Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22

Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22

The Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22 is a new product from the company called “Savage” which was founded in 1993. Savage makes many different products including knives, axes, etc. They are based out of California USA. Their first product was the “Worm Drive”. This product uses a small worm drive mechanism inside the saw to cut through wood much faster than traditional saws.

The worm drives are very effective at cutting through hard woods such as redwood or ebony. However, they have been known to cause problems with other types of wood like soft maple or cedar.

In order to solve this problem Savage created their second product, the Saw Squash Tractor. This tractor uses a large saw blade attached to a chain drive system. When the chain is pulled forward, it causes the saw blade to spin around, cutting through wood much faster than any other type of machine. This design allows them to cut through softer woods without causing problems with harder woods.

As far as how these two machines work together, well there isn’t too much information available on this subject. What we do know is that when the worm drives start getting jammed, or not cutting through the wood effectively. The person operating them can flip a switch, which disengages these worm drives and instead engages the chain drive system.

We believe that this is supposed to push the worm drives out of whatever they are stuck on, and allow it to continue cutting. This is a very effective solution to the common problem of worm drives getting jammed.

We have heard two conflicting stories about how these machines came to be though. One story we’ve been told, is that a logger got his hands on one of the first version of these machines and tried it out in the forest. He was so impressed with it he instantly bought it from the inventor for a large amount of money. This logger took the machine out to a grove of redwood trees and tried it out. After cutting several trees down he found that the worm drives were getting jammed with wood shavings.

He was unable to fix this problem, but instead of giving up he got mad and hit the side of the machine with an axe causing it to fall over and disengage the worm drives. When it fell to the ground the chain drive system engaged due to the force of gravity and pushed the worm drives out of the wood. From that day on this logger used this machine to cut down redwood trees until he had a large enough pile of them. Then he took them to a mill where they were made into fine wooden beams, one of which was used in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The second story is much shorter, but no less interesting. A man was hired by the US government to make trails through the forests so that the army could march through them during the war. This was a very tedious process, and took months. Once this job was completed, they needed to make more trails so that more soldiers could use them. They hired hundreds of men to do this, and it still took several months.

These two men were at a bar one night, and they started talking to each other. The logger told the army man about this machine he had recently bought that could cut down trees with amazing speed. The army man told him there was a large amount of money to be made in making new trails for the army. They both got excited and shook hands on the deal right then and there. The next day they took the machine to the woods and started cutting down trees.

They worked day and night until the machine eventually got jammed with wood shavings. The logger was going to get mad at it, but the army man stopped him and instead pushed the machine over so that the chain drive system engaged and pushed it out of the jam by gravity. After doing this a few times they realized how well this solution was working, so they flipped the machine back over and continued working.

Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22 |

We’ll never know which, if either, of these stories is true, but we do know that the caterpillar track idea was implemented on these machines after their initial creation. We are selling this machine for the descendants of the logger who used it during WW1.

It should be mentioned that this machine needs a supply of fuel (coal or wood) to run. A person needs to shovel fuel into a furnace to keep it running.

edit] Automated Wood Cutter

Automated Wood Cutter, With optional Front Facing Saw

This newly patented machine by John Seaton is quickly taking the place of traditional lumberjacks. It can be used for both cutting down trees as well as sawing the wood to a manageable size. It can be attached to any size tractor and is operational in any type of terrain.

The inventor claims that this machine saves at least two thirds the amount of labor that would be required for a traditional logging operation. The larger models can even clear land with nothing more than a few punches of a button.

This model can be outfitted with a front facing saw blade which allows it to quickly turn logs into lumber. The price of this model includes one set of replacement blades. Extra sets can be ordered through the company when needed.

This machine does not require a guide or driver, once it is set up and running it can cut wood for days without rest. The inventor claims that it has the ability to learn and improve its performance. While this is obviously an exaggeration the machine has proven to be very efficient at its purpose.

It should be mentioned that operating this machine requires special training, as such most customers hire John Seaton personally to oversee the installation and operation of these machines. This is not included in the price of the machine.

While this machine can work all day every day it will still need to stop for maintenance from time to time. This is considered normal and should be factored into the overall labor costs when purchasing one of these machines.

This machine was recently patented by John Seaton, inventor of several farm and logging equipment. His other inventions include the automated grain harvesting machine which replaced the traditional scythe for reaping crops.

The price listed here is for a base model, including delivery to most places on the continent. Cargo boats will be able to deliver them to islands like Regnik or even Keplavisk if the order is large enough.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

edit] Storage Solutions

These large metal boxes are built for general storage of items. Each one comes with a lock, allowing you to keep items safe from prying eyes. The price listed is for a small, medium or large box. Each one can be used to store items either inside your home or business, or outside. If you wish to keep items outside, you will need a shed or some other covered structure in which to keep it.

These boxes come in 3 different sizes.

Small: These boxes are 2 feet long by 1 foot wide and 2 feet high. They can hold up to 50lbs of material.

Medium: These boxes are 3 feet long by 2 feet wide and 2 feet high. They can hold up to 100lbs of material.

Large: These boxes are 4 feet long by 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. They can hold up to 200lbs of material.

You can also get an additional lock for an extra charge, allowing you to create a secure storage area. Simply insert the code and the door opens.

If you wish to have these boxes outdoors, you will need to have a shed or other protective covering built, otherwise the elements may damage your items.

edit] Dens

Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22 on

If you’re a were-beast seeking a safe place to change, or otherwise just want a private room within your home or business where you can relax, a personal den is what you need. Many people buy these for their pets, but they can also be used by full-humans as an extra living space. A personal den comes with a built in bed, allowing you more comfort and a better sleep.

The smallest size can fit in virtually any home.

Small: One of these will fit in virtually any room in a house or business. Most are used by pets as sleeping or hiding areas. They include a small bed and not much else.

Medium: These are the most common type, used by humans or pets who need a personal area. They include a medium bed and other creature comforts such as lighting, heating and decor.

Large: These are used by were-beasts or others seeking a safe place to change, as well as rare cases of humans with special needs. They include a large bed, as well as creature comforts and safety features such as lighting, heating, the latest security technology and even reinforced doors.

If you wish to have your den decorated, you can select from a variety of designs and colours to make it feel more like home. You will also have the option of installing a small TV into it, allowing you to watch movies or the news while you relax.

These dens are also large enough to accommodate a variety of pets. From dogs to snakes, there’s nothing these dens can’t handle.

edit] Safes

For the most paranoid of creatures, we offer safe storage options for your valuables. These are buried underground and come in a variety of sizes. These are ideal for storing Gems or other items you wish to hide from burglars and theives.

edit] Shrines

If you’re religious, you can build a shrine to pray in. We can build statues, churches and more for your creature comfort.

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edit] Training Benches

If you want to build a strong community, you’re going to need strong citizens. For the beasts among you, we offer training facilities for you to build armies ready to defend your home or wage war on others.

edit] Weapon Racks

For the more civilized communities, we offer weapon racks for your citizens to store their weapons while not in use. Be it a bow, gun, sword or even their claws and fangs, these are perfect to keep your community safe from harm.

edit] Fountains

For the community with artistic inclinations, we offer fountains. These come in a variety of designs and are the perfect centrepiece for any town. Place a fountain in the centre of your Market Square for all to see as they go about their daily business!

edit] Plant Species X

(Plant Species X)

Once located on the surface, these plants have been mutated by radiation, and as such have special properties.

Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22 - Picture

If you have an Herbologist in your community, you can assign them to gather these plants. Be aware that these plants cannot be grown in a garden, as they require exposure to radiation to live and will die without it.


The barter value of these plants is low, but they can be used in certain recipes to make powerful healing drugs. Be careful when picking these plants as there are many that are harmful to the touch, even more so when ingested or injected (or even just allowed to makes contact with your skin!

edit] Large Garden

These gardens are large enough to grow all sorts of plants, from the common spice herbs to larger vegetables and fruits. They are intensive crop types, requiring a lot of attention and care. They also take up a lot of space, so only build one if you’re really going to use it!

edit] Advanced Greenhouse

The next step up from a large garden. This is a complex growing environment, and offers much better control over the growing process. It can even be set to automatically dispense just the right amount of water, nutrients and pesticides to the crops, making it very easy to maintain.

edit] Supply Shed

All communities need a place to store surplus food, and the supply shed is just the place. It comes in a number of sizes, from small 5 unit versions up to large 100 unit versions. Community members can ‘shop’ here using tokens, taking whatever they need for their family. This helps to prevent wastage and helps out those less well off.

edit] Farm

A farm can be used to produce food for the community in the form of crops and livestock. It comes in a number of different designs, from hydroponic systems that grow crops without soil, to specialized grow-beds that can grow sea plants, and everything in between.

edit] Large Farm

Designed for larger communities that need to solid on large scale crop production, these farms can provide enough food to feed hundreds of people.

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edit] Coffee Shop

Where the local coffee shop used to be there is now a coffee shop. Nothing helps the community feel more like a community than spending time in a coffee shop, whether it’s catching up on the latest drama, or just hanging out with friends and chatting over a nice cup of something soothing.

Note that these also act as something a bit like an inn.

edit] School

Where the children of the community learn to be productive members of society, or at least where they do their work and have meetings about said work. Also where new generations of children learn what it truly means to be human, as well as the history of all mankind, before everything went so terribly wrong.

Both children and Adults can learn skills in the school, although there is a greater chance of learning if the person is young and still developing their mind.

Children can be taught certain skills (such as mining) from low level up to medium level.

Adults can be taught certain skills (such as mining) from low level up to high level.

Children can only be taught up to a low level, and teaching them beyond that may cause psychological issues.

Adults can only be taught up to high level, and teaching them higher levels than that may cause safety issues.

edit] Recylcing Center

An essential part of any truely eco-friendly community is a recycling center. It takes in all the waste and breaks it down into reusable materials, converting the rest into energy. It can prove useful in the right situation; it can provide low-grade energy for those with robotic implants, and can be a source of spare parts for the mechanical obsessed.

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edit] Wellness Center

Part spa, part hospital, this is a place where people can go to get treated from minor injuries and illness, as well as general health issues such as sports injury and just general fitness. It helps the community by ensuring as many people are healthy and fit as possible, meaning more working hands. Of course it also means that the community is spending money on them to do so, but that’s the price of progress.

edit] Old Building Renovation

It’s amazing what you can find when rummaging through old buildings: hidden rooms, long lost items, and even people! Although the last one is less exciting than you might think, as most of them are either dead or near death. Still, if you can find a good one, it’s worth fixing it up and converting it into a useable building. Of course, these types of renovations require skilled workers and lots of different resources, hence they aren’t common.

What sort of building can you turn it into?

Resource generation – This building generates a resource for your colony to use.

Ammo factory – Turns garbage into bullets.

Metal works – Smelts metal for use.

Farm – A farm that grows basic crops.

Bakery – Turns grain and such into delicious bread.

Still – Turns fruits into Alcohol.

Medicinal herbs – Grows medicinal herbs for the medical industry.

Research centre – Used for cutting edge science projects.

Military training – Grunts are trained here.

Stables – Home of your war horses.

Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22 - Picture

Tailor – Creates basic cloths like jeans and shirts.

Jewelery – Crafts rings, necklaces, etc.

Clay works – Turns clay into pottery items.

Surgery center – Performed safe surgeries.

Nursery – Caring for the young of our species.

Greenhouse – Grows food for the community, pleas go easy on this one.

Time to vote people!

Creator of the Apocalypse! – I’m going to assume you choose this option and work from there. If you want, you can also choose to skip this.

You open your eyes and look at the sun peeking over the horizon. It’s another day in paradise! You smile as you take in the fresh air and stretch your limbs. Sitting up, you take a look around.

The entire world is your playground, where will you go today?

You live in the ruins of what was once a mighty city. The buildings are all crushed and fallen, and the streets are overgrown with weeds and grass. But that’s what makes this place special. You’re not supposed to be here. You’re not meant to survive in this place where death rules over all. And yet here you are, living a life of freedom in a land of lawlessness.

There are no laws here. No cops to arrest you, or judges to send you to jail. There’s no government telling you what to do, and no army to fire at you when you protest. There’s just you and the others, living as you please. This is the life, there’s no point in going back, the only way is forward.

But remember, just because there are no rules, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. The others will judge you based on your actions, so be sure to act accordingly!

You spend your days in paradise doing whatever you wish. Go ahead, make this story what you wish!

Created by GK99

Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22 |

A boy stands in a large room with a dozen other boys, all laughing and joking. A man walks into the room, a smile on his face. He’s not an intimidating man, but he exudes a certain confidence that makes him seem powerful.

“Hello boys! I hope you’re all prepared for your first lesson.” The man said in a chipper tone.

The boys stare at him with a mix of curiosity and contempt. The man stares back, his smile never leaving his face.

“My name is Mr. Demar, and I’ll be your instructer for the basic martial arts. Now, we’re going to have a little test to determine your skill level so I can start you at the right level. Follow my instructions carefully.”

The room goes silent as Mr. Demar prepares them for the test. The first thing he does is make everyone put every item they have on the floor.

“The first rule of combat is to abandon everything you hold dear. Family, friends, and wealth have no place on the battlefield. You must be willing to give everything to win.”

He then has them pick up the items from the floor without using their hands.

“Your enemies will try to take away your weapon, so you must be able to fight with anything. An enemy’s gun can be taken away and used against him, but never touch a gun.”

He has them pick up the items again, this time using only their feet.

“Everything is a weapon if you treat it as such. A gun is best used by smashing someone in the head with the butt of the gun. This is why you never touch one. Now grab your items with your feet.”

The boys are all red in the face as they try to reach for objects on the floor with their toes, while Mr. Demar stands by smiling.

Skilsaw Sawsquatch Review SPT 70 WM-22 -

What is strength compared to the flexibility of the spine?

A warrior needs to be able to fight no matter how much pain he’s in, even if that means using only his toes. A sword is no good to a dead man after all.”

The boys are now struggling to reach their items with their feet, faces turning red as their muscles begin to burn.

“Of course, there are times when discretion is the better part of valor. Sometimes you need to know when to run away. To do this, you’ll need to rely on your reflexes. To test this, I need two volunteers.”

The boys all look around nervously, but no one volunteers. Mr. Demar’s smile widens as he looks at each of the boys in turn. When his gaze falls on you, you flinch instinctively.

“Ah, I see a volunteer. You there!”

You look around to see who he’s talking about, but his gaze is fixed on you. Apparently you were the one he was looking at all along. Your head drops and your eyes widen. You don’t want to be the only volunteer, but at the same time you don’t want to be in trouble by refusing.

“Ah, I see you’re too shy to volunteer. That’s okay, we can force the issue.”

Mr. Demar snaps his fingers and points at you and you’re suddenly lifted into the air, floating towards him. You let out a yell as the other boys laugh and point at you. Tears well up in your eyes as you swing back and forth, held just out of reach of all the items on the floor.

“Now then, reach for a weapon.”

You look at the floor, trying to will yourself toward one of the daggers or knifes that you can see. Your arms strain as you try to move yourself forward, but you don’t get anywhere.

“Let’s try again. Reach for a weapon.”

You grit your teeth and try with all your might to reach one of the weapons, but nothing happens.

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