Stanley FatMax Safety Knife Review: Get Your Auto-Retraction On

Stanley’s Auto Retracting Safety Knives are designed with a special mechanism which allows them to automatically retract when opened. This feature makes it possible to open the blades without having to take your hands off the handles or even remove your hand from the handle entirely.

The automatic retraction mechanism works like this: When the blade is closed, a spring pulls the blade back into place. Then, when you release the button on top of the handle, another spring pushes the blade forward again.

That’s how Stanley’s Auto Retracting Safety Knives work!

As you might expect, there are two types of these knives – those with a pushbutton and those without one. Both types have the same basic design.

They’re both made out of stainless steel, but they differ in their handles. Pushbutton models come with a flat, smooth plastic handle while non-pushbutton versions use a knurled grip style.

These knives are available in several different sizes, including small (about the size of a deck of cards), medium (the size of a large kitchen knife) and large (almost twice as big as the smallest model). The medium and large models are made with a half-serrated blade.

These knives are equipped with several safety features to prevent any accidents while the blades are open. For one thing, the blades cannot be opened accidentally when they’re stored in your toolbox or in your pocket (provided that you’re not wearing shorts!).

In addition, blades won’t open if they’re dropped while being opened (or closed).

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