Spyder Jigsaw Blade Kits for Wood, Metal, and Multi-Material

Spyder Jigsaw Blade Kit for Wood, Metal, and Multi-Material

Spyder Jig Saw Blades: What are they?

The Spyder Jigsaw Blade (or Spyder) is a type of jigsaw blade used primarily for cutting wood or other materials with a fine edge. They have been available since the late 1960s and were originally designed for use on military aircraft propellers.

They come in several sizes and configurations, but most have a 5″ long blade which is typically made from hardened steel. Some models include a serrated edge on one side of the blade to aid in cutting through tough material such as leather or fabric. These blades are usually manufactured using a high carbon steel and then heat treated to increase their strength.

What makes them different than other types of jigsaws?

Most traditional jig saws are made from hardwood, plastic, fiberglass or some combination thereof. Many of these types of blades tend to be very sharp and will easily slice through wood. However, many times when cutting through softer materials like leather or fabrics, the edges may not be perfectly straight. This can lead to unsightly fraying of the material.

Spyder Jig saw blades contain a hardened steel strip down the center of the blade that is ground to a very sharp edge on either side. This allows them to cut through a wide range of materials including soft and hard woods, vinyl, leather, plastic, and various other types of fabric. As mentioned, one side of the blade contains small teeth used for cutting through thicker materials.

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