Stanley 33-725 FatMax 25 foot Tape Measure Review

Stanley Tape Measure Reviews:

Stainless Steel Magnetic Sten 33-725 FatMax Tape Measure Review – $59.95

The Stanley Tape Measure Company was founded in 1892 by John A. Stanley. The company’s first product was a metal ruler with a magnet that could hold up to five sheets of paper together at one time.

They later added a second version called the “Magnetic Ruler” which had a small bar magnet attached to it. Later they created another version of their ruler called the “Tape Measure”. The name comes from the fact that it measured inches, but also included a strip of magnetic material that allowed it to measure other sizes such as feet or pounds.

In recent years, Stanley has been trying to expand into new markets and have made some notable improvements in its products. These include adding a digital display, making them easier to use, and improving their materials. For example, the magnetic ruler now uses stainless steel instead of aluminum.

They also improved the construction of their tape measures so that they are less likely to break when used for measuring large amounts of items.

One thing that makes Stanley Tape Makers stand out from other companies is how much attention they pay to quality control. All of their tape measure are still made in the United States which isn’t true for all companies. They have over 60 employees who do nothing but check the quality of their tape measures to ensure that they are up to the highest standards.

The steel tape measures from this company have a reputation of lasting for many, many years. The blades are always sharp enough to cut through paper and other materials with ease. They can also cut through thicker materials as well.

Even if the blade becomes dull, it can still be used for rough estimates. The tape itself is thick and durable so that it can handle extended use.

The locking mechanism on the Stanley Tape Measures are very easy to use. You simply press the button on the side to lock it into position at whatever length you want. Press the button again to make it longer or shorter.

The button itself is large enough that you can easily find it with your thumb.

The cases that come with the tape measures are also very durable. You can attach them to your belt so that they are always within easy reach. This is especially helpful if you are someone who uses the tape measure very often throughout the day.

Stanley 33-725 FatMax 25 foot Tape Measure Review -

The cases are also large enough to allow you to put extra blades inside of them so that you can easily change them when they become dull.

One of the best things about the Tape Measures from this brand is how easy they are to use. You never have to worry about them getting stuck on something and refusing to move. They also have a large “sweet spot” so that you can easily take measurements without having the tip of the tape measure pressed directly against the object.

The tape measures from this company also allow you to easily convert measurements from one unit to another. For example, if you have a piece of wood that is 5 feet 8 inches long and you want to know how many feet long it is, you simply push a button and the numbers will change to show 39 feet 6 inches.

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