Swanson AD124 48″ Adjustable Drywall Square Review

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The name “swanson” comes from John W. Swanson, who was a well known engineer and inventor in the early 1900’s. His invention was a type of screwdriver with a flat blade at one end and a serrated edge at the other. This design allowed him to use it both as a screwdriver and as an awl.

The name “swanner” came from the fact that he had made several types of tools using different materials such as wood, bone, ivory and brass.

John W. Swanson died in 1913. His son, William J. Swanson Jr., took over the business and continued to develop new products based on his father’s original designs.

Today, the company is owned by KAPRO Incorporated (Kapros) which was founded in 1956 by John R. Kaprolos and Robert A. Smith.

AD 124 Adjustable Drywall Square Review: Features & Specifications

The AD 124 is a very popular t-square because it offers many features that make it ideal for wall construction. These include its ability to cut through drywall and plaster without damaging them; its ease of use when cutting corners or making repairs; and its wide range of sizes so you can get the right size for your project. It is also a strong product that will last you for many years. Here are some of the main features you can look forward to when you decide to buy the AD 124.

It is made of aluminum which is flexible without becoming damaged or brittle. The grooved edges allow it to cut through drywall and plaster easily so you do not need an extra tool like a utility knife or Sawzall to make the necessary cuts. It also features holes at one end that you can use to hang the tool on the wall for storage. The ends are wide enough that you can also stand on its edge without it rolling or slipping away.

It also has a hook so you can hang it from a nail. The size of the square is 48 inches by 48 inches so it is large enough to do most jobs, but not so large that it gets in your way when you are working. You also have a choice of 8 sizes to choose from so you can get one that is the right size for your project.

Swanson AD124 48-Inch Adjustable Aluminum T-Square, Silver: Our Verdict

Swanson AD124 48″ Adjustable Drywall Square Review - realmanguide.net

This is an excellent t-square that will make your measuring and cutting jobs much easier and quicker. It is well made and durable so you do not need to worry about it breaking or chipping while you are using it. The fact that you can adjust it to be the size you need and that it can easily cut through plaster means that you will be able to complete your tasks much faster. The holes at one end make it very easy to hang up when you are finished using it so it doesn’t get in the way.

If you do a lot of work with drywall, this tool will definitely save you a lot of time and effort.

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