SMC Mastermind 3-inch Circular Saw Review

The craftsmanship of the 3-inch circular saw blades are manufactured by the Milwaukee Tool Company. They have been making these blades since 1887. The company was founded by William Wirtz (1834–1909). His father had made a successful business selling tools and equipment to farmers in Wisconsin’s Black River Valley. When William was only five years old, his father died leaving him with nothing but a small amount of money. At age 14, William married Mary Ann Miller (1829–1911), a young woman from a prominent family in New York City. The couple settled down in Milwaukee where they ran their own hardware store together until William’s death at age 31. A year later, Mary Ann remarried and moved back to her hometown of New York City. She continued to live there until her death in 1901 at the age of 53. William Wirtz inherited all of his father’s assets and became the sole owner of Milwaukee Tool Company.

William Wirtz used his wealth to establish manufacturing facilities in several locations around the world. One such location was England where he established a factory in Birmingham, England.

After World War I, William Wirtz decided to expand into other countries including Germany and France. These were the same companies that helped to design and manufacture tools sold under the Craftsman brand name. William Wirtz’s great-great-grandson, Forrest W. Crowell (born in 1925) still owns the company today. In 2000, Forrest’s son, John R. Crowell (born in 1955), took over as company president from his father. The company’s main offices are still located in the Wirtz Building in the Menomonee Valley of Milwaukee.

Syracuse, New York, is where the Craftsman brand is based. The company now has other manufacturing plants located in the United States and several locations around the world.

One of these plants is located in Salinas, Mexico. Others are located in Greenville, South Carolina; Fort Mill, South Carolina; and Temple, Texas. In addition there are multiple factories in China, Korea, and Taiwan.

The company has acquired several well-known tool companies over the years. These include: Quirky (founded in 1916), Lenox (founded in 1882), and Porter-Cable (founded in 1927).

In addition to manufacturing tools, the company also manufactures a wide range of other equipment. These include medical devices, vehicle equipment, office furniture, and even musical instruments.

As for the company that manufactures the 3-inch circular saw blades, no brand has been more recognized in the tool community than the Craftsman brand. The blades are made of high-quality steel and are extremely durable.

They are designed to cut through a wide range of items including: wood, metal, and even masonry. In addition to their use on different power tools, they can be used with hand saws as well.

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