve issues.

You have to thin the paint before using it.

4) Can’t Use In Cold Conditions (Can’t use in cold conditions) – The product can’t be used in cold conditions.

If the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit then it will be difficult to use this gun.

What is the meaning of Titan Airless Spray Gun?

Titan Airless Spray Gun is a device which you can use to spray paints on your vehicle or any other object. It is very easy to handle and gives excellent results when you want to give a new look to your car. Titan airless spray gun has some great features which make this device unique from the rest of the guns out there.

How Does Titan Airless Spray Gun Work?

Using this spray gun is extremely easy and does not require any rocket science knowledge. You just need to follow some basic instructions and you can begin working on your project. The following steps explain the process of using titan airless spray gun:

1) Place The Gun On Ground:

At first, you need to place the gun on ground or any flat surface very firmly.

2) Fill The Can With Paint:

Titan Rx-Apex Aluminum Airless Spray Gun - Picture

After that, you need to fill the can with paint and make sure that the lid is closed properly. If not, the gun may not work.

3) Attach The Gun:

Now, you need to attach the gun to the airless sprayer machine and tighten it with the help of wing nut.

4) Ensure There Is No Leak:

Now, you need to pull the trigger three or four times and leave it for sometime. This is important because there may be some paint leaking out. If not, then you are good to go.

5) Start Spraying:

Almost done! Now you can begin spraying your desired object.

6) Release The Trigger:

Once you are done with the painting, then you need to release the trigger gradually. This is very important because if you do it quickly, then there is a possibility that the material inside will begin to drip out from its tip.

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