The Difference Between Insulated Tools and Regular Hand Tools

Insulated Screwdriver vs Non Insulated Screwdriver: What’s the Difference?

The difference between insulated screwdrivers and regular hand tools are twofold. First, they have a coating made from metal, which makes them less likely to rust. Second, they are not exposed to the elements like other types of tools. They are also called “metal” screws because they contain metal parts inside their bodies.

When it comes to electricians, they often use insulated screwdrivers instead of regular ones. Electricians need to keep their hands away from hot tools, so they prefer using insulated screwdrivers. If you want to learn more about the advantages of using insulated screwdrivers, read our post here.

What Are the Benefits Of Using Insulated Screw Drivers?

It is better if your tools are kept cool during working hours because they will last longer with proper care. The advantage of using insulated screwdrivers is that they are more resistant to corrosion.

You may also choose to use insulated screwdrivers if you plan on working outdoors or in cold weather. You don’t need to worry about the possibility of your tools getting wet due to rain, snow, ice or freezing temperatures. If you ever encounter these situations, then you must consider using insulated screw drivers.

How Do Insulated Tools Work?

Insulated tools usually have a rubber or plastic coating around the metal part of the tool. Some are available with a wooden coating. The reason for this is to allow these tools to be used in extreme weather conditions. It would be dangerous and potentially fatal if your hands came into contact with a metal pole while you were working outdoors in freezing temperatures.

Insulated tools also have the advantage of being able to protect you from an electrical current. If you ever work on an electrical system that is charged, the charge will be unable to pass through the plastic coating of the screwdriver.

You can also choose to use plastic coated tools or even wooden ones if you want to avoid using metal tools all together.

The use of non-insulated tools are reserved for dry indoor jobs or non-weather related jobs. If you need to make an emergency repair outside, then it is better to use insulated tools.

How Many Types Of Insulated Tools Are There?

Insulated tools are available in a wide range of sizes and types.

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