Southwire ProBuilt Wobblelight V3 LED Self-Righting Work Light

Southwire ProBuilt WobbleLight V3 LED Self-Righting Work Light Review:

Introduction :

Wobble lights are used for various purposes such as security, safety, emergency signaling or even decoration. They have been around since the early 20th century when they were first invented by John D. Rockefeller’s company Standard Oil Company (SOCO). Today there are many types of wobble lights available from different manufacturers.

Some of them include; the Sanyo D-Lite, the Bosch Norelco, the Bosch Gebo, the Bosch Triton and others.

The main purpose of these lights is to provide illumination for their respective uses. However, some people prefer to use them for other purposes such as entertainment or even business purposes.

In this article we will be discussing about the Southwire ProBuilt WobbleLight V3 LED Self-Righting Work Light. It is one of the most popular self-righting work lights on the market today. This particular model was developed by Southwire Lighting and it is made with high quality materials such as aluminum, brass, plastic and metal. The construction of this product is very sturdy and durable which makes it suitable for outdoor use.

This product is very versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. This article will discuss the various features, benefits and other information about this product that you need to know.

Features :

The WobbleLight V3 LED is an extremely portable self-righting work light that has a wide range of applications. It has a very small and compact design which makes it easier to carry around. The dimensions of this unit are 8.3 x 8.3 x 3.1 inches and it only weighs a total of 1.4 pounds.

This makes it the perfect size for carrying around in a tool box, emergency kit or even in your vehicle. This unit does not require any sort of wiring or electric source in order to power on and it can be ready to use within seconds.

The Wobblelight V3 LED is built with a high quality aluminum housing which provides excellent heat dissipation. This allows the internal components to run at a cooler temperature and prevents the LED light bulb from burning out. The working life of the Wobblelight V3 LED is up to ten times longer than other comparable models on the market.

Southwire ProBuilt Wobblelight V3 LED Self-Righting Work Light from our website

This product comes with a 50,000 hour LED light bulb that provides a bright white light that can illuminate large areas. This light is perfect for working in dark or tight spaces such as under a car or in your garage. There is also a convenient carry handle built into the design so you can pick it up and take it with you wherever you go.

Other features of the Wobblelight V3 LED include; over-sized aluminum heat sink, locking on/off switch to prevent accidental shutoffs, non-slip rubber feet to prevent sliding and set screws for angle adjustments. All of these features are designed to provide excellent performance and reliability.

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