Southwire Max Punch XD Knockout Tool

Southwire Max Punch XD Knockout Tool Description:

The Southwire Max Punch XD (Max Punch) is a high quality tool with many features. Its main feature are its two-way power switch and the ability to use it in three different modes: single mode, double mode or triple mode. The first thing that you need to do when buying a new electrician’s kit is choosing which one will suit your needs best.

You may choose between single, double or triple mode.

Single Mode: When using this mode, the user activates only one circuit breaker. If there is no such breaker then the device works like a normal light bulb. However, if there is a standard 100 volt outlet in the room, then it will turn off all electrical appliances within range of the device.

Double Mode: This mode allows you to activate two circuits at once! If there are multiple outlets in your home, then you can have both circuits working simultaneously without any problems whatsoever!

Triple Mode: This mode enables you to activate three circuits at once! In addition, the device will not work properly if there are multiple outlets in the room. Instead, it will simply shut down all electrical appliances within range of the device.

What Is A Multi-Outlet?

A multi-outlet is a combination of several outlets that are connected together so they act as one outlet. The Southwire Max Punch XD is the only device that can shut down all of the appliances within a multi-outlet.

Other electronic devices on the market will not do that because they are not powerful enough. Other devices may turn off one or two individual appliances but not all of them. This will cause confusion and make you think that the device does not work at all.

How Does It Work?

The Southwire Max Punch XD uses a dedicated power surge to turn off all appliances within range. In order for this product to work properly, all you have to do is plug it into an outlet, flip the switch and all appliances in the room will be shut down instantly.

It works on the principle that electricity does not like to travel through two devices at once. That is why the devices will shut down, because the electricity from the outlet will be divided between the devices. The Southwire Max Punch XD divides the electricity so much that it can power up to ten devices at once.

Some people think that electric devices are unsafe, but this is not true! There is a very small chance that something could go wrong; however, it almost never happens. The Southwire Company has been making world-class products since 1906 and they have an excellent reputation.

Both you and your parent’s life would be in danger if you tried to turn off the electricity manually. This device eliminates that danger entirely because it does not require any outside help. This device can also shut down all of the appliances within a multi-outlet without even being plugged into one!

Everyone should have one of these devices in their home; they are easy to use and will keep you and your family safe in the event of an electrical emergency. The Southwire Company even offers free shipping on all orders over $50!

You have read the Southwire Max Punch XD review. Now it is time to decide whether or not to buy this product!

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