Stanley FatMax Shovel Review

Stanley FatMax Shovel Review

The Stanley FatMax Round Point Shovel is one of the most popular brands among home gardeners. These are some of the best shovels available for your backyard gardening needs.

They have been used for years and will continue to do so in the future. They are easy to use, durable, and affordable. If you’re looking for a great quality shovel at an affordable price then these are it!

Stanley’s slogan is “Quality Made in America”. Their products are made from high quality materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, and rubber.

You’ll find that they offer many different sizes and shapes of their round point shovels. Some models come with a handle or without one. Many of them include a variety of attachments including spikes, wheels, hooks and other features to make your digging easier.

You’ll also find that Stanley offers a lifetime guarantee on all their products. That means if you don’t like your shovel after two years, just send it back to them and they will replace it for free.

A very nice feature!

If you want something a little bigger than the standard round point model then check out the larger size shovels. These are perfect for digging into large areas of ground or even large trees.

They will make quick work of just about any digging you need to do.

The Round Point shovels with wheels are great for when you need to move a lot of material from one place to another. If you don’t want to bend over all the time then try using one with a wheel on it.

The Angled Shaft is great for people who have back problems and still want to be able to dig without bending over. The angled grip handle reduces the amount you need to bend over when using it.

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The Round Point shovel with a straight handle is great for small gardening jobs such as planting flowers or bulbs. It’s great for working in small confined areas where a larger shovel would be too large.

Another popular style of shovel they make is the D-handle model. This is a very comfortable style to hold and use because it fits right in the palm of your hand.

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