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Stainless Steel Hoses are Better than Plastic Hoses

Hose manufacturers use plastic hoses because they are cheap and easy to manufacture. However, these types of hoses do not last very long when it comes to temperature extremes.

They will eventually fail under extreme heat or cold conditions. These plastic hoses may even leak if used improperly, which could cause them to catch fire.

In addition, these hoses tend to break down over time. If left unused, they will begin to deteriorate and become unusable.

Some hoses have been known to fall apart completely after only a few years of regular use. While some manufacturers claim their products are made from stainless steel, there is no proof that this really exists. Stainless steel does not necessarily mean it’s better than other materials such as aluminum or copper.

The Best Garden Hose Brands

There are many different brands of garden hoses available today. You’ll want to choose one that meets your needs and budget.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a garden hose brand: price, durability, quality, and overall performance. For example, you might prefer a cheaper hose that performs well but isn’t as durable as one with higher end features.

Below is a list of some popular garden hose manufacturers:

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Garden Hose Reviews

Stainless steel garden hoses are more expensive but they’re very durable and resist kinks and cracks. Some may even come with warranties.

They also come in a wide variety of colors so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Cantex Manufacturing manufactures a high quality garden hose at a very affordable price. They are also very durable and come with a lifetime warranty.

Jacob Irrigation is another company that manufacturers several different types of hoses for all your needs. They come in different sizes, colors, and patterns.

They also come with warranties for extra protection.

Artesian Manufacturing makes some of the most aesthetically pleasing garden hoses available. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Stanley Fatmax makes a great garden hose for a bargain price. They hold up well and come with a standard warranty.

They also come in several different styles and colors.

Garden Hose Tips & Advice

It’s important to maintain and store your garden hose properly in between uses. Leaving it outside (even if covered) can cause it to crack and break down.

You’ll want to keep it in a storage area until its next use.

Don’t use your garden hose as an anchor for anything, especially not children. Hoses can become very heavy when full of water and cause a fall or other injury.

Avoid stepping or standing on your hose while its in use. The added weight can cause it to split open or break.

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Be careful not to run over your hose with your lawn mower or any other machinery! This can cause tears or cracks in the hose which can result in a major leak.

Don’t let your garden hose freeze. Water and freezing temperatures don’t mix well.

Watch for pesky animals that may be interested in your hose. Many animals such as squirrels and birds are attracted to the sound of running water.

They may chew through your hose to get to it!

Some garden hoses are made with lead, so if you’re buying a new one be sure to check the label. You’ll want to avoid hoses that contain lead or other harmful chemicals.

Garden hoses should have a shut-off valve at both ends. This helps conserve water and keeps it from spraying everywhere when you turn it off.

You may want to consider installing an anti-siphon valve on your hose faucet. This prevents water in your hose from being sucked back into your water supply and helps prevent contamination.

Make sure the outside faucet hasn’t been turned on if you forgot to shut it off before storing your hose. Otherwise, you may end up with a very soaked and soggy hose!

Most hoses have a soft rubber exterior that can be damaged by tools or sharp edges. Be sure to store your hose in a way that protects it from these potential hazards.

Ensure that your storage area is completely dry before using your hose again. Hoses can become covered in mildew or mold if left in a damp place.

Before spending your money, be sure to check your local utility company to see if you can get a free hose or other water equipment. Some may even have a program that allows you to earn credits to buy equipment.

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