Southwire Forged Romex Stripper SNM1214HD

Southwire Forged Romex Stripper SNM1214HD Description:

The Southwire Forged Romex Stripper SNM1214HD is a high quality stripper designed specifically for use with S816SOLHDSL. It features a high strength steel core, which makes it strong enough to strip the most difficult wires without breaking or becoming brittle. The casing is made from heat treated stainless steel, making it corrosion resistant and offering excellent resistance against rusting. The casing is then coated with a thin layer of nickel plating to protect it from corrosion.

It comes with two different sizes of jaws, one for stripping 1/4″ (6 mm) diameter wires and another for stripping 3/32″ (1.2 mm) diameter wires. Both jaws are equipped with a spring loaded locking mechanism that prevents them from opening too far when they have been stripped. A special coating is applied to the teeth of both jaws so that they will not scratch your workpiece during use.

The jaws feature a hexagonal shape, which allows them to fit into the slot in the back of any standard screwdriver handle. They come with a pair of screws for attaching them securely to their holder. The jaws are available in black or silver finish and come with a carrying case.

They can be used for a wide variety of other jobs as well. They are great for stripping the insulation from phone wires or coaxial cables, or for tightening or loosening the set screws on electrical connectors. The jaws can also be used as pliers if necessary. They will easily crimp and cut electrical cables, stripping the insulation from them using the same serrated jaws that are used to strip the wire.

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