Southwire Pocket Knife: EdgeForce D2 Steel For a Great Price

The knife blade is made from high carbon steel. The edge is sharpened with a diamond stone and then ground to a fine point. The handle material is stainless steel. A good quality knife will have a very sturdy grip and it will not slip out of your hands when carrying it around.

A pocket knife can be used for many things including opening up packages, cutting vegetables or meat, slicing open cans or bottles, etc…

Knife blades are usually made from a high carbon steel such as VG10, VG12, VG14, etc…

These steels have excellent corrosion resistance and they don’t rust even after years of use. They are harder than the lower grade steels like M4 or AUS8.

The best way to tell if your knife blade is made from a high carbon steel is to look at the edge. If the edge is dull, it’s probably made from a lower grade steel.

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The handle is made from fiber glass reinforced nylon (FRN). This is a strong material with high impact resistance.

It is non-porous so it will not absorb moisture or odors and it is easy to clean.

The back of the handle has an indentation on both sides for your fingers and on one side there is a thumb stud that you can use to open the blade.

Some people like this type of handle and some people don’t. It’s a matter of personal preference and some people feel they provide a better grip than other types of handles do.

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This knife is easy to use. There is a stud on one side of the blade that you can use to open the blade with one swift movemment.

You can use this stud for either hand.

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Some people like these types of knives while others don’t, it’s a matter of personal preference. One advantage to these types of knives is they are easy to open even if you have limited hand strength.

This knife has a pocket clip which allows you to keep it in your pocket. If the knife falls out of your pocket then it will not fall onto the floor or into other places where it might cause damage or cause injury.

If a knife has no pocket clip, you need to be very careful when using it, otherwise you could end up cutting yourself and others if the knife were to fall out of your pocket.

Some pocket clips can be removed, other are fixed. A fixed pocket clip provides added security against the knife falling out of your pocket.

On the other hand, a removable pocket clip is more convenient if you need to remove the knife from your pocket frequently.

This knife has a short blade and should not be used to cut something like rope or heavy duty materials such as wire. Although it can be used for most everyday tasks like opening packages, cutting fruit and vegetables, etc…

This knife has a large set of teeth on the blade. This not only looks good, but it also allows you to cut through items like plastic packaging that some items come in.

It can even be used for tasks like cutting small branches off trees or cutting away heavy rope.

When you open this blade, it is held in place by a strong back spring. Some people like this as it ensures that the blade does not close in your hands hurting your fingers.

Others don’t like the feeling that the blade can close at any moment and find it unnerving.

This knife is very sharp and should be handled with care. Never carry it around in your pocket without the pocket clip as doing so could cause injuries.

It can easily cut though anything it comes in contact with, even if it is only your pocket.

It is a good idea to wrap tape around the handle for extra grip. It is very easy to cut yourself if the knife handle becomes wet.

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Open and use the knife with care and caution.

Never ever throw a knife for any reason!

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