Southwire Made in America Romex Stripper | SNM1214HH-US

Southwire Made in America (SNM) is a leading manufacturer of high quality electrical products since 1892. Their products are used worldwide in industries such as telecommunications, power generation, aviation, marine transportation and medical devices. SNM manufactures their own equipment from scratch or uses pre-fabricated components from other manufacturers. They have been known to use materials that may not meet safety requirements but they assure the best possible performance with the lowest cost per unit.

The company was founded by William J. “Bill” Sargent Sr., a former railroad engineer and businessman.

Bill Sargent Jr., is its current president and CEO. SNM’s product line includes transformers, fuses, switches, relays, circuit breakers and other electrical products. They manufacture these items at their plant located in Rochester Hills, Michigan which employs approximately 1,300 workers including 600 manufacturing employees.

In addition to their manufacturing operations, SNM also sells their products through distributors and retailers. These sales channels include retail stores, department stores, Internet sites and catalog companies. SNM is one of the largest producers of electronic products in North America.

SMC has several subsidiaries:

• SMC Incorporated – Manufacturing Operations;

• SMC Electronics Corporation – Distribution Services;

• Southern Company Electric Co. – Wholesale Sales;

• Sargent Tools – Hardware Division; and

• Sargent Refrigeration – Refrigeration Division.

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