Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push Mower

Stihl RMA 460 Manual

The Stihl RMA460 manual is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. You can download it from the following link: Download Stihl RMA460 Manual (English) Download Stihl RMA460 Manual (French) Download Stihl RMA460 Manual (German) Download Stihl RMA460 Manual (Italian)

What’s New?

In this section you will find some of the new features that have been added to the manual since its last update.

New Features Added Since Last Update:

• New sections on safety and maintenance • New sections on accessories and accessories • New sections on cleaning tips and tricks • New sections on how to use the mower • New sections on riding techniques • More pictures! • New sections on accessories and accessories


You must always wear your helmet while operating or riding the Stihl RMA460. If you are not sure if you need to wear a helmet, please refer to our Safety page. Please note that helmets do not protect against all types of head injuries; therefore, it is recommended that riders under 18 years old wear a properly fitted helmet at all times when using this product.

Detailed Content

The Stihl RMA 460 is a rechargeable, battery-powered, cordless push lawn mower. It uses an advanced 36 V battery technology that does not require oil changes or premixing of gasoline and oil. It is equipped with a powerful 4Ah rechargeable battery that provides up to 30 minutes of average mowing time on a single charge.


Before using the product, please read this manual and heed all warnings and instructions.

Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push Mower on

Tips For Safe And Enjoyable Outdoor Power Equipment Operation:

• Read Owner’s Manual—all the information you need to safely use this product is in this manual. • Stay alert—never operate power equipment when you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any medication. • Avoid operating power equipment in wet locations or bad weather conditions.

• Check for obstacles—look around before you start equipment. Watch for obstacles, sticks, stones, wires and other objects that can be picked up by the blades. • Do not put hand near or under blade—new Blades are sharp. Blunt blades require more force which can lead to unintended starts and personal injury. • Keep children and bystanders a safe distance from equipment—do not let them ride on your lap when mowing. • Stay clear of discharge—do not put hands near the discharge opening. KEEP HANDS AND FEET AWAY. • Keep handles dry, clean and free of grease—grease or dirt reduces grip.

Check Damaged Parts

Before operating, check all parts for damage and have any problems repaired by your nearest service center. Some parts can become hot during operation or be affected by weather. A burn injury can ruin your day.

The table below describes the parts and where they are on your product.

Fig. 1: Operator Station

The operator station is the area of the product that houses the battery and has an area to store the charging cord. The operator station is also the location where you place your hands while using this product. It is very important to keep this area clean; follow all the safety procedures and keep this area dry and free of grease or dirt.

On this product there are two key parts of the operator station: the battery and a pocket where you can store the charging cord.

Fig. 2: Charging cord pocket

Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push Mower at

The charging cord pocket is located on the backside of the mower. You can store the charging cord here so it is not flying around while you are mowing, but you must be careful that it does not get snagged on anything when you are operating this product.

Fig. 3: Battery

The battery is located on the backside of the mower. The battery is very heavy so make sure the mower is in a secure position before attempting to change or charge the battery. If the mower tips over, it could cause serious injury.

Fig. 4: Handle

This product has two handles, one on either side, for you to hold while operating. These are important for controlling the mower and keeping you from falling. To make sure they stay clean and dry, store your mower in a shed or garage.

Fig. 5: Charging Cord

The charging cord is located on the front side of the mower. This connects to the battery. The charging cord will not retract unless the mower is tilted past an angle of around 10 degrees.

This makes sure the cord does not get damaged while the mower is in transit or in storage.

Fig. 6: Front Wheel

The front wheel can be adjusted up and down. The front wheels are set at the factory to give you the best cutting height. DO NOT change this setting or try to raise the height by putting something under the front wheel if you are working on a slope, it could cause the mower to flip over which could cause serious injury.

If for some reason you need to raise the height on the front wheels to cut tall weeds or tall grass, be sure to stand to the side of the mower that allows you to push it back if needed.

Fig. 7: Blade

Make sure the blade is always sharp to give you the best cutting performance. The new blade comes with a safety cover on it that needs to be removed before using. After mowing, store the blade inside the operator station or in the original box.

Fig. 8: Discharge Chute

Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push Mower -

The discharge chute can be adjusted to change the direction of the clippings. Make sure this is clean so it does not cause a clogging which could cause a tip over.

Fig. 9: Air Filter

The air filter is located inside of the operator station. This should be cleaned at least once a year or when operating the mower in very dusty conditions.

Fig. 10: Deck Wash Ports

This model has deck wash ports at the rear of the mower. To wash your mower, set it to the side and use a garden hose or other sprayer to spray down the mower. After washing the mower, set it back on the four wheels to make sure it is stable.

NEVER wash the mower while it is standing up on the wheels.

Fig. 11: Fuses

There are two fuses on this mower. One protects the battery and the other protects the charging cord. Always replace a blown fuse with one of the same size and rating.

DO NOT substitute with a larger fuse. This could damage the electrical system of the product.

Fig. 12: Mower Registration

There is a sticker on the frame of your mower that contains your product identification information. Please take a few moments to fill out the information on the sticker, including your name, mailing address, phone number and model purchased. Carefully peel off the back of the sticker and apply to a visible area in your garage or storage area.

If you ever need service, this information will be needed.

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