Titan Impact 640 Electric Airless Sprayer Review

Titan Impact 640 Paint Sprayer Review: Pros & Cons


The most affordable electric airless paint sprayers are available in the market. They have been designed with safety in mind. You will not get any problems when using them. You don’t need to worry about it because they come with a lifetime warranty.

They are easy to operate. There is no complicated controls or buttons. Just turn on the unit and start spraying.

You do not need to spend much money when purchasing one of these units. The price range between $100-$200 depending upon the model you choose from Titan Impact 640 paint sprayer company.


There are some drawbacks associated with this paint sprayer. Some of which include; the battery life is short. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery. If you want to use it for longer than two hours, then you will need to purchase additional batteries. Also, there are some issues if you attempt to use it outdoors due to its lack of protection against extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Titan Impact 640 Airless Paint Sprayer Review: Our Verdict

The Titan Impact paint sprayer comes with some great features. It is affordable and easy to use. You are able to achieve professional results in minutes. Most people who have purchased this product are very satisfied with their purchase. The only major concern when it comes to the Titan Impact 640 is its lack of battery life.

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The unit can only be used for a maximum of two hours before having to recharge it again.

Our Final Verdict:

The Paint Sprayer is a great tool for both professionals and amateurs. It can make your job easier and more efficient. If you want to achieve professional results when it comes to painting your house, this is the tool for you. Its affordable price and its simple to use features have made it popular among homeowners and businesses alike. We highly recommend the Titan Impact paint sprayer.

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