Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review

The Hidden Fastening System (HFS) is one of the most popular concealed carry systems in America today. It’s been around since the late 1800s and was originally designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Today it still holds great appeal because it allows you to pack your handgun discreetly, but still allow easy access when needed.

However, there are some drawbacks to using the HFS system. One drawback is that the gun cannot be drawn from your holster without removing the pistol grip first. Another drawback is that if you drop or lose your gun while carrying it in this way, then you will have no means of retrieving it until you retrieve it yourself or get off your shooting position. You may also not want to carry a firearm with such a small magazine capacity in this manner.

Enter the concealed weapon (CWP) carrier. These carriers are equipped with a pistol grip that extends past the bottom of their pants so they can draw their gun from inside their pocket. They do this without having to remove the pistol grip from around the trigger guard, which makes them much easier to operate than other concealed carry systems. However, these carriers are not cheap and often cost several hundred dollars each.

They also do not work with all kinds of guns.

Tiger Claw Fastener Gun Holster

Now there’s another option. The new line of Hidden Fastening System (HFS) by J.S Products is now available in a concealable holster that can be hidden under your clothes. This new holster system, call the “Tiger Claw” is relatively easy to use and makes carrying your weapon much more effective at close range.

It’s also made to fit many different kinds of guns.

The holster itself is relatively easy to use. Just unhook the bottom strap, place your gun into the extension at the bottom of the holster (this exposes the trigger guard), then pull the hammer strap down over the hammer of your gun until it covers the trigger completely. Finally swing the muzzle loop over your belt and you’re ready to go. To draw your weapon, just grab the grip of your gun and slide it out.

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This new HFS holster makes it easy to carry your gun everywhere and gives you the ability to defend yourself if the need should ever arise. If you want to have an easier time protecting yourself, visit us today and take your pick of available guns that are compatible with this awesome new HFS design.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Holster

Most people never truly know what it’s like to live in fear. Sure, we’ve all been afraid at one time or another, but living every day of your life in fear is a whole different story. For the past two years I’ve been living that story.

It started when I became a target of a local gang. I’m a courier and one day after making a drop off, their increasingly hostile actions turned into threats of physical violence. I tried to defuse the situation by being compliant but that only seemed to make things worse. On my way home from work one day, a group of gang members blocked my car into a dead end and began smashing my windows.

I tried to explain that I had no money on me but they didn’t listen. After taking everything of value from my car, they began kicking and punching me while I lay prostrate on the seat.

I’ll never forget the pain of having my nose broken or the ringing in my ears from being punched in the head repeatedly. They eventually got tired of hurting me and drove away, leaving me a bloodied mess on the floor of my car. I managed to drive home but had to pull over multiple times because of dizziness. My wife was scared for my life when she saw my face and insisted that I go to the hospital.

I didn’t want to at first but the police eventually found my car and arrested the guys that attacked me. I was too scared to testify in court so they only got a light sentence. The leader was released after serving only 6 months and instead of moving on, he made it his life goal to make my life miserable.

He began stalking me and everywhere I went; there he was. I never went anywhere without my gun after that and I started taking a different route to and from work every day. I thought I was being clever by changing up my routine but it didn’t take long before he was blocking my path with his buddies. They punched me in the face several times before smashing my car windows yet again.

This time they didn’t hesitate to take my gun out of its holster while I was still wearing it! They left me bleeding in the street and drove off laughing.

I had to take an Uber home that day but I knew I couldn’t keep relying on my wife to rescue me every time I had an “incident.” So I started keeping a spare gun at home that I could recover after these attacks. However, this meant I now had to carry two guns with me every time I left the house. Eventually my wife couldn’t handle being married to a cop with the kind of risks I faced every day.

She divorced me and moved back to her mom’s house in another state.

I’ve pretty much lost everything because of these attacks. I have no wife, no kids, no job and soon I won’t even have a home. I’m too scared to even sleep in my own bed anymore and I don’t have any money to rent another place. Sleeping in my car isn’t an option because it’s been broken into so many times that it doesn’t even operate anymore.

The police have been no help either. I’ve either had to explain to them that I didn’t press charges because I was too afraid to identify the suspects, or they’ve had NO leads on catching the guys.

Today is my last day and I’m not going to go out like a sucker. I’m going to go out on my own terms and bring at least one of those guys down with me.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review - realmanguide.net

I know you might not agree with the way I’ve handled this situation but I hope you understand that I only did what I had to in order to survive. My life might not have meant much to me anymore but I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt because of my situation. I hope you can at least remember me as a good person and not a coward.

Your friend,


I don’t want to believe that what I’m holding is real. It’s a long story but I’ve had my own problems with gang violence before so this hits a little too close to home. As a result, I find myself getting angry and upset at both Steve for taking his own life and the gangbangers that drove him to it.

“Javier! Get in here!” I yell.

He comes running and as soon as he sees what I’m holding he gets a confused look on his face.

What’s that?”

he asks.

“It’s a suicide note from one of our former guards.”

Who wrote it?”

“His name was Steve and he was one of your best friends! He was the nice one that always winked at the ladies and joked around with you!” I say getting upset.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review - Image

“I don’t think Steve was on the guard staff.”

“He was!”

“Nah, I know everyone on the staff and I’m pretty sure I would’ve recognized him if we were friends.

Was he new?”

“No, he wasn’t new, you idiot! He was one of the original guards that were here when the prison first opened!”

“Oh..uh…oh…well that sucks.”

I’m too mad right now to even be frustrated by Javier’s sub-par intelligence; I’m just balling my hands into fists trying to maintain my composure.

Why didn’t you tell me any of this?


“You never asked, Boss.”

“Javier, you’re supposed to be on top of things like this! You’re the head of Edwards’ security detail!”

“I am on top of things, Boss! I mean I don’t think those guys were ever in any danger. I’ve been here for months and there hasn’t been a single attempt on their lives.”

“That’s not the point! The point is one of our people was suffering and felt alone and you didn’t even notice!”

“I’m sorry, Boss. I just thought…I dunno, I didn’t think anyone was really in danger.”

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review at realmanguide.net

“Well someone was in danger! Someone was in so much danger that they felt the need to kill themselves!

Which brings me to my next point, what the hell are we doing to prevent these people from killing themselves?”

“Uh…they got them locks on the inside of their cell doors now so they can’t hang themselves…”

“Okay, well that’s a start I suppose.

What else?”

Javier thinks for a moment and then continues.

“We inventory check their belongings once a week…” he says.

You what?


“We inventory check their belongings once a week.”

Why the hell are you people doing that?”

I ask.

“Because the warden said so.”

Now I’m really starting to get angry.

Are you people seriously doing what the prison warden tells you to do?


“He’s the higher ranking authority here!”

I’m flabbergasted that these so called ” guards ” are allowing some prison warden to order them around like this. I thought you had to have at least some training to be in this business! Then again, I suppose it explains why these goons haven’t caught on that there’s something very odd going on in this prison.

“Okay, first of all, from now on, we’re going to stop following the warden’s orders.

Second of all, you think those hanging suicide prevention measures are enough?

Because I sure don’t.”

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review - Picture

“I dunno…isn’t it?

I mean they gotta figure it’s better than dying, right?”

“Maybe for some, most though are just going to end up getting so frustrated that they’ll hurt themselves in some other way. Like swallowing a bunch of pills and choking on them or slamming their head into the wall until they’re bloody…I dunno, improvising a shiv or something. The point is the longer we leave them locked up alone like this with nothing to do, the more likely it is one of them is eventually going to end up dead. You’re a guard, you oughta know that much!”

“I know that much,” he nods.

This response confuses me.

“Wait a minute…you agree with me?”

Well yeah, but what are we supposed to do?”


You’re supposed to be preventing the inmates from killing themselves!”


I dunno, make their lives not a living hell?”

“That’s not my fault…or the warden’s. The governor wants to cut costs and this prison is already as cheap as it can get and still be somewhat secure. We don’t got the manpower or funds to give these guys anything more than just the bare minimum.”

Well whose fault is that?”

Whose fault?

The governor’s I guess.”

I stare at my subordinate and exhale a deep sigh. I’m not getting through to this guy at all. Maybe I need to start from the basics.

“Look, let me explain something to you. You are in charge of the guards here. That means that the inmates are YOUR pets. You are responsible for them.

You feed them, you walk them, you bathe them and you make sure they don’t kill each other and if necessary you kill THEM. That’s what being in charge means and if you’re not willing to do ALL of it then you shouldn’t have taken the job in the first place.”

My assistant is silent as he digests my words. He seems a little surprised that I’m giving him such a dressing down, but I’m not finished yet.

“Now I’m going to ask you something. And be honest with me.”

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“Uh…okay,” he says.

Are you proud of this place and what it does or are you ashamed?”

“Well…I don’t like losing inmates…”

No, I mean are you proud of this place and what it stands for?”

He looks at me confused again so I elaborate.

“This prison…it’s not just a prison for those who break the laws. It’s also a prison for those who want to break free from their evil natures.

Those who want to be better. It is my understanding that every single guard in this place is supposed to help with that process in some way. To help the inmates to see the truth and turn away from whatever wickedness led them to be locked up in the first place.”

My assistant sighs and nods at my words.

“Yes, I suppose we do,” he says.

And do you?”

“I think so, yes,” he says.

You suppose or you know so?

Be honest with yourself first and then you can be honest with me.”

“I…I don’t…” he stutters a bit and then regains his composure.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review - realmanguide.net

“I’m ashamed that I haven’t been doing my job properly. I know there are things that I could be doing to help the inmates turn away from their wickedness but…but…”

Are you telling me that YOU haven’t had any inmates try to kiss your white behind?”


No! Nobody’s tried to make a pass at me!”

I want to sigh again at his misunderstanding, but instead I just nod for him to continue.

“Well there’s this one particular inmate…and I know I should be trying to turn him away from his wickedness but…he’s just so charming…”

Now I’m really lost. I have no idea what he’s talking about and I tell him so. He then explains that there is an inmate who has been giving him special attention and he doesn’t know how to get rid of him.

What do you mean special attention? Has he been threatening you?”

“No, it’s just…well…he gives me things.”

I have to suppress a laugh at that remark. I decide to get a little more information before I lose what little control I have over my laughter.

Can you be a little more specific on what ‘things’ he’s given to you and what exactly is it that he does?

And…what is it that you do in return?”

“Nothing! I mean…at least I don’t think so.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review - realmanguide.net

He doesn’t really give me anything in return, at least not that I know of.”

“Okay, I’m going to stop you right there. Now I want you to describe this inmate to me and tell me EVERYTHING that you’ve done and everything that you’ve seen him do. Leave no detail out, no matter how small you think it is.”

“Well…he’s a lizard…”


!”, I shout before catching myself. “

I’m sorry, but what did you say his name was?”

“I didn’t, but his name is Mr. Scales.”

And when did all this begin?

And I want details!”

“Two months ago. Well it was on and off at first, but in the last month its been pretty regular.”

“I’m going to want details on the on and off stuff too.”

“Okay, well…two months ago I fell asleep during my lunch break. I was in the garden and I had been there since early in the morning, planting flowers for the warden’s daughter’s birthday.

So I guess I was really tired. I remember just before I fell asleep I was thinking about how nice the flowers smelled and how pretty the yellows and oranges were against the green of the grass…”

My assistant takes a moment to gather his thoughts while I try to fight back yawns. It’s not working. All this talk about flowers is making me sleepy.

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“I’m sorry.

You want me to get to the point, right?”

“That would be great!”

“Okay, so I fell asleep and when I woke up, Mr. Scales was standing over me. Or at least I thought it was him, but now I’m not so sure. It could have been someone else or just an illusion.

Maybe he was just someone else that looked like him. I don’t know.”

Can you describe this dream accurately?

I need details.”

“Well, I was in the garden like I said, but everything was different. The grass was yellow and purple, not green and the flowers were red and blue. There were statues of people without faces playing instruments. Also, it was nighttime even though I was awake.

Scales appeared in front of me and woke me up by calling my name. I don’t remember what he said exactly, but he knew my name. Then everything went back to normal. When I woke up for real, I was in the garden and it was morning and everything was back to normal. That’s when I decided that I would try to become a gardener or at least work outdoors because it was so nice outside and I felt so free.”

“Okay, so these…dreams…have been recurring?”

“Yes, but it’s different every time. Sometimes I’m running through a field and sometimes there’s a party going on. There’s lots of colors and music and dancing. But no people, at least no people that I can see.

I just know that they are there because I can hear the music and the laughter.”

And this all started when?

Tell me everything.”

“I’ve been having these dreams since I first came here, but about two months ago they became more vivid. Like I said, it was around that time that Scales visited. I think it may have been him that triggered them. After I found out about his visit, I did some research on him and found out he was part of some cult called the “Dreamers” or something like that.

I can give you all the information I found if it will help.”

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I frown when I hear this. “

So you’ve had these dreams for almost a year and only now did you come to me?”

“Well…I kind of just ignored them at first, then after a few months it went away, but then it kept getting stronger and stronger until I finally couldn’t ignore it any longer and came to you. I’m sorry if I worried you, but I didn’t know who else to turn to. Besides, even if it isn’t real, I still enjoy the dreams. They are very pleasant and I…I…” Your assistant appears to get emotional, but he recomposes himself quickly.

And you want me to help you make them real?”

“Yes…if possible. If not, then that’s okay too. I guess it will probably just be something that I have to accept as a unexplained mystery in my life. I do want to stay here though. I like the work and you’ve been good to me. Besides, nowhere else is hiring and I don’t really have any marketable skills. I just hope that you can forgive me for worrying you like this. I’ve known you for a long time and I really didn’t want to lose that. I’m sorry.”

Your assistant then stretches his hand out to you, but instead of shaking it, you grab it and give it a firm hug.

“I know you probably thought I would be angry with you, but don’t worry. I’m not. You’re here now and that’s what matters. I don’t care if you stay here or not, but I’m just glad to have you in my life.”

Your assistant is surprised at your words.

“T-thank you sir.”

“Now that that’s all out of the way, I don’t have any jobs for you right now, but if any pop up, I’ll be sure to let you know first. Go enjoy the rest of your day off and don’t worry about anything.”

Your assistant nods and quickly gets out of the office. You get the impression that he won’t be coming back though. Oh well, you did what you could.

Later that night you have another dream, but this one is different.

You are in a lush green field and surrounded by various people all your age. Some of which are familiar to you like your assistant and a young woman with raven hair and green eyes, but most of them are strangers. Everyone is laughing and talking with each other like old friends. Everyone but you.

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You feel out of place and as if you don’t belong.

Ignoring the looks you’re getting, you try to find someone you recognize, but no one is paying attention to you. This makes you panic and you start running away, but no matter how fast you run, everyone else stays the same distance away from you. You begin to hear faint voices as if they are following you.

“Don’t worry! You’re one of us now!”

“Never go back to how things were. You’re free!”

“We’re all friends here and you’re one of us!”

“Come join us, we’re all one here!”

One of the voices sounds exactly like your assistant and when you turn to look at who is speaking, your assistant’s face is heavily disfigured.

“No! Stay away from me! I don’t want to go with you! Leave me alone!”

Your pleas fall on deaf ears though and the voices just become louder. A bright light appears before you and when you enter it, everything around you turns black…


Sir! Wake up! You were screaming in your sleep again!”


Wha- Oh it’s you. I was having that dream again. Guess it’s not going away anytime soon.”

“I’m sorry sir, but you told me to wake you if this happened again.”

“Yeah…I know. Thanks for waking me.

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I appreciate it.”

You start to feel sleepy again, but your assistant doesn’t leave. Instead he just stares at you. Almost as if he’s waiting for you to say something.

Is there something else you needed?”

“No, nothing of importance sir.” Your assistant states and leaves the room.

A part of you almost wanted to tell him to stay. You could use someone to talk to since your wife no longer does it and honestly, sometimes it feels good to vent to someone who will just listen to you. But you know he has his own problems to deal with and he’s already doing you a favor by being here so you won’t burden him with yours.

With that final thought, you get back off to sleep.

~Three Years Later~

Three years have passed and it’s been a peaceful time for you. The Kingdom has been thriving and you’ve made great economic progress thanks to the expansion of roads, waterways and the low cost of travel. It’s almost as if the “new” Zalan is running itself.

Your daughter is growing up fast. She recently learned how to talk, though when she does it’s always in questions. She’s really curious about everything. You guess it comes with the territory of being a child, but you’d be lying if you said that you didn’t find enjoyment in explaining things to her.

Perhaps you should’ve been a teacher instead of a general.

As for your wife, she’s returned to active duty. You were hesitant about this at first, but Linda expressed a desire to do it and she’s been working with a different battalion that operates exclusively in Zalan territory. You see her once a month when she’s allowed to visit and while it’s not nearly as much time as you’d like, you appreciate the time you do get.

Now though…things are about to change again.

You’re called back to the capital where you’re told that the Emperor will be seeing you soon. This baffles you somewhat as you’re already here, so seeing him literally couldn’t be much easier. You wait for two days before you’re finally summoned.

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You enter the Emperor’s chambers and see him walking around. Apparently he’s healthy enough to walk around now though he still uses a cane. Must be nice to have magic to cure yourself.

He’s surprised to see you since it seems that the person he was expecting wasn’t you. Though he soon realizes his mistake and after a short discussion has him realizing that you’re here to stay.

“I’ll be honest. I was going to have you executed, but after some thought I realized that you were right. I did need to get out of the capital more and I’ve been doing that though I will still be keeping an eye on major events. You on the other hand had the right idea, but stayed in the capital to much and got soft.

I suppose both our brains are just wired differently. We are brothers after all.

As for you, you’re going to be working in the Zalan capital as an advisor. Your duties won’t really be that demanding, but there are some things that you’ll be expected to help out with. Think of it as a paid vacation. You’ve earned it.

Best of luck. You’re going to need it.

The Emperor leaves it at that and you’re dismissed.

You guess he was serious about the paid vacation part since you’ve been relieved of all your military duties and given a nice house in the Zalan capital. You don’t feel too much like a general here though; everyone is very respectful, but kept at a distance. You get the impression that if you were to ask for something, it would be given to you.

For the first two months you do nothing. You just rest and get your strength back. It’s great! You haven’t felt this good in years.

You even begin working on your own personal book about warfare strategy and techniques. You’re convinced that if you can just get it right, you’ll finally be out of a job and the Empire will no longer require your services.

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Unfortunately your plan falls through. While the book is well received by the Emperor and a few others, it doesn’t quite have the effect you want. Rather than no longer being useful, you become more in demand than ever.

The Emperor is still keeping an eye on things himself, but he’s getting older and slower. He also mentions that since you’re the one that created the unified Empire in the first place, you’re the only one that really knows how to run it properly now.

Thanks a lot!

It gets worse. A few months after that and the Emperor dies. He doesn’t pass on or whatever it is they do, he actually dies. Apparently his own personal magic that he’s been using to sustain himself finally fails and his body can’t take it anymore.

He was really trying to push it lately.

Part of you regrets the death of your brother, but the rest of you is just glad you didn’t get blamed for it. You’re also glad that he at least died peacefully in his bed.

Of course the big question is what’s going to happen now?

The Emperor was keeping the Empire together and you’re not sure if it’s going to survive without him.

A few weeks pass after the death of the Emperor and you begin to get a better picture of what the future holds for the Empire.

Its not good.

A new Emperor needs to be appointed and the nobles can’t even decide on who it should be. A few are pushing their own favorites and a few are just saying that whoever the martial school masters think would be best. The only ones who aren’t expressing an opinion are the wizards and you know why—they don’t want the hassle of being drafted to help run things and they think only another magic user could manage it anyway. A few of the nobles favor a return to a monarchy and think that the Emperor should just be replaced by his son.

You get approached by each side. The side that wants to reinstate the monarchy is a little bit surprising. You would have thought that they’d be against putting a king back in power, but maybe they see it as the fastest way to get things back to normal since they’d still keep all their powers.

The side that wants the martial school master to take power are a little bit more surprising. Not only do they want to give more power to the schools that teach how to kill, but they’re also all religious types that worship Joachim, and not necessarily the Empire’s version of him either.

That side is also the smaller of the two and will likely be overruled by the rest. You already know where you’re going to throw your support and that’s with the pro-monarchy faction. Not because you think they’ll win, but because you know a return to a monarchy would give you the best chance of getting your academy fees returned.

You actually have an outside chance of being appointed if you play your cards right. Everyone knows you were the closest to the Emperor and you were his advisor for many years. If you leverage that just right, you could possible get it. Of course playing your cards close to your chest may be a better strategy since if any of the other factions catch wind of what you’re up to they’ll try to stop you.

There’s also the growing religious faction to think about. They’re not throwing their own hat into the ring yet, but if they get their way and get a Joachimite on the throne, then you’re pretty sure they’ll wipe out all the other forms of magic. And there goes your chance at ever getting that academy back.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review - Image

You’ll have to play this very carefully.

Now you just have to decide who to throw your lot in with…

Your stay here in the capital has made you rusty.

You relied so much on your reputation to carry you through this time that you didn’t really need to get involved in the dirty work of politics. Now you’re going to have to reeducate yourself on these people and remind them exactly who you are.

The first thing you do is start spreading some false information to the pro-monarchists. You have your people spread the word that you only support their cause out of respect for the Emperor and that when a new one is appointed you fully intend on going back to your academy to return to your studies. They’re more than happy to believe this and let you go about your business.

You then do some minor politicking as you remind people of your loyalty to the Empire and how you’d never do anything to harm it. You do this in person to some and use your agents to do it through rumors for the rest.

The religious faction is a little harder to handle. Your initial plan is to lull them into a false sense of security, then strike when they least expect it. The only problem with this plan is that the faction is growing more popular daily. A complete religious revival is occurring in the Empire and the new beliefs are spreading much like a plague through the masses.

Currently they’re not a threat, but if left unchecked, they could become too great to handle, especially if they overthrow the Empire. You can’t attack them head on since that’s what they’re expecting so you have to try something else…

You wait until one of their members is found murdered in an alley. His tongue has been cut out and he’s been badly mutilated. You make sure word gets out that this was a Joachimite missionary who was spreading the word of Joachim the work of hell-spawn.

The religious faction doesn’t take too long to blame the return of magical studies as bringing this evil into the world and their backlash is severe. Magically talented individuals begin to get attacked in the streets and even in broad daylight.

You’ve created a bloodbath on both sides of the dispute and as much as you’d like to take all the credit you can’t afford for anyone to know it was you. So you lay low and watch as the world burns down around you.

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The Empire soon begins to tear itself apart from the inside and you just sit back and wait. Eventually the time comes when you can finally put your own plan into action and you have the Empire in a position where it’s weak enough that it has to let you in or be destroyed.

The New Empire is formed and you’re its new Emperor. You found what will hopefully be the new golden age for the Empire, but it’s at the expense of destroying everything that was good about the old one.

You justify it though. You tell yourself that it’s all for the greater good of humanity and all this unpleasantness will result in greater prosperity in the long run.

But that’s what Catalina told herself too.

And that’s what you’re most afraid of.

If something like this can happen once, why not twice?

As you sit on the throne in the days after the new empire has been established, that’s what you wonder.

You’re better than Catalina. You have a greater purpose than she did. And you’ll prove it by establishing a golden age that will be written about for centuries to come.

And hopefully, unlike the dark ages that this new Empire has replaced, your golden age will last forever…

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