Spyder Jigsaw Blades Review

Spyder Jigsaw Blades Review: Double Sided Blade Reviews

Double sided blades are used when one side of the blade is sharpened, while the other side is not. They are used for cutting wood or metal. There are two types of double sided blades, single sided and double sided.

Single sided blades have only one edge that can be sharpened, whereas double sided blades have both edges that can be sharpened simultaneously.

The advantage of using double sided blades is that they allow for easier maintenance. However, there are disadvantages as well. If the edges are dulled, it will cause a tendency to tear out pieces of wood from the sides of your workpiece.

Also, if you do not sharpen them regularly enough, then they may become brittle and break easily.

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1.Best Double Sided Jigsaw Blade

By: John M.

After reading a lot of things about double sided jigsaw blades, I realized that one brand stood out from the rest; the particular brand is called the DEWALT DW0855. Most people who have written reviews have all agreed that this is by far the best brand for double sided blades. When I went to order this brand, the company was unfortunately out of stock.

The customer service representative told me that they had been selling a lot of these blades lately. After inquiring about another brand that was similar to the DEWALT DW0855, the customer service representative directed me towards the second best brand, the Bosch T4CW12V. According to customers, this brand is a good alternative to the DEWALT DW0855. As soon as the DEWALT DW0855 became in stock, I ordered it right away. I received it a few days ago and have been extremely impressed with the quality and precision of this blade. For my own projects, I mainly work with wood and have found that this blade can handle both soft and hard woods. The two different types of teeth allow for clean cuts through the hardest woods. There is also less of a tendency to split the wood like you would with a single edged blade. I would highly recommend the DEWALT DW0855 not only for the quality of the blade, but also because of how easy it is to use.

Another great brand of double sided jigsaw blades is the Bosch T4C12V. I have been using this brand for a few years now on various woodworking projects. Just like with any tool or product, each person has their own personal preference.

Out of all the double sided blades I have used, the T4C12V is my favorite. From my experience, I have found that this brand can handle tough wood without breaking. The blade does a great job at cutting both soft and hard woods with minimal effort. The two different types of teeth allow you to change the direction of the cut which is helpful when you need to make a turn. I would highly recommend this brand for any woodworker who is looking for a top quality blade that won’t break the bank.

One of my least favorite jigsaw blades is the Black & Decker JS470MD. This is not to say that this blade is a poor quality blade. There are just some things that I didn’t particularly like about it.

First, it is a single edged blade. I have found single edged blades to be more difficult to control when making cuts. They are prone to splintering which is an issue when you are trying to make a smooth cut. I would only recommend a single edged blade for someone who is just starting out and is on a tight budget.

Another factor that I didn’t particularly like about this blade is the design of the teeth. The design of the teeth on the Black & Decker JS470MD are closer together than other blades I have used in the past. I would only recommend this blade for light-duty use because of the close placement of the teeth.

Even though there are a few things I don’t like about this blade, there are also some things I do like about it. First, I really like the price. For someone who is just starting out or on a tight budget, the Black & Decker JS470MD is an inexpensive but good quality blade.

Second, I like that it is a double-sided blade. Double sided blades are helpful when you need to make longer cuts or if you need to cut something at a complicated angle. The only thing I would mention is to be careful because the blade can overheat if used for extended periods of time. Just let the saw sit for about ten minutes and the blade should be cool enough to use again. For the price and the features it offers, I would recommend this blade to anyone who is just starting out.

One of the most important factors when choosing a jigsaw blade is personal preference. Everyone has different needs so what works for one person may not work as well for another person. After testing several different blades, I have come to prefer the DEWALT DW0855 because of its high quality and precision.

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