Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer

The Titan Impact 440 electric airless sprayers are one of the most popular models among hobbyists. They have been used by many professional photographers, model makers, and others. The model is very easy to operate and offers good results at reasonable prices. You will get great results with these sprayers if you follow some simple tips:

1) Always use a high quality solvent when spraying your work area!

2) Always wear protective clothing when using any type of aerosol product!

3) Never spray directly into your eyes or face!

Spray only where you want to go. Do not cover up areas that need covering.

Covering up areas does not improve the result. If you must cover something, do it carefully so that no other parts of your body come in contact with the substance being sprayed.

4) Use a fan to blow away dust from around your workspace!

5) When spraying, always aim for the center of your object!

Avoid spraying toward edges or corners.

6) Always test your sprayer before starting a project!

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer on realmanguide.net

Test the sprayer’s operation by turning it on and off several times while working in a well ventilated area. Make sure there are no leaks in the system!

7) Never over-tighten the sprayer caps!

This can cause leaks and clogs.

8) Always use the right tip size for the job!

Using a larger tip than necessary will only cause a decrease in quality of finished work. Large tips give a thin, spotty coat and wastes paint because they cannot be adjusted to spray a more concentrated area of paint.

9) When spraying, hold the sprayer at a 90 degree angle to the object you are spraying.

If you hold it any other way, you will get runs in your project!

10) To get a smooth finish, always let your project dry before handling! This is especially important when painting models because the paint needs time to form a protective coating over the surface of the model.

11) Always store your equipment out of reach of children and never use it when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

12) Most important: ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE GOGGLES AND CLOTHING! Even if you are a neat freak and think that you would never get paint where it shouldn’t go, it only takes one drop of paint to ruin your day.

Trust me, I know from experience!

These tips should help you achieve the best possible results from your sprayer. If you have any more questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!

I just found that you need to be a little careful when using one of these sprays. If you don’t let it dry enough, the paint can easily peel off or rub off later.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer at realmanguide.net

Make sure you have enough time and patience to let it dry completely before handling your finished project. Even when it does dry completely, there may be a slight greasy feel to the piece. This is perfectly normal for these sprays. Just clean it with a damp cloth and all the grease will come right off.

These sprays also work quite well on costume pieces. You can use fabric paints to color the spandex material and then just spray over the top of that for a nice smooth finish.

I am not sure how well they work on fabric, but I think they might work pretty well since the spandex doesn’t really rip or tear like normal fabric does.

The only thing I don’t like about these sprays is the smell. It’s really strong and not something I want to be breathing in all day.

Make sure you use them in a well ventilated area and avoid spraying them too close to your face because the fumes can make you feel lightheaded!

I am so happy I found this stuff and can’t wait to use it more in the future!

– Jasmine G. –

Gem Gemstones Beyond Your Imagination…

By: Megan R.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer on realmanguide.net

You’ve seen them around, jewelry with various gems, or maybe even a ring with a small diamond.

Have you ever wondered where these beautiful stones come from?

Well, I’m about to tell you a story about one special gemstone and the place it calls home. This story begins at an Earth Sciences museum. It is a dark and stormy night…

“Nah, it’s probaly not going to rain tonight. I’ll be fine if I just grab my coat on the way out.” You think as you rush out the door.

The wind is picking up as you cross the street towards the museum. As you approach the doors you see something lying against the glass of the door. Getting closer you realize that it is a small gray and purple stone. There is a symbol faintly etched into it. After looking at it for a moment you realize that it looks like the same symbol that is on the door of the museum! You pick up the stone and try the doors, to your surprise, they are unlocked. The museum is nearly empty, for a Saturday evening. Just as you are passing through the hall of minerals a security guard stops you.

Hey you, how did you get in here?

The museum has been closed for over an hour.”

“Oh…er…I just…yeah…I just got in.” You stutter.

You can see in his eyes that he is not buying it.

OK mister, how did you really get in here?”

You look down at your feet and shuffle back and forth before answering.

“The…er…back door.” You reply sheepishly.

“I thought so, the back door has a lock pick jammed into it. It’s obvious that you had broken in here tonight.

Now, are you a thief or just a thrill seeker?”

Your mind races to come up with an answer. If you lie and say that you are just a thief he probably won’t believe you and will call the police. If you tell the truth and say that you are just a thrill seeker he will most likely let you go since no valuable were stolen. After all you did enter the museum illegally.

Which option will you choose?

– You are a thief, admit it! – You are a thrill seeker, admit it! –

You are neither, what do you say?

Poems Poems Everywhere!!!

By: Sehar Q.

I was walking through a field of flowers,

They were brighter than the sun,

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer - realmanguide.net

Each one more unique than the last,

The red one said “Look at me! I’m the reddest flower you’ll ever see!,”

The white one said “I’m as white as freshly fallen snow,”

Then there was a black one that said “Look at me, I’m the blackest thing you’ll ever see!”

They were all so beautiful, I wanted to take a picture,

But then a strong gust of wind blew,

And when it died down, the flowers were gone.

I began to cry, because those flowers were so pretty.

When I woke up my face was wet.

-Annoying Poem (yep)

By: Kelsey R.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer from our website

Crying in the School Bathroom

I sit on a dirty toilet in the girls bathroom,

Crying because of another broken heart.

I wish I had a girl to comfort me,

But all I have is these dirty walls.

The bell rings,

Meaning I’m in deep trouble,

I wipe my face,

And walk out the door.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer - Picture

2017-2018 school year…

The first week of school a new girl joins our class,

Moriah. Moriah has long black hair and green eyes,

She’s really pretty but she wears nerd glasses.

When she takes them off she looks like a model.

The whole class is in love with her.

Everyone but me…I know she’s going to break my heart like all the others.

I’m so stupid, I should’ve learned my lesson a long time ago,

But I can’t stop loving her,

Even if it kills me.

By: Kelsey R.

Girl of Dreams

I have a dream that one day I will meet you,

The girl of my dreams.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer at realmanguide.net

You’ll be the one for me and I’ll be the one for you,

And together we will live happily forever after.


By: Kelsey R.

Haiku #1

Dare to sit alone?

Not today! The wind blows hard…

I’d rather stay inside.

By: Kelsey R.

Haiku #2

Tonight’s the night,

With a new love I will find.

I’ll look deep in her eyes

And say, “let’s go for a ride.”

By: Kelsey R.

Haiku #3

Why can’t I find a girl?

Mom says only sluts and whores,

Is this all I’m worth?

By: Kelsey R.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer - Image

Haiku #4

I want your cherry, girl.

You’d be so sweet to me.

Let me take your virginity,

Be my girlfriend, please?

By: Kelsey R.

Haiku #5

I’m scared…

What if she says no?

I’d rather die than have her hate me.

I wish life had a reset button…

By: Kelsey R.

Haiku #6

The day is here, at last!

I will go to her and confess.

I’ve been practicing this in class,

I hope she says yes to me.

By: Kelsey R.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer - Image

Haiku #7

My hands are all clammy,

I can’t stop fidgeting in my seat.

This is torture of the highest level.

When will the teacher end class?

By: Kelsey R.

The Reason I Jump

by: Reiner S.

Why do I always fool around with girls?

Because you can’t have them, at least not in the way you want to.

The girl I once loved is now gone forever, or rather she still exists, but she’s no longer the same.

I was in a relationship with a girl for just under two years, yet it still seems so fresh in my mind.

Sometimes I feel that she doesn’t love me back anymore, but then I remember that she’ll always love me. This may sound strange, but that’s because you don’t know everything about our relationship.

The reason she doesn’t love me back is because someone hurt her really badly, and it caused her to literally burn all the bridges connected with her past. She’s a new person now, but I know that deep down inside she’s still that same person.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer - realmanguide.net

She didn’t mean to, but she killed our relationship. It was her first relationship as well, and she didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Then there’s me. I always believed that my feelings were one-sided, but they weren’t.

I was just so blinded with love that I could see nothing else. I also made the grave mistake of sleeping with her before she was ready. I thought that would bring us closer together and eventually lead to a relationship, but it had the exact opposite effect.

After that incident, she pushed me away and went out with another man just one week later. I thought she had completely erased our relationship and moved on, but that wasn’t the case.

She was doing what she thought was best for me; she was setting me free.

It’s funny how you think you know a person so well, yet you can’t see what’s right in front of you. It’s even more funny how one little incident can change everything.

This girl and I were in the exact same photography class in high school, yet we never really talked to each other.

I was a bit chubby back in those days (well not that much anymore!), so I always wore hoodies up over my head and didn’t interact with anyone.

I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was a loner (which I guess I kind of was), but it was more so because of my shyness rather than an attempt to isolate myself.

I still had friends though; I just didn’t socialize all that much outside of class. Even in class, I would just sit in the back and observe the people and surroundings.

It’s actually how I got the idea to take up photography in the first place.

Titan Impact 1040T Electric Airless Sprayer - Image

Eventually, I wanted to try taking pictures of the stars, but there were so many trees around my house that it made it impossible to see them. So one night, I decided to walk around town to find a spot where there were no trees blocking the view.

I ended up finding a park that was once used for hangings in the 1800’s. It wasn’t very popular and there weren’t any street lights near it, so it was the perfect place for stargazing.

One thing led to another and I met a girl there. The one I’m currently in love with.

I was actually with someone else that night, but as soon as I saw her, my feelings for the other girl disappeared completely. It wasn’t anything like what you see in the movies; it was something much more subtle.

Something that you wouldn’t even notice unless you were actively looking for it.

I saw her face and my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know why or how, but I knew I was looking at someone that I was destined to be with.

As I said before, I was a bit chubby in those days, so I don’t think she noticed me right away. After we both finished stargazing, I tried to speak to her, but all that came out was a very quiet whisper.

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