Skilsaw Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw – It Really is a Worm Drive

Skillsaw Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw Review: What Is It?

It is a cordless circular saw with an electric motor. It has a powerful motor that turns the blade at high speed. It works like a regular table saw but it can cut through wood much faster than conventional table saws. The machine uses two motors which are connected together to create power for the cutting mechanism.

The blades have a diameter of 1 inch (25 mm) and they are made from steel. They have a sharp edge and they cut through wood very easily. There is no need to sharpen them because the blades do not require any special maintenance. A motor-driven saw will always produce less noise than one without a motor, so it is ideal for homes where there may be other noisy household appliances such as fans or air conditioners.

How Does It Work?

A motor-driven saw needs to spin the blades fast enough to cut through wood quickly. To achieve this, the motor spins up the blades while turning a large gearbox. The gears inside the gearbox move a number of different parts including pulleys and belts that connect various components within the machine. These parts include moving parts called brushes that clean away debris from between each stroke of the blade. The brushes can be turned by hand or they can be turned by an attached electrical motor. The handle on the top of the machine allows the user to control the saw throughout each cutting stroke.

How To Use It?

The motor-driven circular saw is a very easy power tool to use because all you have to do is press it against the wood and turn the handle. Be sure to use safety equipment such as earplugs and safety glasses before you start working. The blade should always face away from your body to avoid injury. Hold onto the saw with both hands and apply even pressure when making each cut. If the saw binds or gets stuck in the workpiece then simply stop the saw and reposition the workpiece. Always wear a respirator when cutting wet wood because the wood will give off a lot of dangerous fumes.

How To Keep It In Good Condition?

You should always clean your tools after each use. Make sure that all the removable parts are detached, especially the brushes inside the motor. The blade should be wiped clean and oil should be applied to any moving metal parts. If there is a lock on the trigger then it should be engaged to ensure that the saw doesn’t turn on accidentally.


The best thing about this tool is that it can cut through a lot of wood very quickly. It is also very easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Compared to other tools, it is rather lightweight which makes it more comfortable for extended use.


The main disadvantage of this tool is the fact that it is quite loud. Other than the noise level there aren’t too many downsides to this tool.

Workshop Extreme™ is a DIY woodworking website and although we do discuss many power tools at great length, we also try to focus on the hand tools as well. Hand tools can build beautiful pieces of furniture and artwork, and are sometimes more appealing to users because they lack the weight and noise of their electric counterparts.

Most Popular Hand Tool

The most popular hand tool among woodworkers is the hammer. The hammer has been used by humans for thousands of years to shape and mold various materials. Hammers come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most popular design is the claw hammer. The claw hammer has one flat face used for leveling, one peen (pointed end) used for driving nails, and one perpendicular side used for pulling out nails. The head of the hammer should be made out of steel or brass, while the handle should be made out of wood.

The handle should also be slightly tapered in order to improve grip.

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The claw hammer is a very basic tool. It is used primarily for putting nails into wood, but it can also be used to pull out nails and other projectiles. This tool doesn’t require any kind of maintenance and will last a lifetime with proper use and care.

The claw hammer is a very simple tool that doesn’t require too much knowledge to use. This device can be used by anyone from a professional carpenter to a child. It can only be used for driving nails, but the claw end can be used for prying things open as well.

How It Works

The claw hammer works by putting pressure on the nail and striking it with the flattened edge of the head. The more pressure that is applied to the nail, the deeper it will be driven into the wood. This tool can also remove nails by using the claw end and grabbing the nail head. The other end of the hammer head can be used for pounding on things, such as cutting boards and other thick pieces of wood.

The flat end can also be used to drive certain types of fasteners. If the user is driving a large quantity of these fasteners, it would be more efficient to use a drill. However, if you need to put in a few screws or nails, then this tool can do the job. The hammer should be held with both hands in order to gain more striking power.

Tips and Tricks

For basic household use, a 16 ounce hammer should be fine. However, for jobs that require more force, you will need to get a hammer that is heavier. Before using this tool, you will have to put in several nails or screws in order to gain momentum. Make sure that the head of the tool is visible at all times while driving a nail flush with the surface of the wood.

The claw end of the hammer can be used to remove nails as well. The trick is to pull the nail out slowly in order to prevent damaging the wood. If you pull the nail out too quickly, then it might cause the wood to split or crack.

If you find that you are unable to get a certain nail out of the wood, then you can try to pound it back out. Find the head of the nail and position your hammer about an inch away from it. Give the head of the hammer a few light taps in order to move the nail back far enough to grab it. Grab the head of the nail and pull it out while affixing another nail in its place.

If you do not have a nail or screw handy, then you can use a toothpick in its place. Basically, any slim, small rod-like object can be used as a substitute for a nail or screw.

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When using the claw end to pry something open, make sure that you put pressure on the side of the tool. If you pry something open with the head of the hammer, it might damage the claw.

If you have a nail stuck in the wood and you need to remove it, then you can use your claw end to get under the head of the nail and pull it out. If the head of the nail breaks off, then try to grab what is left with pliers. You may need to trim down the broken portion in order for it to fit in the pliers.

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