Southwire Custom Print Extension Cords Reduce Theft Losses

Southwire Custom Printed Extension Cord Reduce Theft Losses

Extension cords are used to extend your home’s electrical system beyond its original limits. They’re often installed in homes with older wiring or where there isn’t enough space to install new outlets. Extending the electrical service line from one location to another may seem like a simple task, but it requires some specialized tools and experience.

The first step in installing extension cords is to determine if the existing outlet will accommodate the extra length of cable needed. If not, you’ll need to purchase additional extensions. Some companies offer free installation services; others charge a fee for their work. Either way, you’ll have to pay for any labor involved in rewiring your house after the job is complete. (You could also try buying a prewired extension cord.

These come in many different lengths.)

Another option is to buy a Southwire extension cord kit. These kits include all the necessary components for extending your electrical service line. You just plug them into an existing outlet and connect them to your house’s existing power source. A few things to consider when choosing a Southwire extension cord kit:

They’re made of high-quality materials such as aluminum, plastic, copper wire and braided steel cable.

They come in several different lengths and connector types.

They’re very easy to use.

They’re much less expensive than rewiring your house.

Southwire Custom Print Extension Cords Reduce Theft Losses on

With some simple tools, a little know-how and the right kind of extension cord, you’ll be able to extend your electrical service line without hiring an electrician.

Since its humble beginnings in 1816 as Johnson and Company, Southwire has provided electric power solutions to more than 100,000 customers around the globe. From simple wires to complex wiring, they do it all.

Southwire’s Custom Build program allows you to design the exact product you need. You can choose from aluminum or copper wire, solid or stranded conductor, and a variety of connectors.

With so many options, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can easily find the exact power supply solution you need.

Everything from your home appliances to your car’s starter depends on reliable power. When that power source is in jeopardy, you need to take action fast. If you’re unsure what the problem is, call a professional to investigate and repair as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may suffer even greater consequences.

Many people are unaware that a simple power surge can wreak havoc on your home’s appliances and electronics. If left unchecked, even a small power surge can destroy your computer’s motherboard–and an unsaved document–within a matter of seconds.

A power surge commonly occurs when lightning strikes close to your home. Other times, they’re caused by problems with your home’s electrical wiring or even the utility company itself. Whatever the cause, a sudden spike in power can have a serious impact on your home’s sensitive electronics.

When it comes to protecting your equipment, Southwire has a wide range of solutions. From surge protectors to generators, they offer a variety of products to keep your electronics safe from unexpected surges in power.

One common type of device is the MOV or Metal Oxide Varistor. It functions by absorbing excess energy during a power surge and then releases that energy slowly over time.

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